Final dignity

  Mr. Ba Jin made a request when he was seriously ill in his later years, hoping to keep himself in the final dignity, not to insert so many pipes on his body, to waste so many valuable drugs, and to leave the world in peace and tranquility. Of course, for various reasons, this wish has not been fulfilled.

  Dignity is important to a person, and the final dignity is especially important.

  In the old days of China, if he wanted to kill the king, no matter how much he sinned, whether he was captured, overthrown, or forced to step down, it is customary to use the methods of beheading, squatting, and delaying. He can only drink poisonous wine. To death with white cockroaches, I have to leave him a whole body, not to be in a different position. This is the ultimate dignity for him, and his last privilege. However, there are exceptions. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Wu Zixuan avenged his father and his brother. After bringing the soldiers out of the Chu, the whip corpse Chuping Wang was to destroy his last dignity. This fainting monarch, who listened to the rumors before his death, took his daughter to be a wife, and indiscriminately killed loyal ministers, brazen and shameless. There is no dignity in living, and it is harder than walking dead.

  After Yin Yi’s defeat, he devoted himself to self-immolation and succumbed to imprisonment. He also preserved his last dignity – instead of being captured by Zhou Jun and being humiliated, it’s better to go to the execution ground. Think again about the lord of the wolf, the enemy immediately entered the palace. He will jump into the dry well with two pets. The ministers all think that he has no dignity, and the group is blocked. He is still cheeky and jumps into the dry well. Finally became a prisoner. In contrast, the death of Yin Yiwang is really worthy of respect. It is a man, even though he did too many bad things during his lifetime, he has a lot of dead.

  Although Liang Wudi made repeated mistakes in decision-making, he lost his vigilance and raised the legacy of the tiger, which made Hou Jing sit up and finally became the “Hou Jingzhi”. But at the last moment, he sat on the dragon chair, and he was so arrogant and full of enthusiasm. He showed courage and calmness. Even the murderous devil, Hou Jing, who rushed into the palace with the tiger wolf division, had to be jealous and cautious. . After reprimanding Hou Jing in the face, Liang Wudi went away. When Hou Jing was out of the palace, he was so nervous that he was sweating and sighing: In the end, it is the real dragon! Although this can’t change the destiny of the dying of the dynasty, the ultimate dignity that Emperor Wu of Liang maintains while the building is about to pour is always appreciated by historians.

  When the Titanic faced a shipwreck, many people maintained their final dignity. The men gave the opportunity to escape to women and children, the band was still playing in an orderly manner, and the captain was still calmly commanding the final work. There was no panic, no hysteria, no crying, they were real gentlemen. The final dignity they show reflects great conscience and upbringing and represents the highest dignity of mankind. The shipwreck on the bottom of the sea is their permanent memorial.

  The last moment is up, the jailer comes in with poison. At this time, the Greek philosopher Socrates still has many choices: he can bow to the authorities and exchange for forgiveness; he can escape from the prison with his students. But he would rather die in dignity than sacrifice his truth to power, and he would not want to be a fugitive to damage his reputation. Therefore, his last sentence is: Ke Litong, I owe a chicken to Asclepius, remember to pay this debt for me. In 1787, the French painter Davitte fixed this sacred scene and created the famous oil painting “The Death of Socrates”, which artistically restored the final dignity of Socrates.

  There is a lack of gloom in the moon, and people have joys and sorrows. Live to live worthwhile, die to die. Each of us should live with dignity and death with dignity, and even at the last moment of our lives, we must maintain our final dignity. As the Indian poet Tagore said: “Life is like the glory of summer flowers, and death is like the beauty of autumn leaves.”