Fascinated by listening to such heartbeats

  On a main road in downtown New York, there is such a newsstand. There are a variety of well-known domestic newspapers and magazines in the newsstand. In the morning, nearby office workers like to buy a morning newspaper from here. In the evening, many pedestrians who come out for shopping and shopping also like to buy a evening newspaper from here, and then leisurely spread out on the bench next to the street.

  What I want to explain here is that the owner of the newsstand is a blind person who has spent a year. Maybe you have to ask questions: Can blind people sell newspapers? What if someone else lie to him?

  As it turns out, these questions are completely redundant.

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“Do not hold” life

  The true meaning of “do not hold”

  In 2005, Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Kenya, Wangari Maathai, introduced “No Hold” in his speech at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. He said: “‘Do not hold’ can be represented by 4 R, which is Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repair, which is awesome. Words.” His speech made the participants all appreciate the idea of ​​“do not hold”.

  Since then, the concept of “do not hold” has quickly become popular and widely recognized and disseminated. At the same time, this concept has attracted everyone’s attention because it is closely related to global warming and ecological issues. Cherish and use the items in your hands for as long as possible, and not waste your belongings. This “no-hold” spirit is indispensable in today’s world in order to achieve effective use of the current limited resources. Excessive packaging, disposable tableware used in fast food restaurants and convenience stores, and a huge number of paper products… For these things, we accept them unconditionally, and we don’t know how to cherish them. We will lose them when we want to use them. This kind of behavior is simply a waste, shouldn’t it be punished? Looking at the increasingly harsh climate and environment, everyone is actually a victim of over-consumption.

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4 ways to make yourself happy

  A few years ago, I participated in a love organization called “Hospice Care”, which is basically a late-stage patient with incurable diseases. The old nurse, Francis, was my mentor. After she retired, she went to the hospice to volunteer. The leader of the organization arranged me to be her assistant.

  The first concern that Francis took me to visit was 76-year-old colon cancer patient Roy. On the way, Francis told me that Roy’s cancer cells had spread to the whole body. Half an hour later, I saw Roy. He left a layer of skinny, but the eyes were still bright and radiant. What I didn’t expect was that when I saw me, he tweeted: “Oh, this guy is as bald as I am. It seems that we can get along with relatives.” I touched my bald head, not natural. Smiled.

  However, after a few contacts, Roy had an opinion on me. He also told me to Francis that I was a wood man because I was always indifferent to his jokes. This is indeed the case. Although I am only in my thirties, I have tasted all kinds of pains in my life (both parents die, divorce, entrepreneurial failure), and understand the ruthlessness and unpredictability of the world. I don’t believe that I can be happy again. So I rarely smiled at anyone.

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