Fascinated by listening to such heartbeats

  On a main road in downtown New York, there is such a newsstand. There are a variety of well-known domestic newspapers and magazines in the newsstand. In the morning, nearby office workers like to buy a morning newspaper from here. In the evening, many pedestrians who come out for shopping and shopping also like to buy a evening newspaper from here, and then leisurely spread out on the bench next to the street.

  What I want to explain here is that the owner of the newsstand is a blind person who has spent a year. Maybe you have to ask questions: Can blind people sell newspapers? What if someone else lie to him?

  As it turns out, these questions are completely redundant.

  According to the video taken from the street monitoring near the newsstand, all the customers who visited the newsstand did not have a “scarred”, and they all gave the money to the blind boss according to the price of the newspaper, even Some people paid for the newspapers and did not take them away. Instead, they quickly browsed the benches near the newsstands. After browsing, they would put the newspapers back in their original position.

  Perhaps you will be greatly amazed at the integrity of Americans. Yes, yes, but this is only one of the reasons.

  Another reason is that the blind owner put a box made of mahogany in the center of his newsstand shelf. The box is in the shape of a “heart”. The box cover says: “The newspaper is happy with your eyes, I just want to hear. Listen to the sound from your heart.”

  Therefore, the nearby surveillance video shows that all the people who visit this newsstand for the first time will pay respectfully to the newspapers; all those who have been to the newsstand will go to the newsstand if they come again. Take your own clothes or tie, then walk in the chest, then take off the newspaper, pay the money, and then walk out devoutly, like walking into a sanctuary.

  Psychologists analyze that they are not sorting out their own dresses, but are sorting out their own hearts; not for the blind, but for their own inner review.

  All the people who have been to this newsstand say that the face of the blind boss is always filled with the same kind of smile. The smile reveals sincerity and trust, like an angel. Many people still say that the newsstand is not an ordinary newsstand, but a “church”!

  For these, let us hear what the blind boss said –

  The blind man said, I can hear the heart of every passing reader, their heartbeat is so sincere, so kind, like the initial heart of the baby in the delivery room, I am fascinated by listening to such a heartbeat…