“Excess” worthy of admiration

  The Churchill Falls Hydropower Station is one of the greatest construction projects in the world. It is located 300 meters below the bottom of the reservoir. The entire hydropower station is made by drilling hard granite. It will take 5 years for 6300 people to finally. Founded in a total cost of $950 million.

  The Churchill Falls hydropower station has a capacity of 40 million kilowatts. Millions of liters of water flows from the waterfall reservoir into a giant pipeline called a “water conduit”. The “water conduit” is connected to the lowermost turbine, and the water flow falls. Driving turbines to generate electricity, it has been supplying clean renewable energy to North America.

  Different from the general hydropower station, all the control rooms of the Churchill Falls hydropower station are underground 300 meters. Thanks to the combination of the most sophisticated architecture experts and technicians in the world at the time, the safety protection facilities of the hydropower station are perfect. It can withstand any accidents and disasters known to mankind.

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“North Side” to the north side of the runway

  ”The wind can enter, the rain can enter, the king can’t enter.” This is a property motto left by British political scientist Locke in the 17th century. It means that a private house, even if it can’t stop the wind, can’t cover the rain, the government can’t act rashly. This is the light of the right to private homes in the Western world. All public rights must not override them. Instead, they must be avoided. In January 2009, I was going to Los Angeles, and I was transferred to the Narita Airport in Tokyo. I fell in love with each other. I didn’t care about the beauty outside the porthole. I was trying to identify where the runway is at the southern end of Route 2 and I want to see seven world-famous ones. Nail households. They still have their own land and houses under the light of this beacon.

  Narita Airport is Japan’s first important international airport, but only one runway.

  In the 1960s, the Japanese government’s plan was to repair three runways – 4,000 meters on runway 1, 2,500 meters on runway 2, and 3,200 meters on runway 3 – but it took 12 years to fix the first runway!

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South Korea is his

  I met with a Korean friend for the first time. I said, “The Korean book is very beautiful!”

  I am saying that sincerely, the Korean version of “The Woman on the Bread Tree” is very beautifully printed. The friend heard my praise and said, “Really? Thank you!”

  His happy look, as if the book was made by him.

  I said: “The movies in South Korea have been very good in recent years!”

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Alex’s Lemon Juice Stand

  Although she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after birth, Alex and her family, who were young, never lost courage. They believe in a famous American saying: If life gives you lemon, use it to make lemon juice.

  On January 18, 1996, Alex was born in an ordinary family in Manchester, Connecticut. Before her, father Jay and mother Liz had a 15-month-old eldest son, Patrick. Liz always wanted A daughter, this little girl has big eyes, dark brown hair, and laughs and melts people’s hearts. However, the nightmare came from her birth, she was diagnosed with a kind of pediatric cancer – neuroblastoma.

  People under the age of 18 have cancer and are called pediatric cancer. :In the United States. Every year, there are 2,000 children suffering from pediatric cancer; the neuroblastoma of Alex is one of the most common malignant tumors in children. The usual symptoms are huge lumps in the abdomen, and the texture is hard in the world every 30 minutes. There is a child who is sick because of a neuroblastoma.

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Fascinated by listening to such heartbeats

  On a main road in downtown New York, there is such a newsstand. There are a variety of well-known domestic newspapers and magazines in the newsstand. In the morning, nearby office workers like to buy a morning newspaper from here. In the evening, many pedestrians who come out for shopping and shopping also like to buy a evening newspaper from here, and then leisurely spread out on the bench next to the street.

  What I want to explain here is that the owner of the newsstand is a blind person who has spent a year. Maybe you have to ask questions: Can blind people sell newspapers? What if someone else lie to him?

  As it turns out, these questions are completely redundant.

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