Alex’s Lemon Juice Stand

  Although she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after birth, Alex and her family, who were young, never lost courage. They believe in a famous American saying: If life gives you lemon, use it to make lemon juice.

  On January 18, 1996, Alex was born in an ordinary family in Manchester, Connecticut. Before her, father Jay and mother Liz had a 15-month-old eldest son, Patrick. Liz always wanted A daughter, this little girl has big eyes, dark brown hair, and laughs and melts people’s hearts. However, the nightmare came from her birth, she was diagnosed with a kind of pediatric cancer – neuroblastoma.

  People under the age of 18 have cancer and are called pediatric cancer. :In the United States. Every year, there are 2,000 children suffering from pediatric cancer; the neuroblastoma of Alex is one of the most common malignant tumors in children. The usual symptoms are huge lumps in the abdomen, and the texture is hard in the world every 30 minutes. There is a child who is sick because of a neuroblastoma.

  Alex and her lemon stand

  Alex grew up, and like normal little girls, Alex also likes dolls, likes fries, idols and jokes. She likes to wear juice and always carry paper and color brushes with her. The biggest wish is to be a fashion designer when she grows up; she wants to travel around the world. I dreamt that I could go to the Grand Canyon to go to Paris with my family one day. I dreamed of marrying a handsome prince and even planning to give up her dream of becoming an astronaut for marriage. She likes football and will allow her body to The whole family – to go to watch football matches, she also likes kindergarten, although only a short period of time can be spent in kindergarten every year, ‘

  January 2000. Alex accepts stem cell transplantation. On the second day of her 4th birthday, my mother just went into the ward. She couldn’t wait to say to her mother: “Mom, I want to put a stall selling lemon juice at the door of our house after leaving the hospital.” “Baby, what do you want to earn money? Mom and Dad can buy it for you, not so hard, “Mom asked her Alex – face seriously answered: “Oh. No, Mom, I want to make money for the doctors at this hospital, let them study the way to treat cancer, so the child who has cancer: It can be cured.”

  Mom and Dad are very surprised, the Alex party who just turned 4 years old will have such an idea. Alex told them. She has heard doctors talk that cancer kills many children every year, but unfortunately, hospitals and research institutes don’t have enough money to pay for the research.

  Mom and Dad are very supportive of her thoughts, but they also tell her. The lemon stall may not be able to raise much money. “Maybe 5 to 10 dollars. “I don’t care, I want to do this.” Alex insisted on his own ideas. On the opening day, Alex got up very early. She put on her favorite yellow T-shirt and denim pants, and put on a bright yellow cap. Before she went out, she asked her mother: “Mom, is this OK?…” Baby, you are beautiful.” Mom kissed her forehead.

  Alex’s lemon stand opened, on a large lawn at home: Mom and Dad helped her put on a table with a small cup of lemon juice on the table – the dollar-cup. The banner is designed by Alex himself. The yellow text on the yellow background reads “Alex’s Lemon Stand”, and he painted a round smile. Mom told the neighbors in advance, I hope they can stop at the lemon juice stand and encourage Alex. . I didn’t expect this to spread all over the town very quickly. It was less than 8 o’clock, and the street in front of the door was full of cars. Soon, someone called the local newspaper, and the reporter took it: the lemon stall was sent to the next day’s newspaper.

  Alex’s story quickly caught the attention of other media. Including national media and the Internet, many people come to Alex’s lemon juice stand every day, some with a smile, some with tears out of everyone’s expectations, and soon Alex The lemon stand raised two thousand dollars. Alex is very happy: “This is the best thing I have ever experienced” and donated all the money to the hospital.

  Angel never leaves

  At the beginning of 2004, just after dinner, Alex told her family that she set a goal for herself and raised a million dollars, but in the months after Alex’s wish After her health began to deteriorate, she became weaker and weaker, but she still remembered her lemon stand. When the body is better, Mom and Dad will accompany her to the lemon stand. Make sure she gets a break when she is tired.

  On August 1, 2004, Alex, who was only 8 years old, passed away. She is a strong child. Despite the pain, fatigue, and side effects of the drug, she almost never complained. In the last two weeks of her life: When her mother answered the doctor’s question, she always said to her mother: “Tell They, I am fine, I am fine:” She shows such courage every day. Always tell your family not to worry about her:

  Angels are gone, many people are sad, Alex, after death, mom and dad, brother Patrick. Brother Eddie and Joey and other supporters continue Alex’s lemon stand. At this time, many people have joined Alex’s lemon stand.

  Mr. Chuck, who is 48 years old, runs his own company and is a well-respected and successful person in Philadelphia. Chuck likes sports, especially horse racing and golf. In 2004, he bought a company for $75,000. A two-year-old purebred racehorse, because his son and daughter are called Alex. He named the horse Affitt Alex,

  That year, Chuck accidentally read the story of Alex from the newspaper. He was deeply touched by this little girl. At this time, the Alex family had moved to Philadelphia, and Chuck went to the hospital to visit Ya. Alex, telling her that her horse and her name are exactly the same, so he decided that if the horse got in the game in the future – two or three, he would donate the prize to Alex. Lemon stand. Later, he also won the opportunity for Alex to pose a lemon stand in the three most famous Marseilles in the United States. Alex is very happy. She likes horse racing, but she never thought she could still be in horse racing. Sell ​​lemon juice on the field.

  After Alex died. Mom and Dad signed up for the Alex Foundation for her, specializing in fundraising for pediatric cancer research. In 2006, Rita, which has the largest chain of ice stores in Italy, was established. Be the first to become a partner of the Alex Foundation.

  Rita boss Bob has contacted the Foundation and hopes that Rita will become one of the foundation’s supporters. He told Alex’s parents that their lemon ice is one of the five most popular flavors. In order to show his respect for Alex, he wanted to name the lemon-flavored Italian ice “Alex Lemon Ice”, which is also Alex’s favorite taste. Rita also proposed the idea of ​​paper lemon, which provides customers with paper lemons in all Rita stores. Customers can donate one dollar to get one and stick it to Rita’s hope wall. Because of the support of tens of millions of customers, Rita raised $450,000 in just one year. To date, Rita has donated two million dollars to the Alex Foundation, making it the donor with the most donations from the Foundation.

  We all come to the lemon stand

  Aishani is a 6-year-old girl from Utah, USA. She was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in 2005.

  - Day, when her mother read the book “Alex’s Charming Lemon Stand”, she was moved. With the help of her mother, Aishani quickly built her own lemon stand, her goal. In 2009, I was able to raise 10,000 US dollars, and now I have raised $9,200.

  On June 11, 2009, CBS hosted the third Alexine Lemon Juice Foundation fundraiser in Philadelphia and conducted a live broadcast. This day, thousands of volunteers across the country set up their own lemon juice stalls to express their support for the Foundation and Pediatric Cancer Research; this day is also the busiest day for CBS’s live circuit, and the audience is busy. Incessantly called to ask for donations, ranging from 1 yuan to 5,000 yuan. The event raised a total of 700,000 US dollars, which also kicked off the annual lemonade day (June 12 to 14).

  Alex Foundation organizes events

  Now, there are already thousands of children like Little Aishani. They are suffering from cancer, but they insist on their lemon juice stalls during the treatment. Parents and brothers and sisters are their supporters. After the death of some patients, the family still continues to guard the lemon juice booth. In many elementary schools, middle schools and universities, there are already tens of thousands of volunteers from the Alex Foundation, children help to create brochures and banners, retired elderly help send and receive letters, manage documents, mothers help make lemon juice, young people Then he is responsible for the management of the operation and promotion of the Foundation.

  If someone wants to join the Foundation, and also set up their own Alex Lemon Stand, just register on the Foundation’s website. The foundation gave them a banner. Thanks for the notes and brochures, and other help and suggestions. Their only requirement for the entrants is to make the lemon juice stalls as interesting as possible and bring happiness to others. This is also Xiaoya. The original intention of Alex.

  Said Ai’s mother. These cancer-bearing children taught us how to continue our lives and teach us how to be strong and how to love and help others. In him, we saw a sense of responsibility at a young age. As adults, we are obliged to become their supporters. We hope that more people will understand pediatric cancer. I hope that doctors can find better treatments and better medicines as soon as possible. I hope that every family with cancer has a life. Hope.