“Excess” worthy of admiration

  The Churchill Falls Hydropower Station is one of the greatest construction projects in the world. It is located 300 meters below the bottom of the reservoir. The entire hydropower station is made by drilling hard granite. It will take 5 years for 6300 people to finally. Founded in a total cost of $950 million.

  The Churchill Falls hydropower station has a capacity of 40 million kilowatts. Millions of liters of water flows from the waterfall reservoir into a giant pipeline called a “water conduit”. The “water conduit” is connected to the lowermost turbine, and the water flow falls. Driving turbines to generate electricity, it has been supplying clean renewable energy to North America.

  Different from the general hydropower station, all the control rooms of the Churchill Falls hydropower station are underground 300 meters. Thanks to the combination of the most sophisticated architecture experts and technicians in the world at the time, the safety protection facilities of the hydropower station are perfect. It can withstand any accidents and disasters known to mankind.

  But just when the whole project was almost completed, an engineer at the hydropower station inadvertently heard a construction worker during the routine inspection saying that if there was a bigger disaster, all the protective measures would be invalid, and what should be inside? escape?

  This is a heartless word, because everyone knows that such a well-equipped hydropower station is very difficult to accident, it can withstand all major accidents, such as an unstoppable flood or fire.

  However, this tiny voice was quickly reported to the engineering headquarters. The engineering headquarters immediately convened the meeting. The design department first took the lead in self-criticism, saying that the original design did not take into account the irresistible disaster of “unexpectedly unexpected”. . If there is such a disaster at that time, the underground staff of the hydropower station can only sit still.

  In the end, they decided to put an emergency “escape bus” next to the exit of the control room. The escape bus needs to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any news, and it will be repaired every day to prevent it. A malfunction occurs and cannot be opened in an emergency.

  In the eyes of outsiders, the placement of an escape car seems to be a worrying thing, and it is superfluous. However, the extra move is far from being stopped. The designers began to ask themselves again. If an accident occurred, the personnel in the underground control room were trapped by the burning fire or smoke, and the bus could not be used. What should I do?

  The final solution is to create a “refuge” and connect it to the control room! Even with this new project, it is almost necessary to change the entire control room that is almost finished.

  After the temporary shelter was built, it was filled with enough supplies to ensure that 15 people stayed there for a month (there were less than 10 people in the entire control room), in addition to food, sleeping and bathing. The facilities are also available. In normal times, the food and supplies in the temporary shelters are regularly replaced so that they are always fresh.

  But as some people think at first, the “escape bus” and the temporary “refuge” are indeed a superfluous one. Since the operation, until today, the Churchill Falls hydropower station has never had an accident and accident, and the protection facilities have made it It was safe and sound in the flood raids again and again.

  Since it does not work, escape buses and temporary shelters should be removed, but in fact, the heads of previous hydropower stations have never had the idea of ​​withdrawing them, but strictly follow the rules and rules The system, meticulously repairing the escape bus on time, taking care of the temporary “refuge”.

  Now, it is to be explained that these regulations and systems for escape buses and temporary shelters were formulated in the year 1971 when the Churchill Falls Hydropower Station was officially opened – 40 years ago!

  The design staff of the Churchill Falls Hydropower Station is good at listening to subtle voices, preventing the unpredictable sense of danger, and coping with this, and resolutely implementing it for many years, that is, 40 years later, the same is true. It’s awe-inspiring, so we don’t feel that they are “superfluous”.