“North Side” to the north side of the runway

  ”The wind can enter, the rain can enter, the king can’t enter.” This is a property motto left by British political scientist Locke in the 17th century. It means that a private house, even if it can’t stop the wind, can’t cover the rain, the government can’t act rashly. This is the light of the right to private homes in the Western world. All public rights must not override them. Instead, they must be avoided. In January 2009, I was going to Los Angeles, and I was transferred to the Narita Airport in Tokyo. I fell in love with each other. I didn’t care about the beauty outside the porthole. I was trying to identify where the runway is at the southern end of Route 2 and I want to see seven world-famous ones. Nail households. They still have their own land and houses under the light of this beacon.

  Narita Airport is Japan’s first important international airport, but only one runway.

  In the 1960s, the Japanese government’s plan was to repair three runways – 4,000 meters on runway 1, 2,500 meters on runway 2, and 3,200 meters on runway 3 – but it took 12 years to fix the first runway!

  As the farmers on the planned land refused to relocate, the government swallowed the voice and first changed the place to build the airport, but the farmers here refused to sell the land. In 1971, the Japanese government took the risk and built capitalism with Japanese characteristics to create a reactionary object similar to the “Regulations on the Management of Urban House Demolition”. As long as the government is ruthless, the efficiency must be doubled. This is a law, so the runway No. 1 was built in 1978. 13 people died, five of them were police officers, and no one self-immolated.

  Japan, a country that speaks face-to-face, really takes people’s protests and international public opinion seriously. The farmers on Runway 2 and Runway 3 did not move, and the two runways were never built. In the 1990s, the Japanese government blamed itself and promised not to use force to resolve violent and anti-law under any circumstances, while patiently and meticulously carrying out political and ideological work, and persuading farmers to return to the negotiating table and negotiate settlement of land use differences on Runway 2. .

  Japan is very anxious, because the 2002 World Cup is to be held in Japan and South Korea. This is the first time the World Cup is held outside Europe and the United States. It is also the first time that the two countries jointly organized a joke that cannot be seen by whites. Koreans watch Japanese jokes, so the Japanese government vowed to build the second runway before 2002! In China, for the Beijing Olympics, everything is justified. But in Japan, even in the World Cup, there is no legal basis for the people who have lived on the planned land to move their homes. The peasants here are hard to leave, or the land belongs to me, or I self-immolate, and the negotiations have been deadlocked for three years. The Japanese government could not do anything. The competition was imminent. The runway had to be moved 800 meters north, avoiding 7 nail households and building a 2018-meter temporary runway. Because of the geographical barrier, the length of the runway is less than 2,500 meters, the World Cup has been dealt with, but the long-distance large passenger plane can not take off and land here, and can only serve short-range small and medium-sized aircraft.

  In January 2005, the Japanese government felt that this was not the case. It was necessary to resume negotiations and seek the understanding of the seven nail houses at the southern end of Runway 2 to complete the design length of the runway. But when it comes to talk, the seven farmers are struggling and refuse any compromise. The head of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ichio, on the north side, saw that the situation could not be reversed. Eventually, the nail house did not agree to sell the land. The runway No. 2 can only overcome the difficulties and continue to extend to the north, so it is no longer negotiated.

  The Japanese reporter smiled as soon as he heard it and made a very clever news headline – “The north side of the runway is extended to the north side of the runway 2” – if there is no accident, the Narita Airport runway 2 will be completed in 2010.

  As for Runway 3, the Japanese government has already given up, and only two runways have been tossed for 44 years.

  Now, the Japanese finally figured out that instead of spending so much money to demolition, it is better to reclaim land and not necessarily spend more money, but also save trouble for farmers. Therefore, Kansai International Airport was built in the reclamation new land.

  Someone will ask, protecting the interests of very few people will not harm the interests of the majority! This kind of question does not consider “who has the right in the first place”. It only puts the number of beneficiaries in the first place. In the name of the future rights of the majority, depriving the citizens of their real rights. It seems to be a common responsibility ideal. In fact, it is a robber. logic. It was everyone who was a robber, robbed a few people who took the fruit and threw them a little charity.

  When you get off at Narita Airport, you don’t have to sigh those beautiful forests and otters, or think about judicial civilization. Barbaric, often unimpeded. Civilization is often accompanied by blockade. To be efficient, or to be fair, this is not a question that needs to be answered to answer. When I left Narita Airport, it was already in the evening, and later, I could not take off. According to the agreement, Narita Airport does not provide night-time take-off and landing services, so as not to affect the normal rest of the seven nail houses.