South Korea is his

  I met with a Korean friend for the first time. I said, “The Korean book is very beautiful!”

  I am saying that sincerely, the Korean version of “The Woman on the Bread Tree” is very beautifully printed. The friend heard my praise and said, “Really? Thank you!”

  His happy look, as if the book was made by him.

  I said: “The movies in South Korea have been very good in recent years!”

  He heard it and said modestly: “Yes! Everyone works hard!”

  If you don’t know, he thought he was a movie dealer.

  I said: “Korea’s instant noodles are delicious! Especially the instant noodles with the word “Xin” are very popular among Hong Kong people.”

  He heard it, and he was too happy to say, “It’s too polite! Too polite!”

  An unsuspecting person will think that he is a instant noodle producer.

  Responsible for translation, his friend finally couldn’t help but teasing him: “You don’t always think that the whole of Korea is yours!”

  Koreans are very patriotic and united. As long as you praise any thing in Korea, they also think that you are praising their entire nation. They are proud of their own people and are not selfish. If I said: “The Korean woman is very beautiful.” He probably will say: “Thank you so much!” It seems that Korean women are his. This kind of spirit, when will we have?