Failure is never the end of starting a business.

Starting a business for the first time is just like a girl in grade 3 playing puppy love with a boy in grade 2. What do Silly girl and Leng Xiaozi think they know about the road of life? Start-up companies start up rashly, thinking that they can bump into a business model in the process, thinking that “Me too” can also come to start-up players’ homes, thinking that money can smash a market, thinking that when money is burned out, they can find their parents, no, no, no, no, VC to ask for it …

what is the result? After changing the business model, we could not find the exact direction for a long time. By the time we got to the bank, inside was penniless, and the products were still missing. We knocked the door of VC with iron shoes, but no one in know what’s what. The dream of starting a business was stillborn. Do you know that starting a business in the sea depends on courage, but success depends on wisdom, experience, internal strength and endurance. Some people did their best to come up with a wonderful Idea, which seemed to make a lot of money immediately.

If they spoke it out, they were afraid that walls have ears would be heard and immediately lead to the proliferation of fake houses. They crashed into a VC, took a powerful medicine and smashed a lot of money. The products were sold everywhere. As a result, The Big Easy had few customers and the actual sales figures were far from the forecasts. Do you know, most start-up companies’ sales forecasts (if any) were either made to give them courage or showed them to VC? Entrepreneurship means innovation. Innovation is like a mysterious pregnancy process, which requires time, resources, capital and good soldiers. What inside, a start-up company, lacks most is these. Who can guarantee that entrepreneurs have the right place, the right time and everything? People are not as good as heaven, and no success can be predicted.

Do you know that “entrepreneurs” and “office workers” have different attributes, that “entrepreneurship” is forced by life, and that “work” is a way of life; “Start a business” must hurry to work, “go to work” is waiting for work time; If you want to start a business, you have nothing to do. It is best to have nothing to do at work. Starting a business requires one’s own responsibility, and one should try to shirk responsibility at work. Entrepreneurship is for the future (equity), work is for wages. It’s hard to find good people when entrepreneurs break through iron shoes, and queues are everywhere at the gate of employees.

Do you know where Netscape, the world’s first Nasdaq-listed Internet company, used to be in Ray of Light? SGI Company, founded by the same guy, once monopolized the high-end graphics workstation equipment market and jumped into the Fortune 500. What was the outcome? SGI Company went bankrupt and sold at a low price of RMB 2500 in April 2009. Everything in the world is changing. Success will not be a permanent success, nor will failure be a permanent failure. Success will turn to the opposite and become failure. Failure will even become the only way to success.

Do you know that business partners often look at each other as if they are all good when they are in love, and when they get married, they find each other’s body is all bad. when they have accumulated resentment, Xi Shi in the eyes of the past will become sand in the eyes of today. The founder is a rare treasure of a start-up company in inside. No matter how serious the problem is, no one will be more loyal to the company and hope for its success than he/she is. If the founder leaves, the start-up company will definitely lose its vitality. Think twice and start a business with a good partner and a lifelong partner. Google has two founding partners Larry and Sergey, Yahoo has Jerry yang and farrow … anyway, the golden partner is bill 8226; Gates and Ballmer. ……

Entrepreneurial failure does not happen on the last day. The seeds of failure always exist in every entrepreneurial project: no one can churn out a profitable business model, no one pays attention to products made with great capital, team members go to empty buildings, entrepreneurial brothers go to separate homes and things, VC From ruin … Failure makes people mature and sublime. Failure does not mean surrender on the path of entrepreneurship. Failure means paying tuition fees, so as to make a comeback and start over again. Even if you fail, go to the poor water, then sit and watch the rising clouds; Both gain and loss in life pay for laughing and talking …

The pain of failure will bring you the bliss of success. Failure is often the only way to success. If you don’t see it, Jobs and Shi Yuzhu are giants who fell several times and rose up against the wind. Because starting a business is too tiring and too bitter, one yearns for glory and sweetness. Because there are countless failures, successful heroes are highly sought after. Because the first start-up failed, there must be a second start-up. Because of the profound pain of failure, I cherish the opportunity to start a business and keep my concentration and clear mind all the time.

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