Stock Investment Never Has “True Classics”

China’s stock market is like an athlete who has taken too much stimulant, soaring rapidly. With the temperature of the stock market in continuous fever, investors have never been more enthusiastic about opening accounts and entering the market. At that time, the capital injected into the stock market was just like “how the Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven” surging. Later, the stock market saw what everyone saw: leaping high and falling heavily.

In this unstoppable investment trend, if we want to enumerate the powerful driving forces behind it, we will find that one of the powerful forces comes from a large number of “enthusiastic” experts. Every time when the stock market goes up and down, they skillfully seize the investors’ psychology, which is easy to make profits due to short-term surge and unsuspecting, as well as the panic and perplexity of investors temporarily caught by bad luck. Constantly in the major media, using its original “true sutra”, “secret”, “magic weapon” and other private truth, relief of all living beings, purdue investors in the sea of misery.

They always throw out a good solution to the crisis when investors weighed down with anxiety. His righteous deeds, heaven and earth, bright, and his good deeds can be learned from the sun and the moon. His analysis shows that he is good at everything and obeys people in every way. At that time, the trapped people seemed to have a sense of Sudden Impact and a sense of turning around. Then they followed the shortcut of “master” to lead to a secluded spot and the road to be contented pleased. However, the stock market often finds it difficult to deal with these “experts” at critical moments. Most of the time, the stock market suddenly runs counter to them without any reason and ruthlessly turns aside those “experts” who are famous for their aura. The next day you turn on the TV and turn on newspapers of all sizes. Yesterday, the “experts” who were still pointing the country in the media and making promises immediately disappeared, and the long-awaited investors will never show up.

Ten years ago, I met a “master”. One day, after dinner, he suddenly said to me very mysteriously: “buddy, there is a secret, don’t tell others, I will only tell you one person.” I felt that the matter was serious and said at once, don’t worry, I won’t say anything. This “master” told me strangely: in the past six months, I have found a unique way to make a steady profit in the stock market. Hearing this, I was too surprised to close my mouth for a long time. He later said, you can get some money first, I’ll give you a try. When I can’t wait to ask him what his unique skill is, he is always vague and hasn’t told me why. At last I didn’t let him try. Ten years later, I heard that he, who had at least nearly a million dollars in his hand, quit a good job because of his “unique skill” in investing in the stock market, specializing in stock trading. All the way to speculation, now the hands of funds have been “trick” with little left. At present, it is transforming itself into a “master” struggling for survival. In fact, if you make a little analysis, it is not difficult to find that these “experts” in the securities investment market who always show people the “real classics” are only motivated by the following two types: the first type of “experts” refers to people who have never studied with great concentration and realized the true meaning of investment.

They really can’t stand the cold shoulder of green lanterns and yellow rolls, so they read a few pamphlets about investment “real classics” and so on, but they have not touched the skin before they have tasted them. In order to make the best of the premature beats, they began to speak out boldly in the horizontal enclaves of Ignorance is fearless and saliva. As long as it can create gimmicks and attract eyeballs, there is no “real sutra” that dare not be given away. After the big deal, he refused to admit or set up another country. As a result, he began to predict the future frequently through various channels. You don’t say, sometimes blind cats meet dead mice is really right. Accompanied by courtesy appreciation from investors, they began to gradually leave the ground with their feet, and then fog inside, really think that they have mastered the secret of investment and know the market opportunities.

Some people say that the world is afraid of meeting people who do not know what they do not know. These high-ranking officials often speak out in a single word, and the thunder victims can’t return to god for half a day, but it happened that some people believed it. Even in many cases, they are surrounded by a group of believers who worship them. However, all the people who went all the way under their guidance ended up either injured or disabled, and few of them were able to get away with it. The second category is “experts” in the industry. They often put on the appearance of “senior experts”. Their words and deeds seem to save the people from fire and water, but in fact they have ulterior motives. They have a prior agreement with listed companies or market makers and use their positions to jointly control the market. They have other plans. Once the interest of investors is lifted, “free” immediately becomes hundreds or thousands of membership fees. In the end, investors found that a stock that performed mediocre before buying was bullish all the way. Once it was bought, it fell sharply and was immediately sold by trapped in stock. When looking for “experts” to discuss the matter, they either disappeared or claimed that it was only a temporary adjustment of the market. As long as it takes time, it will be raised again soon to delay and prevaricate.

Although all kinds of tactics are different, the motive behind them is the same: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Banquo’s Chair, allowing the profit-making party to quickly withdraw after cashing in at a high level, and investors have been like a bull in the sea ever since. This kind of “expert” is full of fake experts. If investors meet this kind of “expert” again in the future, they must learn to block noise, stay away from others, and take a detour. The reason is that those who are wrapped in such luxuriant coats as “True Scripture”, “Secret Book”, “Proverbs of X Characters”, “Unique Skills of X Family” … need not look closely, they must be a quack doctor who is grandstanding and mystifying. Behind it all hide hidden sinister intentions. History has proved time and again that whenever the market is in turmoil and the prospects are uncertain, witches and The Deceivers will be in full swing and rampant. In October 2007, before a large state-owned stock was listed, I was invited to listen to a “expert” recommendation report. With a lot of scary titles, this gentleman “inadvertently” revealed to many investors the opportunity to build a large number of positions in this stock in the tone of an insider.

Its analysis holds that investors should not hesitate to hold large positions after the stock goes public, and it is no problem to earn more than double in a short period of time. And analyze the ten reasons for buying this stock. These ten reasons are almost in line with Buffett’s ten principles of stock selection, just like the pyramid building process in Egypt-not even a single piece of paper can be inserted. All the hearers were heartache and longing for this stock. Later I heard that hundreds of people in the audience, encouraged by their authority, invested more than 10 million yuan. After the stock went public, investors did not hesitate and immediately entered the market with an opening quotation close to 50 yuan. However, after a short rise, the stock plummeted all the way, with investors losing more than 70%. The vast majority of investors are still in trapped in stock, and this “expert” has already replaced the mountain top and found another hot spot.