Expensive divorce of the rich

World’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, announced on January 9 that he had split up with his wife, McKenzie, who had been married for 25 years. When people talk about this pair of former “model couples”, when they are flying, they are interested in the lace story behind the scenes, but they are more concerned about how Bezos’s $137 billion “home” will be divided. What is the impact on Amazon, the business empire?

This is also the news value of the divorce of the rich. Their huge amount of property and huge companies have determined that these divorces have a wide range of social effects – not social gossip, but the impact on the company that affects society.

The Besoss announced the “Joint Statement” on divorce, which was extremely gentle and civilized. However, analysts believe that this statement is actually a rational public relations document, designed to convey the message that “family matters will not affect the company’s great cause.” Otherwise, not only Amazon’s employees are unstable, but the company’s stock is probably It will also be greatly affected.

What is inside, foreigners are still unknown. According to lawyers, the divorce of the rich can be very complicated. For example, the judgment of the value of stocks, the identification of companies owned in places such as Cayman Island, etc., is more troublesome than the divorce of ordinary citizens who only have bank deposits and pension accounts.

After the property is identified, it faces the problem of property division. Specific to Bezos’ divorce, the US states have different legal provisions on how to divide property when divorced. The state of Washington, where the Bezos couple started up and settled, generally considers all property to be shared property, and in principle divides it according to the “five-five share”.

If this is the case, then Bethos’s $137 billion will be split in two. The immediate consequence is that Bezos lost the status of the world’s richest man, while Mackenzie became the world’s richest woman with a net worth of about $68 billion.

However, some analysts believe that Bezos is known for his extreme attention to privacy. The media still knows very little about the situation of several of his children. He should have reached a “gentleman agreement” with Mackenzie, and will not be in court due to the division of property. If an agreement is reached, it is not necessarily in accordance with the law, “five-five divisions”, but Mackenzie is not a problem.

In fact, it is not uncommon in the world to divide into wealthy women through divorce. There have been media statistics in the United Kingdom. Of the 1,000 richest women in the UK, only two are earned by themselves. The rest is not through inheritance or through divorce. For example, Irina Malantina, the ex-wife of the Russian rich Abramovich, who settled in the UK, is believed to have acquired 150 million pounds of property when divorced from Abu; the Russian tycoon, who has settled in the UK and has died bizarrely Mr. Fusky’s ex-wife also received £100 million in property at the time of divorce. Both of them have become one of the richest women in the UK.

Of course, when it comes to expensive, Bezos’ divorce may set a new record. Previously at the top of the list was the late art dealer Alec Wildenstein, who reportedly involved $3.8 billion in property when he divorced in 1999; followed by media tycoon Murdoch, who was involved in divorce with ex-wife Anna in 1999. The property is $1.7 billion. Interestingly, when Murdoch divorced Wendi in 2013, it was said that Deng Wendi did not get any property.

US President Trump is also on the most expensive divorce list. When he divorced his ex-wife Ivana in 1992, he involved property of 25 million US dollars, ranking more than 30 on the list. I don’t know if this hurts Trump’s self-esteem that likes “the most”.

So is the rich man particularly vulnerable to divorce? According to relevant US statistics, this is not the case. The poor are more likely to divorce. However, the divorce of the rich is particularly attractive. For people like Bezos and Murdoch, divorce has international influence.