Old dreams of Prague, Kafka

The sunset has not yet fallen, and the train we are taking is here. In front of the narrow window of the train station, I took a subway ticket from the disgusting ticket seller and quickly went down to the ground; when I got out of the subway station, the scene was completely different.

It was the beginning of spring, we passed a wall, the tall tree behind the wall, the branches have emerged a new green. People come and go on the streets, and they are crowded everywhere. The tram slammed away from the front, we relaxed a lot, took out the map to find a place to live. The wheels of the suitcase creaked on a smooth piece of stone.

Here is the Czech capital, Prague.

Night patrol Prague Castle
Packed up, we are already dark when we go out. Go straight to a restaurant that I found earlier, I want Czech roast duck and grilled ribs, as well as local beer.

At that time, I had already been to Vienna. When the ribs came up, there was not much surprise in the taste. Unexpectedly, the sauce was invisible, and the waiters gave five or six kinds. After one try, it added a lot to the ribs. As a local special roast duck, it is really reminiscent, but the only thing that is lacking is that most of the ducks, the knife and fork are really unable to operate, and in the end only the hands can be played, regardless of the waiter’s horrified eyes.

The food was full, we went out to find a tram and jumped up, going to see Prague Castle, where we can see the night view of Prague. The tram drove very slowly, we got off at the foot of the mountain, and soon the map on the phone took us into the dead end. Knowing that the castle was on the heights, we wandered around the foot of the mountain and soon found a stone path.

In the hills on the Vltava River, Prague Castle has witnessed more than 1,100 years of wind and rain.

There was no one on the road, the street lamp hit the road, and a piece of stone reflected the turbid light. We are joking with each other, after all, mountain climbing in the middle of the night is not a common thing.

Ten minutes of uphill, when we began to gasp, the eyes suddenly opened up. It was more than nine o’clock in the night. We went to the platform. The coldness on the road was swept away. Presumably, we did not find the right path. It was just a beating and coming here.

The couples stared together at the night view of Prague’s city. A young and old woman was taking a selfie. The faces of the tourists were smiling, but the two burly security guards in the distance looked serious and seemed to be in the shadows. .

The night view of Prague is naturally ablaze, but unlike other places, it does not seem to have colorful colors and colorful neon, only a golden light that is continuous. The ancient buildings showed a vague outline in the light, and everything seemed to have withdrawn from time and returned to an unknown moment in history.

We continued to move forward in the night, and the Prague Castle was already in the distance. The light shines on it, and the Gothic castle stands tall, so hesitant to dare to approach. After all, it is too legendary, whether it is the king of Bohemia in the old age, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and even the President of the Czechoslovakia and the President of the Czech Republic today.

No. 22, Golden Lane, is the famous Kafka house

In the hills on the Vltava River, Prague Castle has witnessed more than 1,100 years of wind and rain. I sat on the square at the foot of the foot that was not too big. I looked up at the top of the spire at the top of my foot. I thought: I don’t know if it’s a worthy visitor to us for a long time. Look at it?

Old dreams of Golden Lane
The Golden Lane at the foot of Prague Castle is famous, probably thanks to Kafka. But then again, visitors to the city of Prague, I am afraid it is difficult not to recite a few Kafka past events. People at least faintly knew that there was once a big beetle, which was born under the writer’s pen.

It was fine every other day, and there was no cloud on the blue sky. We finally found the right path and once again climbed the hills of Prague Castle. When I arrived at the castle, I turned a corner and it was a golden alley. We met the elementary school students who came to the spring, a small boy and a little girl wearing fluorescent yellow vests, walking hand in hand, making this alley really a little golden.

Not a few steps forward, the 22nd Golden Lane, is the famous Kafka house. The entrance is full of tourists who want to take photos with it. It was a small tile house, the exterior wall was painted pale blue, the door was green, and the sun was hitting its wall and door. In the cold of the early spring, it all seems to be cold. Today, this lodge has become a bookstore specializing in Kafka’s works. The language versions of various countries, the dark book covers, are full of shelves. The house was very small, and everyone was crowded together and could hardly turn around.

In fact, Kafka only lived here for two years. In 1883, Kafka was born in Prague under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was a building near the Old Town Square. The house was destroyed in a fire in 1889, and it was only after nearly 100 years that the reconstructed house’s outer wall was A bust of Kafka was ushered in. Perhaps it is because of the two years of renting in Golden Lane that Kafka has written many handed down works. Today, when we talk about the so-called Kafka house, we will unconsciously think of this cramped little house.

We walked in the alley, the air was cold, and there were noisy and full of tourists everywhere. But every house in this alley was quiet again. Many years ago, after Kafka worked on a day, he was full of disgust with the bureaucracy. When he walked back here, it was still silent. After walking through this alley, I think that his cold world is also the real world.

Street artist on the Charles Bridge

From Prague Square to Charles Bridge
During the days in Prague, I walked around the streets and had a distant familiar feeling. The city has a charming atmosphere, as if the street scene is very close to you. I fled a few tram tickets, and I was scared. I always felt that someone was going to check the ticket in the next second, but it never happened.

Later, I began to walk through various alleys. One afternoon, I suddenly went to the Old Town Square, where I seemed to be building something, blocking most of my vision. I looked up and saw only the spire of the tower going straight into the sky.

It was thick and dense, and the eyes were full of silver-gray. The crowds in the square are crowded, tourists are still happy to take pictures, and the small stalls around the business are excellent. I walked alone in the square, and suddenly the clouds spread out, the sun fell, and the glittering golden light was everywhere.

At that time I left the crowd and found a stall. A girl was baking a Prague roll called Trdlo. As a national snack, it is wrapped around a stick, charcoal fires them, grilled the aroma, and baked into a warm caramel color. I paid the money, and the beautiful girl added a spoonful of ice cream to the empty roll. I took it and stood on the side of the road, watching the sun falling on the Prague roll in my hand.

I walked carelessly, covered in the scent of the dessert, passing the unknown and lively market, and went to the Charles Bridge. The Vltava River in the sun shines, and the wind blowing from the river ran into the alley and wandered the streets. I finished the roll and set foot on the bridge.

There are tourists everywhere, street performers who are portraits, hawkers selling sunglasses, pictures and postcards. Everyone will tell you, go to the center of the bridge, there is a bronze statue, you touch his base, there will be good luck.

I thought that this was a naive game, but I found that the bronze statue was too conspicuous. I don’t know how many strangers heard this nonsense, and then practiced it by hand. The base now has two golden traces that thousands of people touched.

I passed the statue, looked at it for a while, and went forward. The afternoon time is coming to an end, and the afterglow falls on the river, which is also golden. I looked back at the crowd of bridges for a moment. When I walked down the bridge, I suddenly had a small wish: when I went back from this, the sky should be dark, if I could find the statue, Go and touch it.