Nabokov: Returning to the pines and chrysanthemums

Nabokov, a Russian-American writer, wrote a novel called Lolita in 1954, describing a terrible tragedy of a middle-aged man, Humbert, who immigrated to France from the United States, and the American girl Lolita. . In 1955, the French Olympia Press published “Lolita”, which caused heated public opinion. Later, the book became one of the best-selling novels in the world.

Many people are curious about the private life of the author of the book. Nabokov was born in St. Petersburg in 1899 and immigrated to Europe in 1919. He studied French and Russian literature at Trinity College, Cambridge, and moved to Berlin to live with his family three years later. Unfortunately, his father was killed by the Russian royalist in Berlin, and soon his fiancee also tore up the marriage contract.

When Nabokov was 24 years old, he had won the reputation of poets and writers, but he lost his support until he was 21-year-old Vera Slonim at a charity costume ball in Berlin. Born in the home of the Jewish rich merchants in St. Petersburg, Vera was adored by Nabokov in her dealings and was also good at enduring his unreasonable character. In order to avoid being opposed by her father, she sneaked in and played privately with Nabokov.

In life, in addition to washing and cooking, and doing housework, Vera also serves as the working secretary of Nabokov. The habit of Nabokov’s writing novels is that the first manuscript first dictated himself, printed by Vera, and then he proofread the manuscript. Finally, Vera came out as a broker to discuss publishing matters.

In 1934, their son Dmitry was born. In 1937, the Nabokov family moved to Paris from Berlin due to Nazi persecution of Jews. What made Vera unexpectedly was that Nabokov had an extramarital affair in Paris.

It turned out that in January 1937, Nabokov met a Russian beauty named Gu Adanini at his work sharing session. She is five years younger than Nabokov and is still single. She was already in Parisian poetry. Guadalini is also from St. Petersburg, with a blonde eye and a silhouette like a Greek goddess. She admires Nabokov’s talent, and Nabokov is also deeply attracted by the beauty of ancient Adanini. In July of the same year, Nabokov and Guadalini’s affair was revealed. Nabokov admitted to Vera to admit mistakes, but on the other hand, he did not want to give up Guadanini and continued to communicate with her.

Vera told Nabokov that if he really loves Guadalini, he should go to her to find her. Otherwise, she will leave her as soon as possible and return to her family. At that time, Nabokov lived in Cannes, France with his family. He was nervously writing the novel “Gift”. The prototype of the heroine of the novel is his wife Vera. Guadanini wrote to Nabokov and said that he would come to Cannes to meet with him in September. He hoped that the two would go abroad and go far. Nabokov felt uncomfortable and did not agree.

In August, he and Willa reached an understanding and returned to the family. In September, Guadalini arrived in Cannes and met the Nabokov family at the beach. Nabokov’s attitude towards Guadhenini was cold, and Guadaniini’s pain was unwilling. She stayed up all night and decided to leave France and travel to Italy.

In May 1940, the Nazi iron hoof trampled on Europe, and Nabokov decided to flee the family with the family. After coming to the United States, Nabokov first attended Wesleyan College and later taught literature and Russian at Cornell University. Vera is still a good helper for Nabokov. When Nabokov was giving lectures, Vera sometimes worked as a teaching assistant on the side. A letter from a friend will be written on the envelope “Nabkov couples”.

In the United States, their relationship has returned to their best.