How was the “Dark Forest Rule” formed?

The “Wandering Earth” box office has broken 4 billion.

Liu Cixin has become a big IP in the film industry, which is hard to come by. If the horizontal comparison is made, most of the popular readings that were photographed in the early years are questioned as “the work of the money”, and the word-of-mouth is completely corrupted or destroyed.

Liu Cixin is in the opposite direction. “Wandering Earth” has been called “the first year of Chinese science fiction movies”, and it has received rave reviews. The rights to film adaptation of other novels have received attention. Of course, the most important thing is the “three-body.”

The “law of the dark forest” is derived from the “three bodies.” Its theory is quoted as follows:

The universe is a dark forest. Every civilization is a hunter with a gun. It sneaked into the forest like a ghost, gently plucking the branches of the road, trying not to let the foot make a little sound, and even breathing must be careful. He must be careful, because there are hunters in the forest who are as sneak as him. If he discovers another life, there is only one thing he can do: shoot and destroy it.

In this forest, others are hell, an eternal threat, and any life that reveals its existence will soon be wiped out. This is the picture of the universe civilization.

In the novel “Three-body” describing the war of cosmic civilization, “the law of dark forests” is the core theory of cosmic sociology.

This is very Liu Cixin: survival first, civilization second. The icy rationality prevailed, and it is said that this is the romance of science students.

But there is still a problem. The story in “Three-body” first occurred in the 1960s and 1970s. In Wandering Earth, the future mankind has been able to make planetary engines that push the Earth to the speed of the escaped solar system. Although in the two novels, the story time differs by hundreds of years, the “sociology” aspects of ethics in human civilization are quite different, but the cognitive patterns and minds of the characters in the two novels, and today’s we have not Anything different.

That is to say, under the guidance of the natural sciences, the social sciences have changed, but the “humanities” have stagnated.

Under the guidance of natural science, social science has changed.

But the “humanities” thing has stagnated.

Further, the “discipline of the mind” seems to have been forgotten by scientists or science fiction writers both in physiological research and in psychology research. Why is that?

People are expelled from nature
Public opinion Plato or Aristotle, even the founders of modern physical science, such as Galileo, Kepler, Newton, etc., they will be surprised to see “Wandering Earth” and “Dark Forest Rules”.

The human factor is worthless in the universe that this cold and gloomy modern man knows, and can only passively accept transformation and even distortion.

Suining said that this was not the case in previous generations. Greece – Christian philosophy has governed the European continent for more than 1,500 years. What is recorded in the Bible of the Christian Scriptures is that man seeks God. At that time, in the order of value, from low to high: material, human and god.

Both matter and man are created things, but through the faith in the gospel, people can be infinitely close to God, that is, into the kingdom of heaven. Under the premise of this epistemology, matter is second to human and serves human. Thus, in the medieval scholastic philosophy after the Christian era, especially in the further development of Aristotelianism in the middle and late period, the epistemology of “purpose” became the mainstream.

For example, water, that is, thirst quenching, it serves its people, that is its purpose, and this has become its attribute. As for why water can quench thirst, how to achieve thirst is not within the scope of the study of scholastic philosophy. The study of matter ends here, and the purpose of man? – That is to practice the inner (mind or soul) in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

In this context, people and nature can have unlimited relatives. Because the things of nature are made by God, they are so modest, come to people, and reveal the lover’s love for people. It is worth mentioning that, in this way, theology includes two major aspects: studying nature and studying the Bible, because both are from the Word of God.

People’s observation of nature is to understand the kingdom of heaven. This is especially evident in the Dante, which sounded the death knell of the Middle Ages. “Divine Comedy” is divided into Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. With Dante’s footsteps, reading and learning, only the body and mind are lighter and full of brilliance. This is the imagination of the ancients to the kingdom of heaven. The creator, who saw it but could not describe the glory of one in ten thousand.

This involves the epistemology of the heavens and the realm of the Middle Ages. They believe that the clods fall because it is heavy, abominable, and hidden underneath, so it tends to return to where it is, so it falls. . And the stars in the sky, it is light, holy, close to God, so floating in the air.

Galileo explains his theory at the University of Padua

Today, people often sigh, why is the literary works of the ancients so natural and harmonious? This is first of all the confidence of the creator, which is perfect, so the creature is perfect, and it is not bad. “Nature never does anything in vain,” and so is people, so they can live in harmony until modern science gradually drives people out of this value system.

By-product of mechanical picture
It is not difficult to understand the initial picture of the world of scholastic philosophy. Why is Galileo’s doctrine so “reactionary”.

The heliocentric theory since Copernicus has taken the lead in breaking people’s imagination of celestial bodies. According to the strict calculation of the average round and the current round, the celestial body is not a light object, and it is as heavy as the earth. The creator was thus driven out of this celestial universe, which is no longer light and no longer holy. What should I do?

This is fatal to the Greek-Christian metaphysical doctrine. Once perfect and noble, the dynamics of the heavens were seen as higher than the dynamics of the boundary, all of which were attributed to geometry by the ancient Greeks. At that time, mathematics was still part of geometry. We don’t have to be surprised at how the Greeks solved equations such as quadratic and binary quadratic. They solved it with geometry.

Galileo also invented the geometry to solve the mathematical problems of the time. From the 17th century in which he and later the founders of a series of modern sciences were located, mathematical algorithms developed rapidly. In the 20th century American historian EA Burt, he first pointed out the important role of mathematics in the development of modern science in his “The Metaphysical Foundation of Modern Physical Science.”

Bert believes that compared with scholastic philosophy, the modern physics science puts forward a completely different claim that the objects and characteristics of science research should be mathematical. In affirming his research methods, Galileo proposed that efforts should be made to avoid visual observation, especially the empirical research led by the “purpose” in scholastic philosophy, and the law that can be restored and verified by mathematical language is correct.

When he arrived in Descartes, he proposed the famous “dualism”, which means that the stable, unchanging nature that can be accurately described by mathematical language is the first nature. The nature of change, illusion, and inability to be described by mathematical language is second. In value judgment, first sex is higher than second sex.

At this point, the methodology of the scholastic philosophy has been completely abandoned, that is to say, the premise that “material is used by humans” has disappeared. After all, the human feeling, which was revered as higher than matter in the previous era, is second only to the attributes of God and cannot be used by mathematical languages ​​for restoration and verification.

As a result, people are excluded from natural research.

Don’t misunderstand, the creator has not been expelled at this time, and history has never been so simple. We know that until Newton, the founder of classical physics, he still believed in God and sought God for life. So where is God?

Bert believes that in this period of modern science, the linear structure of the previous “material-human-god” no longer changed to the parallel structure of “material-god, human-god”. At least here in Descartes, he couldn’t imagine how the universe worked so much, so he thought that the “first cause” of propagating the cosmic movement was the creator.

In this new structure, the “human” and his soul, soul and feelings can not be accurately restored, but the perfection is weaker than matter. This “mind”, which cannot be verified and always produces illusions and delusions, becomes a second and subordinate attribute at this time.

Save the soul
After the mind was removed, the achievements of modern science such as dynamic physics advanced by leaps and bounds.

Of course, there is no resistance in this process. In fact, both theologians, philosophers, and even scientists who are themselves advancing the cause of natural science have tried to explain the mind.

Descartes, who personally concluded the “dualism” and expelled the soul, tried it. Bert believes that when Descartes interprets movement, the essential properties of matter contain weight, which Descartes calls “dimension.” With this concept, Descartes advocates the vortex theory of the universe. Of course, this was eventually replaced by Newton’s classic mechanics. However, if Descartes’ research can avoid some detours, there is still a subjective position of the human mind in the cosmological interpretation model that includes “weight.”

In the second half of the 17th century, Hobbes, Moore, and Gilbert also tried to let the mind untie the superstitious era and apply it to the new dynamics theory framework.

Hobbes believes that feeling is also a kind of exercise, and that the movement is transmitted to the sensory center through the nerves (then considered to be the “pine pine gland” in the brain), and people feel. That is to say, although “feeling” is no longer a property of matter, it is a human feeling (now called reaction). In this theory, the dilemma is that the sensory center cannot be found, described, and verified.

Here, natural scientists are more difficult to try. Descartes could not understand where the cosmic movement without the creator originated. The inability of the creator to describe the spirit will inevitably lead to a description of the dilemma of human feelings.

Bert believes that even the thorough mathematicalists who advocate experimental testing, such as Descartes, Boyle, and Newton, are accustomed to seeking help from empiricism in the face of unpredictable dilemmas. God. For example: “The first cause” is not necessary to find, or unknowable, that belongs to God.

Thus, the theological mechanics of Newton’s theory, a classical mechanics theory, was completely stripped away in the 18th century. Since then, modern science has taken the upper hand and the human mind has become less important. The perfect, minimalist, and peaceful universe in the eyes of the predecessors has become empty and absurd, even horrible in the eyes of modern people.

Natural science has more and more breakthroughs and discoveries, but this has nothing to do with the human heart. The vast stars of the universe are on, and the status of the human heart is down. The human heart loses the support of metaphysics, but it cannot stop its embarrassment, thereby imagining a state of despair and projecting it into the will of the universe.

The “Dark Forest Rule” was born.