How to read the newspaper?

The title of this article may be irritating. Who is reading a magazine, who will not read a newspaper? Indeed, because the newspaper is aimed at the vast majority of readers, the articles on the newspaper, at least the news reports, must be easy to understand in both words and writing. The hard words that are prepared for the exams should not and should not appear in the news reports.

However, if you are not familiar with the special structure of news reports, these should be easy-to-understand articles, but it will make people feel that they are overwhelming and repeating, and people are puzzled.

It was alleged that in the 19th century, war correspondents reported to the editorial department through telegrams. Because of the special circumstances of the battlefield, the telegraph signal is very likely to be cut off at any time. After repeatedly encountering such setbacks, the reporters learned slowly: first, the most important content, if there is still a signal, then send important content, then add details and background in turn. As a result, the “inverted pyramid” structure commonly used in future news reports has gradually formed.

The top of the inverted pyramid is the beginning of the press release, usually the first natural segment. It gathers all important news such as time, place, people and events. However, because of the easy-to-understand nature of the press release, the sentences and paragraphs are short, and these elements cannot be very detailed. For example, if the person involved is not a celebrity, the name will not appear. Names and other situations are based on importance, followed by a later introduction.

The practice of arranging the narrative order by the primary and secondary content of the news is very different from the general chronological description. If you do not understand this narrative arrangement, you will feel that the article repeatedly returns to the same content in a slightly different way. It is messy and embarrassing. Why not say it clearly? This question is best answered at the same time as another question.

Since the inverted pyramids arranged according to the importance of the content of the content are formed by the characteristics of the battlefield telegraph, then these causes are no longer there. Why should we retain this strange structure?

In fact, whether it is reading newspapers on the table and commuter cars, or reading news reports on the Internet today, the factors that distract readers are different in form, but to some extent, they are “the loss of telegraph signals.” News reports are unintentional and incapable of changing the status quo. What it can do as much as possible is to put the most important information out before the readers turn their attention. After that, it is to stay, it is the reader’s own choice.

Someone who made money because of the business has preached to buy the New York Times and made it clear that the post-acquisition New York Times will deliver positive energy. It should be said that this motivation is indeed high enough.

But is the logic of the real world working with this tall idea? For example, if a plane crash is not a positive energy, the rescue after the crash may be very positive. So, report the rescue and dilute the crash? Desalination reported that the Boeing 737 MAX may be grounded? Stopping the flight will not only bring a huge blow to the manufacturer, but also bring a lot of losses and inconvenience to the airlines and passengers. If you don’t see any positive energy, are you ready to stop flying? What if I don’t stop flying and then wreck?

To do the news, not only must not be able to intervene in the reader’s stay, but also realize that if you want to serve a certain purpose, the result may be counterproductive; if you use other purposes, the news will easily lose its existence. The foundation: truthful reports.

The truthful report is also doomed to another feature of the press release: it can’t be just a word. If you read a story with only one side of the word and you are excited, then you are very likely to be played.