How to defend the perpetrators

In modern rule of law society, it is the criminal law that strikes people. The criminal offence is the whole society, and the litigant is the public prosecution agency, not the victim. To express feelings, pressure, and bribes to the victims is not only helpless, but also sin. In the “Everything is Good” drama, Su Mingyu can sneak a large audience, and she will find a job for her big brother in the United States without screening and interviewing. However, if she is admitted to the hospital, she is a big brother under US law. She is no longer able to solve the problem.

The United States is so lacking in the freedom of beating people. Maybe. However, the condition is that you are better off not going to be a politician, the president of a listed company, a star, a journalist, etc. Any so-called public figures who show up. Even if you are not easy to make a person, you must also see who you are. If it hurts a vulnerable group, it may violate the taboo of discrimination.

If you have memorized these taboos, then welcome to the United States of America, the President, the Honourable Member, the tycoon, and the gangsters. Especially for the comedy shows in the United States, it is almost impossible for these people to have no rice. (Right, unlike the monks, the threat is illegal.) Of course, although the history of the United States is short, it still accumulates a little civilization, so the public swearing is mostly elegant and ridiculous.

Of course, the sneer is the politician, and the second is the lawyer. Q: “How do you know that a lawyer is lying?” A: “His lips are moving.”

The reason why lawyers are subject to this criticism is of course related to the high fees they are widely criticized for. However, the real reason is still elsewhere. Although the modern rule of law society accepts the special role of lawyers from the perspective of philosophy and reason, it cannot emotionally forgive lawyers for their actions. The special role of a lawyer is: Like a politician, he should never speak for himself in a work environment, but must speak for his employer. They are just representatives of employers.

To be a representative, they must first accept authorization through formal procedures. The procedures vary, politicians vote, and lawyers need to sign employment contracts. There are no real representatives in the world that are not authorized. The contract is signed, and the interests of the employer are the interests of the employed lawyer. They should not replace the interests of employers in their own interests or in the interests of society. Taking the money of others, being hired by others, and not speaking wholeheartedly to others, this is the greatest immorality. Failure to fully win a lawsuit for an employer is a direct violation of the professional ethics of the lawyer.

There are many defense lawyers in the United States who bluntly say that they never ask their employers whether they have committed a crime. The only thing they care about is how to exonerate them. They worry that once they know that the employer is indeed guilty, it is difficult to really excuse them. Read this, you may want to be a lawyer and even the author. However, lawyers have no reason to argue: to prove that employer crime is the responsibility of their opponent, the prosecution. The prosecution has a strong police and procuratorate to back up, and can also use the commutation and exemption to buy other witnesses. If the party is really guilty, can you prove it?

However, it is very likely that the hiring of a lawyer is a criminal who is guilty of sinfulness and even sinfulness. Since he is allowed to speak for his employment, can a little conscience be hired without being hired? OK, however, a modern society that understands the characteristics of human beings will never accept the legal judgment of one side: the government will assign defense lawyers to those who are incapable of hiring representatives. Only defenses from multiple perspectives (especially opposite perspectives) are most likely to approach the truth.

Unprincipled “harmony is more expensive” can only lead to Su Mingyu’s beating and doing good to the perpetrators. The result is that evil must be embarrassing.