Sholokhov’s emotional world

Sholokhov is the most familiar Soviet writer, film writer and journalist for Chinese readers. In 1931, Lu Xun published Sholokhov’s novel “Quiet Don River” in the “Modern Literature Series”. The novel won the Stalin Prize in 1941, the Lenin Prize in 1960, and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1965.

Sholokhov and his wife, Ma Luxia, are childhood friends. Her hometown is a small town called Bukanovsk in the province of Tsaritsin, Russia. Before 1917, she read a book at the church school and then worked as a teacher back and forth. Ma Luxia and Xiao Luohof met at the turn of the late 1920s in the late summer and early autumn. That day she was sifting potatoes in the vegetable garden in the suburbs. Suddenly, she thundered and thundered. She rushed home and ran into muddy water. On the way home, she met a boy who was younger than her and talked to her. The boy was Sholokhov, when he was only 15 years old. Ma Luxia felt that fate was tricking people. She never thought that the first love was a younger brother, and she married and married her husband.

Sholokhov and Ma Luxia made friends, often went to her house to play, and met Ma Luxia’s sister Li Jiya. Sholokhov prefers Lidia and wants to marry her, but the fathers of the girls are Ataman (the leader) in the village of Cossack. He has the final say in the town and at home. Ataman said to shoot the thigh, let Ma Luxia marry Sholokhov. On January 11, 1924, Sholokhov and Ma Luxia held a coronation ceremony in the church in Bukanovsk town, and at the same time held a traditional and unfolded wedding reception at home.

Ma Luxia is a virtuous Russian woman. In addition to doing housework and taking children, she also hand-picked out a considerable part of the manuscripts of Sholokhov’s novels. When Sholokhov saw her hard work, she bought a printer from Moscow and let Ma Luxia learn to type to reduce the labor intensity. Sholokhov was used to writing in the evening, and Ma Luxia often accompanied him silently to the middle of the night.

Sholokhov is also very interesting to Ma Luxia’s father. The Tsarist-era Ataman contradicted the Soviet regime, and the Soviet government of the village called about Sholokhov. He hoped that he would draw a line with his father-in-law as soon as possible and expel him from his home to avoid being implicated. Sholokhov did not hesitate to let the father-in-law live with their husband and wife. Therefore, Sholokhov was once under surveillance.

1938 was the ominous year of Sholokhov. The secret police quietly prepared his black material and prepared to arrest him on charges of “murdering Stalin.” When Sholokhov learned to write a letter to Stalin for help, he was saved. In August of that year, Ye Ruofu, the political commissar of the US National Security, opened a celebrity salon in the Moscow home to gain more information. On weekends, Ye Ruofu and his wife, Yeh Ghania, will entertain guests and friends, and the scenes will be extraordinary. Famous writers such as Sholokhov are among them.

Not long after Ye Ruofu opened the celebrity salon, the secret police submitted a tape to Ye Ruofu, recording the recordings of Yeh Ghentia and Sholokhov at the 215 room of the Moscow Metropolitan Hotel. Sholokhov speaking voice is clear: “Ye Fu Gai Niya, our love is too heavy ……” Yezhov listening to recordings rush home, grabbed Evgenii Gai Niya, fists while mad beat. Yeh Ghania did not evade, letting Ye Ruofu violently vent. She knew that Yezhov not because she betrayed and beat her, but she should not be the largest hotel in the fortified secret police, dating “relationship between the families,” police chief of. Soon, Ye Ruofu fell out of favor with Stalin, and he let Yeh Ghania commit suicide by killing poison before he was arrested. In 1939, Ye Ruofu was also shot by Stalin.

And Sholokhov is alive. He lived with Ma Luxia for 60 years and died of cancer on February 21, 1984. One month before Sholokhov’s death, he was still in bed and still remember his wife’s birthday. He asked someone to send a bright red rose to Ma Luxia.