A person who makes great poets enamored and sad

In the Russian poetry, Lermontov is crowned with the “Great Poet” and the name is often followed by Pushkin. Chinese readers who like Russian literature, no one knows Lermontov. It is said that in the 1920s and 1930s, China had a Chinese translation. When I studied Soviet literature, I read the translation of Lermontov’s poems by Yu Zhen and the “Contemporary Heroes” translated by Yu Songnian.

When people read Lermontov’s work, they will feel that he has been emotionally tortured. For him, love is sometimes like “the nobleness of heaven and earth,” and sometimes the savage of worldly passions. He loved many women and wrote love poems to them. These women are both charming and cruel, and they bring him joy and happiness, torture and pain.

When Lermontov first fell in love, it was just a 14-year-old young boy. At that time, my grandmother came to Moscow with Lermontov, hoping that he could enter the university boarding school, because it is close to the university, it is not far from the gold list.

Their residence in Moscow is within easy reach of the Lobsin family, the Lobhin family has three golden flowers, and Lermontov sees the second one – Lobhinna. He feels that she looks dignified, temperamental, and beautiful. Her cheeks resemble ancient Greek sculptures, long eyelashes like fanned wings, and eyes like a calm blue lake. All of this, even a small piece of birthmark on her eyebrows, made Lermontov fascinated.

He said that he was willing to be confused by Lobhinna, who wanted to indulge in her deep lake. The beauty of Lobchinna became the standard of attractive women in Lermontov’s poetry. Lermontov has a love poem as evidence: “She is not tempted by the beauty of the world, nor does she lead a group of praisers, but she is full of life, inspiration, and full of wonderful simplicity and purity.”

Lobhinna is beautiful and charming, and the courtesy is breaking the threshold. Lermontov’s thin clown is awkward, stupid, and paranoid. He feels lack of confidence. Lobhinna did not find that Lermontov loved her. When she felt a little bit, she found that Lermontov was cold and hot and elusive, so she was very confused about Lermontov. In the end, she gave her fate to the more reliable man Bakhmeyev.

But Lermontov’s love for Lobshina did not disappear, and although they no longer met, he still kept this emotion silently until the end of his life.

Ms. Lermontov, Miss Soskova, was at the luxury ball of the Russian military deputy Jebrieladovic in 1830. Sushkova was beautiful and his eyes were black. He had the nickname “Black Eyes and Beauty” in Moscow. Miss Sushkova has arrived at the age of marriage, and she is eager to find someone who loves her. At this time, Lermontov appeared in front of her. Lermontov loves her very much and writes poems to praise her.

However, Sushkova felt that Lermontov was ugly and laughed at him. She called him like a servant and asked him to take a hat, parasol and gloves when he went out. Lermontov lost three, and she tried to make him happy.

In 1832, Lermontov did not go to college to join the army, when God was a Russian cavalry. In 1836, he saw Sushkova again in Petersburg. She was still waiting for the words, but she was an old virgin. Her character and temper became very bad, but she was a heartfelt love for Lermontov. Lemmantov had no interest in her, and she was pushed to a friend after she had played with her.

Lermontov said that when he first met Sushkova, he was still a young boy. Sushkova humiliated him. He was extremely sad and burst into tears for five years. Lermontov will report and decide to let Soshkova cry for a lifetime.