I am the one who is loved Wilbur

In fact, every Charlotte is Wilbur, and every Wilbur is Charlotte. We have to tell our children that love is mutual; love needs to be passed.

In the afternoon, warm sun, sitting on the bay window, my daughter and I will look at Braun’s comic book “Father and Son.” My daughter pointed me to see my son’s naughty, cute, and clever. I told her father’s childlikeness, generosity, and wisdom. That is a happy time for us. “Father and Son” “The Cat Who Lives a Million Times” “Uncle Long Legs”… Many books written for children are also written for adults, suitable for us to read with children, this hand E.B. White The “Charlotte’s Net” is also among them.

The story is simple but unforgettable. Wilbur is a pig in the barn of Mr. Zuckerman’s house. His ending will be like ham, and it will be made into ham before Christmas. Fear and despair make Wilbur hysterical. Who can change the fate of a pig that will be slaughtered? Good friend Charlotte has extended a helping hand. She used love to weave one magic word after another, and finally let Wilbur win a special prize in the market competition and a future of enjoying the world…

When I read “The Network of Charlotte”, I often forget that I was reading a fairy tale. I always feel like a little girl in the book, Fern, sitting on the milking bench outside the pigsty and listening to Charlotte and Wilbur. In the warm twilight, the heart becomes softer and softer.

The daughter who listened to the story held her chin with a small hand and said softly: “It’s good, Mom, I am the Wilber who is loved!” “Who is Charlotte?” “You, Dad, Grandparents, I Good friend…”

Yes, we are loved by Wilbur. We also have a Charlotte around us, watching us silently and affectionately. Just, on the way to grow up, we will encounter many things. Honor will make us arrogant, frustration will make us depressed, misunderstanding will make us sad, betrayal will make us despair. Slowly, we no longer trust each other, no longer believe that there will be pure friendship in this world. We will no longer be the simple Wilbur who longs for friends, and our hearts will gradually move away from the pure and warm barn in the worldly shackles.

Therefore, tell the child that he is the loved Wilbur, and he should know how to cherish and be grateful when he grows up. As the guardian of the child, we must be able to pay attention to the child’s heart, respect his feelings, and give him a tolerant and warm love.

For Wilbur, Charlotte’s life passed away like a gossamer. Wilbur returned to the barn with the egg bags left by Charlotte. For Wilbur, there is no more thing in life than these little balls, because this is the child of Charlotte. Wilbur grew up in the love of Charlotte and matured. He hid Charlotte in his heart and passed on the love he received from Charlotte to the descendants of Charlotte.

Every Charlotte is Wilbur, and every Wilbur is Charlotte. We must tell our children that love is mutual; love needs to be passed.

“What is life? We were born, we lived for a while, we died. A spider, it is meaningless to only be busy catching and eating flies in life. By helping you, it may enhance the value of my life. Who? Everyone knows that people should live to do something meaningful.” Over the friendship, “Charlotte’s Net” also let us think about the meaning of life with children.