“No end” election

In peacetime, elections are battlefields without smoke.

The election forms of different countries vary widely, and the complicated electoral system design is not mentioned. It is the simple factor of voting time and election time. Everyone has their own characteristics.

Many countries set the polling day on the weekend, hoping not to delay the daily work or study of the voters, but the US election day is ingeniously set for Tuesday after the “first Monday” in November.

The reason for this is because in the early days of the United States, voters were white males and mostly farmers. The voting was scheduled to take place in November because the agricultural busy was almost over and the weather was not too cold. The regulation was due to the inconvenient traffic at the time. Many voters had to travel long distances. They had to go to church on Sunday, so Monday Voting is very inconvenient. And November 1 is another religious holiday. If this day is not possible on Tuesday, then there is a “Tuesday after the first Monday in November.”

Although the US voting day is relatively different, its voting time is in line with the mainstream, that is, in addition to voters who vote overseas and some regions can vote in advance, the official voting day is one day; and because of modern technology, the results can be known that night. However, some countries or regions are different. For example, the European Parliament election scheduled for May 2019, the voting day is four days.

India should be the champion in voting time. The 2019 Indian election, starting on April 11, is divided into seven stages, to end on May 19, and to announce the results on May 23. Time is so long, and political scholars call it “the election without end.”

India has a large population, but you can see that there are many people in Brazil and Indonesia. How can people vote for the day?

In fact, the Indian elections have not always been so time consuming. Although India spent three months in the first national elections from 1951 to 1952, the subsequent elections were generally completed in 4-10 days, which is quite normal.

However, there were many frauds and violence in the votes that were completed during these “normal” times. Since the 1990s, in order to ensure fair and safe elections, India has decided to implement a phased vote. This is because local governments and police are often biased, so many voting jobs and security are organized by the federal government. The federal government and the police are understaffed and need to be “transitioned” throughout the country, so they can only extend the time and phase in stages. .

If India is the champion in voting time, then the champion in the campaign time is undoubtedly the United States.

The New York Times reported that in the last presidential election, Cruz officially announced its candidacy to the polling day, with 597 days in the middle, and the election time for the 2020 general election will be longer.

In contrast, the election time in Canada is no more than 74 days, Australia is generally more than 30 days, the French election campaign is no more than two weeks, and Japan is no more than 12 days.

According to opinion polls, many Americans are also tired of the “super marathon” situation in the campaign. They believe that the media is full of campaign news every day.

However, some people think that in the country where the parliamentary system is implemented, because the prime minister is generally the head of the largest party in the parliament, the voters “recognize the party does not recognize people” in this election, so the election time does not have to be too long; in the US presidential election Most voters are “recognizing people and not acknowledging the party”, so it is necessary for candidates to run for a longer period of time in order to facilitate the voters to understand.

Of course, no matter how long the campaign time is, no one can answer. It’s just that, like the US presidential election, it’s been more than a year. After all, it’s exaggerated. Even if it’s full of drama, it’s still a bit lengthy.