Take the adventure with Bell

“Welcome to Join Brownie!”

In the auditorium, Rachel, a 7-year-old daughter, turned and walked in front of the girls in a large circle of girls uniforms. Rachel held her hand on her chest and stretched out her hand to shake hands with her teammates. The face was full of seriousness and seriousness.

After reading the oath, the person in charge gave Rachel a sash, tied a scarf and put on a hat. Upon completion of the ceremony, she officially became a British girl scout.

Although the organization is called the Girl Scouts, it is actually a non-profit charity and has nothing to do with the military. The aim is to tap the potential of girls from a young age, develop girls’ self-confidence, train their survival skills, and develop their collaborative, social and leadership skills. The activities carried out are mainly adventures such as rock climbing, canoeing and sailing.

The Girl Scouts are the largest girl organization in the UK and currently have more than 500,000 members. It is said that one in four girls in the UK have joined the Girl Scouts. The sponsor of the organization is Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Rawen’s participation in Brownie is the name of the 7-10 year old children’s team of the British Girl Scouts. The 5-7 age group is called Rainbows (Rainbow) and the 10-16 year old group is called Guides (guide).

There are currently four girl scout centres in the world, in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, India and Mexico. The British Boy Scout was founded in 1910 by the founder Robert Baden Powell, a British Army officer. At that time, the Boy Scouts only received boys. Later, his sister Agnes formed a girl scout and only accepted girls.

Now the British Boy Scouts are called Scouts, both boys and girls can participate. The president of the General Conference is the famous explorer Bell. For a while, his reality show “Follow the Adventures with Bell” is very hot in the country. People who have seen this show. All know that this “man standing at the top of the food chain” has few wild survival skills.

Rachel’s Girl Scouts’ Corps has a weekly meeting, and parents send their children regularly. Conduct activities in groups under the leadership of volunteers. The leader is a big child, the activity is determined by her, she treats the team members like a big sister. This method of taking children with older children has somewhat compensated for the regrets of Rachel’s absence of brothers and sisters.

In the Boy Scouts, their growth is accompanied by the process of obtaining badges. The girls learn skills and pass the quiz to get the badge.

The types of badges are divided into three categories according to interests, skills and themes, including history, painting, dance, camping, adventure, speech, environmental protection, invention, baking, etc., a total of 120 items.

Each badge has certain requirements. For example, if you want to get a baking badge, the child needs to complete a baking work independently, and describe the baking process, decorate the flowers, and share it with others. This baking work also has a story theme, such as the Queen Heart Jam Pie in Alice in Wonderland.

For example, if you want to get a camping badge, your child needs to learn to pack your luggage, set up a tent, fire it, and deal with the problem of no lighting at night when camping, and deal with bad weather such as rain and wind.

The process of obtaining a badge covers all aspects, requires meticulous attention, and is a good way to motivate children to complete a challenge through the game and to improve and train each skill step by step. More importantly, here, girls learn independence, self-confidence, unity and friendship from an early age…

“Mom, there is Brownie tonight, don’t forget to send me to go!” When she was having dinner, her daughter Rachel reminded me.

Every week, the girl scouts party, she remembers it. Because it is punctual and trustworthy, it is also one of the criteria they need to follow at all times.