6 games that promote brain development

1. Sensory game: It can promote listening, smelling, watching, touching and other sensory stimulation games, such as playing sand, playing with water, doing manual work, listening to music, etc.

2. Physical games: including the use of large muscles to run, jump, climb, roll and other activities, as well as the use of small muscles of the squat, pinch, grasp, grip and other games, try to let the child move.

3. Cognitive games: a variety of games that can be manipulated, played, disassembled, combined, and constructed, such as building blocks, puzzles, smart pieces, magic squares, and so on.

4. Play the game: Let the children play their imagination, play various games of role-playing, provide hand puppets, props and other clothes, so that children can improve communication, coordination, expression and other skills through the game.

5. Language games: singing, chanting, reading storybooks, discussions, quizzes, jokes or storytelling, etc., a variety of games that allow children to be sensitive to language and use spoken language flexibly.

6. Rules game: Games that must follow certain rules to play, such as playing cards, chess, board games, etc., games that can be broken or won in combat, competition, and so on.

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