A skill

When I was young, there was a girl next door to my house. I especially like watching movies.

At that time, the domestic cinema was still at a stage where it could not make money. As long as there was a new film, she would go to the cinema to see it, and she would like to brush it twice. Those films that are not available in China go to a nearby video store to buy pirated discs, which almost cost the pocket money. I often go to her house to look back a few times, from “Godzilla” to “Big Escape” to “murder green toe”, everything.

Later, at the request of her family, she was admitted to a higher education institution in Shanghai to study in the finance department. We have always maintained contact, and it can be seen that her hobby of the film has not faded, and she still watches movies one after another after completing her coursework. Since Douban has a punch function, she will punch a new film every night, write a score and feel, for years, like a day, from no interruption.

In her senior year, a well-known bank recruited. Thousands of people apply and only three places are accepted. She didn’t want the family’s request, went to apply for the exam, and passed the excellent results. She became a formal employee. It was not long before she was promoted to the manager because of her outstanding performance. High salary income and welfare benefits are all exquisite and enviable.

For everyone, this must be a career for a lifetime. However, one day two years later, I suddenly got the news. She resigned and went to a website in Beijing to be a film reporter.

Everyone was shocked by the chin. This new job does not mean that the income is very different. It is not her university counterpart. When she is applying, she can barely pass the test. She can only start from the bottom, and no one believes that she can do well. . I heard that my parents are too angry to sever her relationship with her, claiming that a penny will not be funded, saying that she will starve to death in Beijing.

But I have an inexplicable belief that she will not starve to death, and this time, it is the right choice.

In the past few years, the girl has been promoted from a small film reporter to the deputy editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief. She is now a well-known film critic in the industry. Every year, several major film festivals fly around the world, and occasionally a guest judge. In addition, she is also the script doctor who is invited by each producer to open a meeting and put forward a few reference opinions. She has a generous hard work and she has created her own film and television script in her spare time. Two of the projects are about to start. . Most importantly, compared to the boring tablets of previous years, her face has always been filled with smiles and satisfaction in recent years.

We talked once and talked about career choices. I said that you like movies, so choosing the film industry is now correct.

She thought about it not just because she liked it, but after thinking about it, she thought that film is my “one skill”.

I don’t quite understand it. If you know that you are financially, then it is a skill.

She asked: How many years have you said that I like movies?

I thought about it. When I was in elementary school, the school issued a free movie ticket. You will have to pay for the tickets of those who don’t like to watch movies. Sitting in the cinema, watching “Mother love me again”, it is How old? I can’t remember it, but if it is counted now, how can it be twenty years?

She said yes, then how old am I to start studying finance? When I was 18, I went to college. Even if I worked hard, it was only four years.

She smiled and asked me: 20 years and 4 years, which time is longer? Which foundation is deeper? Movies are not only the fun of my life, but also the real cost of survival.

“I can do it financially. I make a movie, but it is like a duck.”

I understand what she meant.

It is right to rely on a skill to eat a meal for a lifetime, but the positioning of “technology” is the key.

The skill of a skill depends not only on a paper diploma, but also on the craft that you like and appreciate.

This skill is as long as others. It is mediocrity; it is a little longer than others, and it is excellent.

Only when it grows to the extent that others admire it, it is worthy of being called the true skill of rest and life. It is also an iron rice bowl that goes to the ends of the earth.