If you can only repeat one day in your life

“If you repeat a certain day forever, are you willing?” At that time, I was in high school. The male teacher who came to the internship was only in her early 20s. The first class asked us this question.

“If this day allows me to choose, I am willing.” I replied. He looked at me and smiled and encouraged me to continue.

“I will choose the happiest day to go on forever, so how good it will be for a lifetime.”

The whole class laughed. The teacher told me to sit down and then said to me: “One day, you will ask yourself this question again. If the answer changes, it will prove that you no longer live for life, but start to live for yourself.”

This scene is accompanied by this problem and buried in the 16-year-old. Later, I was admitted to the university, took part in the work, and started my dream of media life. Before I work, every time I see interesting shows, news from a point of view, or a well-rounded host on TV, I will silently ask myself: When can I become friends with them? I hope that I can work in that industry in the future. Later, I finally made an entertainment reporter as I wished, but suddenly found that good-looking entertainment news seems to never be able to make it.

There are no well-known interviewees, and there is no exclusive news. The editor-in-chief will only tell me what kind of entertainment press conference will be held the next day. Who will participate, I will do a few minutes.

So I had an appointment with the driver and the camera one day in advance. I borrowed a video tape early in the morning. I arrived at the conference site in the morning, signed in at the organizer, received a car fee of 200 yuan, and then sat in the audience for two hours. When coming, every reporter asks one or two questions and then ends. Finally, with the press release given by the organizer, I spent an hour editing a news and airing it. The entertainment reporter’s day’s work is over.

At the beginning, I will actively fight for the first question. Later, I think that reporters from other media will also ask questions, and the respondents will answer them. I will use their interviews directly.

At the beginning, I will tell the camera that I have to take some shots. Later, I found that even if I don’t have a camera, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, other media reporters are there. If they are too big, they will copy a piece of material directly with them.

Later, I was too lazy to wait, signed up, and took the car and left. Anyway, the entertainment news that the organizers hope to see is nothing more than reading the drafts they have given, and adding the same pictures, they can broadcast them. As many colleagues in public relations companies have said: No matter what program or reporter, it is not much different for us. It is just a propaganda tool. The only difference may be the strong weakness of various media.

When I heard such an evaluation, I stunned for a while. I think of the daydreams that I had done in the past few years in high school. I remembered the efforts that I had made to enter the entertainment media in the past few years: I went to the radio internship, went to the newspaper internship, and finally went to the TV station for an internship. Every effort was made because I wanted to have a different job, but I didn’t expect that, after many years of hard work and expectations, I was transformed into a “propaganda tool” by various conferences.

I suddenly remembered the question that the high school intern teacher asked me: “If you repeat a certain day forever, are you willing?” My answer at the time was: Willing. Because I am willing to repeat the happiness of a certain day forever. But now I am confused, because whether it is happy or sad, it is not a simple form. If you only indulge in a certain moment, for life, you will only live one day in your life.

Someone said to me: “Liu Tong, you are too uneasy about the status quo, too moving, or you have already become different.” I am not convinced. Everyone’s life can only be their own responsibility, and others’ opinions are at best only a reference. If a person can only repeat the same day in his life, it may be the most lonely thing in the world.