Meet Southeast Asian islands, Bali is my favorite.

Bali, Phuket, Boracay… We have a long history of rainy days on the islands of Southeast Asia, especially in most parts of China. The sun is often in a “wandering” state, and visas are granted to Chinese tourists. The signing of the Southeast Asian island is opening a door for us.

When we are full of romantic and bizarre imaginations on these warm, sea-like and affordable islands, let us go and follow the sun to “wander.”

Cost-effective island of devout

Hindu temple on Bali

Everyone has an island dream in their hearts, but the resort islands such as the Maldives, Hawaii, and Tahiti, which are far away and expensive, are not easily accessible to everyone. In comparison, the islands of Southeast Asia are more able to complete the journey of walking.

Due to its beautiful scenery, friendly visa-free policy, relatively low price and cost, the islands in Southeast Asia have always been the first choice for many Chinese outbound travel. So, how high is their price/performance ratio?

For example, the quiet and fresh Krabi in Thailand is known as “Jinlin in the Sea”, where there are iconic smiles in Thailand, horse killing (massage), food, resort hotels and, most importantly, the price is in Thailand. Phuket is 20% lower.

For example, Malaysia’s Semporna is not only stable under the sea, rich in resources, suitable for deep diving snorkeling, but also has a Chinese-speaking diving instructor. The cost of diving courses in Semporna is the lowest in the world.

For example, the last virgin land in Southeast Asia – the Palawan of the Philippines, it is like the seaside utopia, and like the Pandora planet, full of unknowns and surprises. Surprisingly, on the ticket website, the round-trip ticket from China to Palawan is as low as RMB 300.

In addition to cost-effective, Southeast Asia islands have another feature – a religious atmosphere. Southeast Asia is a “kaleoscope” of religion, and it is called “the crossroads of religion” by Cambridge History of Southeast Asia. The island here is also naturally “speaking about religious rules.” Just like in Phuket, Thailand, the tour guide reminds you not to talk about religion at will; just like the clothes on Boracay in the Philippines, you can’t wear short sleeves and slippers when visiting some temples and places of worship.

The Southeast Asian island with the strongest religious atmosphere is Bali of Indonesia.

In Bali, there are many temples, statues and gods. Visitors can often encounter small flower boxes made of coconut leaves, which are used to serve the offerings of Hindu Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The three Hindu gods are the main objects of the Balinese people. At the same time, the Balinese people also believe in all things, and worship the gods such as the sun god, the sea god, the water god, the monkey god, the god of fire and the god of the wind.

This unique religion, known as Balinese Hinduism, is a combination of Hinduism and local beliefs from outside. About 80% of the Balinese people believe in Balinese Hinduism.

Bali’s unique religion has spawned a unique religious building, and many of the island’s famous attractions are local temples. The most famous of these is the Tanah Lot Temple, one of the three major temples in Bali. The Tanah Lot is located on a huge rock by the sea, standing proudly in the sea, often with splashes of waves, spectacular. At the time of the sun, there is a beautiful sunset, temples and sea and sky.

The Temple of the Holy Spring in Ubud is also unique, and the temple is named after a holy spring in the temple. The Balinese people believe that the holy spring has the power to bathe the holy spring and accept the baptism of holy water, which can eliminate disasters, expel sickness and wash the soul. Nearby residents come here to bathe and pray every day.

When the sunset comes, the afterglow is filled with the beaches of Bali.

Come to an island wedding
To experience the local religious culture on the islands of Southeast Asia, it is only a small part of the choice of travelers. Most people come for a stunning sea view and a comfortable vacation experience.

If you like Sawadika’s smile, go to Phuket, Samui and Krabi; like the bananas of the Philippines, go to Boracay, Dumaguete and Bohol; like the country that traverses things, go to Sabah, Lan Kawei; like the temperature in the southern hemisphere, go to Bali.

If you like high-end boutique island tours, even if you choose to hold a wedding in the Southeast Asian islands, then Bali is the most recommended.

Bali brings together many of the world’s top hotel brands, holidaymakers can fly in the hotel to enjoy the sea and sky, or choose to participate in traditional activities such as traditional dance, handicraft, cooking and kite making in luxury hotels. If you really don’t want to move, you can also face the sea in the breeze and the waves, and make a spa that relaxes the whole body.

Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu are home to many beautiful resorts. Jimbaran has a beautiful sunset. When the sunset comes, or the golden or red afterglow overflows the sea, you can have a seafood barbecue dinner on the beach.

Among them, the famous Ayana Resort is located in Jimbaran. The hotel has top-notch facilities such as a three-story infinity pool with superb sea views and a 22,000-square-meter thalasso spa. The glittering glass church at the seaside is the ultimate dream of new people. The stars Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi hosted a wedding here.

Take the Ayana’s cliff-sloping elevator to the rocky bar built on a 14-meter-high cliff. The Rock Bar was named one of the 30 best hotel bars in the world by CNN. When the twilight falls, you can order a cocktail at the Rock Bar, accompanied by accidental splashes of waves, listening to the concerted rock and sea sounds, and enjoying the sunset.

Compared to Jimbaran, Nusa Dua has a slightly better view, but it is better than clean and clean. In addition to the reputable Ritz Carlton, there are also many private villa hotels.

Uluwatu is famous for its cliff-like ocean landscape. Both Bulgari and Alila have beautiful cliff villa resorts in the Uluwatu area. The hotel on the cliff has an extremely wide view and offers a magnificent view of the sea. The hotels here are also favored by the stars. The wedding of the stars Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru was held in Bulgari.

Party, terrace and bamboo palace
Relaxing on a high-end vacation, Southeast Asia Island is also rich in marine water activities such as surfing and diving. As a world-famous surfing destination, most Southeast Asian islands have many world-class waves and many surf schools for beginners to start his surfing career. As for those who are keen on diving, there are also many dive sites to choose from, such as sea creatures such as devil fish, sharks, turtles, clownfish and squid, and beautiful corals.

In addition to surfing and diving, you can also choose from a variety of water activities such as fishing, helicopter rides, boat trips, jungle adventures, submarines, and water parachutes.

In Koh Samui, Thailand, there is a very famous party event: Full Moon Party. On the full moon of the month, on the island of Koh Phangan, a half-hour boat ride from the sea off Samui, a grand beach evening will debut. Under the stimulating hormonal electro-dance music, 30 to 60 yuan a barrel of beer, people can’t wait to take off their shoes, put on their swimwear, step on the fine sand, put in a million people, and indulge in the dawn.

However, in the face of hot sun, bright white beaches, staying at the beach for a long time is not to be burned out. Bali has another charm. Different from pure beaches and seas, Bali has lush jungles and fresh fields, the most representative of which is Ubud.

Ubud has a lively and traditional market, surrounded by jungle and fields. There are many craft shops and museums in the local art center.

The center of Ubud has the Ubud Palace, which was built in the 16th century. The palace is small but elegant and noble. Opposite the palace is the Ubud market, where merchandise, musical instruments and style clothing are sold in the bustling market. But Ubud’s greatest charm is outside the town.

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, southeast of Phuket, Thailand

Degralang Terrace is one of the most famous spots in Ubud. The terraces are layered and the tourists walk along the curved muddy path. You can see that the green rice in the paddy fields is bright in the sunlight, the fields are dotted with coconut trees, and the terraces are flowing down the stream.

The tropical scenery perfectly fits the idyllic scenery, and the visitors seem to walk in a delicate potted plant. Go to the top of the terrace, you can take a break in the gazebo at the top of the thatched roof, blow the air; enjoy the scenery and then spend a little extravagant.

The trails present the truest and purest Balinese countryside. Walking along the ridge, rice fields, jungles, coconut trees and river valleys are just right in front of you, like a beautiful country picture. The animals in the country are also vivid in this picture—the big buffalo squats on the grass, with big eyes, and looks strangely at strangers; the ducklings shake their heads in the shallow water of the rice fields; the yellow dog in the nursing home Watching the passing people with vigilance, loyal and timid; fearless cock, arrogantly walking in the middle of the road, no scruples; loving hens, with a group of chickens foraging around.

In the movie “Gourmet, Prayer, and Love,” the actress Julia Roberts plays the heroine on a bicycle, walking freely through this idyllic world, and finally finds the peace and sincerity of her heart.

It is worth mentioning that Canadian designer John Hardy also found a vision of life in Ubud. Hardy settled in Bali more than 30 years ago and founded his own jewelry brand. In more than 20 years, his jewelry company has grown into an international company. But in 2007, Hardy withdrew from the company and decided to promote and build a greener, more sustainable world through education and design.

In the secluded forest of Ubud, Hardy designed and built a complex with bamboo as the main material. He built several high-rise bamboo houses and bamboo bridges using bamboo’s green materials and new technologies. In this unique bamboo complex, there is a Green School with a comprehensive green education and Green Village for accommodation.

Green School offers a wide range of courses to promote the concept of green and inherit the traditional crafts of Bali. More than 200 students from the school come from various countries, and 20% of them are local students from Bali.

There are 11 bamboo villas in Green Village, the most unique of which is a five-storey bamboo palace. The building stands on the banks of the Ayong River Valley and the main entrance is a huge bamboo tube. Bamboo supports the entire palace and creates a unique architectural style. The floor, walls, ceilings, stairs and railings of the palace are all created by bamboo. Even the exquisite furniture in the palace is made of bamboo, which makes the whole building integrated.

Designer Hardy created a piece of exquisite bamboo artwork, while also using bamboo architecture to demonstrate the power of nature.

In “Food, Prayer, and Love,” the heroine rides freely through the bicycle in the idyllic world.