Banana “defense war”

There used to be a fruit that was considered to be a “very unreliable” fruit because of its internal seeds, special growth environment, and short maturity. But no one expected that with the development of transportation and refrigeration technology, they shortened their time to market, and their fate has undergone tremendous changes. It has become the main force in fruit. This fruit is now loved by everyone. banana.

However, this is the second most fruit on the planet, but now there is a crisis of extinction. What is the danger of killing the huge banana family? All this has to start with the big Mac bananas that once had a lot of scenery.

Big Mac banana with unlimited scenery
The Big Mac banana was discovered by the French naturalist Nicholas Bauding when he traveled in Southeast Asia and was brought to the Botanical Garden in the Caribbean. In 1870, the Big Mac banana first set foot on the US territory. With its large and delicious characteristics, the Big Mac banana quickly became a favorite banana. Its “popularity” not only brings huge economic benefits to people, but also gives them a high status. It is said that people also built a special railway to facilitate the transportation of bananas. In addition, under the temptation of huge profits and strong markets, more and more banana farmers choose to plant big Mac bananas, which also makes the Big Mac banana family grow stronger. In the book Banana Password: The Fruit of the World, Dane Kepo used the later famous banana and Big Mac banana to compare. He believes that if the taste of the Big Mac banana is Haagen-Dazs, the taste of the banana is similar to that of ordinary ice cream. Such a high evaluation can also reflect the people’s love for the big banana at that time.

The tragedy of cloning bananas
If crops are always the same in the process of growing, it will bring a lot of convenience to people. Not only can we achieve uniform harvesting, but it can also greatly improve the efficiency of processing and packaging. Even customers who choose phobia do not have to spend more time thinking about it. Because of these advantages, when the big Mac bananas are very popular, people are thinking about how to make the big Mac bananas that are cultivated. Later, people found the answer in the cloning technology. Using cloning technology, bananas can be genetically highly unified, and thus all bananas have the same set of genes, grow into one look and have the same taste.

Although such bananas have increased people’s income, they have also laid a major health hazard. On the one hand, banana populations that grow on cloning technology lack genetic diversity, which increases the risk of bananas dying from disease; on the other hand, these bananas lack the ability to genetically mutate and mutate, which means they lose pests or The opportunity for the disease to produce immunity. In this way, when a fungus called “Panama disease” swept through, the huge Big Mac banana family appeared to be vulnerable. Panamanian disease can infect banana trees, making it impossible to transport water and nutrients, and eventually wither and die. What’s more, this fungus can not only spread through soil, water and agricultural tools, but also has a strong vitality. It can survive in the soil for a long time, so that the soil infected by it can no longer replant bananas. Under the invasion of Panamanian disease, the once lush banana garden was left with a piece of yellow, eventually withdrawing from the fruit world. The Big Mac banana family used its own personal experience to explain what “the eggs can’t be placed in the same basket.”

“Nine deaths” of the banana
After the “big brother of the rivers and lakes” Big Mac bananas withdrew from the fruit stage, the banana that was once covered by the aura of the big banana banana gradually came to the center of the stage. The banana has not only successfully resisted the invasion of the “Yellow Leaf Disease No. 1” which made the big Macan bananas miserable, but also resisted more than a dozen other diseases. Thanks to these excellent qualities, the Chinese banana has inherited the clothing of the Big Mac banana and became the most important banana variety in the world. However, the seemingly “healthy” mandarin has the same fatal flaw as the Big Mac banana – singular planting. When a new Panamanian fungus called “Yellow Leaf Disease No. 4” came in, the banana was also entangled in a nightmare-like yellow leaf disease. In front of the yellow leaf disease No. 4, the plantain seems to have realized the helplessness of the big Mac banana. At present, yellow leaf disease No. 4 has turned banana plantations in many countries and regions into disaster areas. Ecuador and Costa Rica, the largest banana exporters “occupied”, seem to be only a matter of time. The plantain seems to have embarked on the old road of the big Mac banana, but unlike the 50 years ago, the plantain had no successors this time. In other words, this familiar banana industry may disappear with the banana.

Together to protect the bananas
Bananas are so good, people naturally don’t see it disappear, and a “defense war” about bananas has started. At present, the most effective way to defend bananas is to control the footsteps of Yellow Leaf Disease No. 4 and to stop the fungus through strict quarantine measures. However, it is clear that this kind of defense similar to physical isolation is not a long-term solution. It can only delay fungal invasion and cannot completely eliminate them. In order to allow bananas to completely get rid of the fungus, people are constantly trying. For example, the improved banana gene, the breeding of new varieties with stronger disease resistance, etc. Unfortunately, these attempts have not allowed the bananas to really get rid of the fungus. I hope that in the future, I can find a more effective way to resist fungi, because not wanting to eat delicious bananas is not only the desire of bananas. Behind these bananas, there are silent prayers from countless “food fans”.