Rarely known superhero

Marvel’s “Avengers” drama has come to an end, DC is still in the process of arranging more heroes to play. American-style superheroes have been popular for seven or eight decades. However, there is a French superhero who is older than Zorro, who was born in 1920. He is called Jude, and his legend was published in 1916.

French filmmaker Louis Feuillade is the creator of the Judge. Prior to this, he produced several films, the protagonists were all superpowered villains, and the result was criticized by the critics for “beautifying the opposite.” So, Louis Feuillade plans to create a new work, turning the protagonist from a villain into a hero. The Judge is born, and Judex is the “judge” in Latin.

The “Judge” wears a dark cloak, wears a wide-brimmed hat, uses high-tech equipment to fight the bad guys, protects the weak and innocent, and at the same time hides the power and name. Moreover, his “secret base” is in a cave under a castle. Therefore, he looks more like Batman, who was 23 years older than Batman. They also have no super powers, and even the encounters are similar.

The real name of the Judge is Jacques de Tremeuse. Because the evil banker Favraux was bad, his father ended up with hatred. The mother let Jacques swear in front of his father’s tomb. This hatred is not a non-gentleman.

A pre-promotional murder took place. The “Judges” publicly announced the death of Favraux. In the case of the latter’s multi-preparation, he pretended to be the secretary of Favraux and poisoned him as scheduled.

Favraux was only superficially dead, entering a state of coma that was almost suspended, and the Judge took his soul and imprisoned him forever in a secret cave. The Judge also fell in love with Favraux’s daughter Jacqueline and saved her from the trap of conspiracy.

The story of the “Judges” is very similar to “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The driving of character action and plot development is a fire of revenge against the enemy. However, love brought a turning point. When the “Judge” felt love, he finally realized how to become a hero.

However, the reputation of the “Judge” is far less than the “township” Zorro that appeared four years later. The latter re-emerged in the 1970s, especially in China, and the actor Alan Delong has always been synonymous with “beauty men.” Not to mention Batman – the influence of “The Dark Knight”, after the release of Nolan’s film trilogy, there is no match at the moment. Rocksteady’s game “Akam” series is a classic, these make Batman The popularity has risen again and again.

The same hero, the fate is very different.

This seems to give the “judge” a greater chance. Perhaps, in the imagination of readers in the new era, he can become a character in Gogol’s pen, a ghost that is unsettled and wandering in the streets. His shouts in the wilderness were silent, and only the lonely souls passed by. A judge can only judge his own destiny, and it is fascinating to think about it.