Flourish South Africa, retain those beautiful expressions

South Africa, it is a mysterious country. When you rely on it again and again, the distinctive sunshine and colors are full of unique charms. A primitive picture swarms and makes you unconsciously brand new. Surrounded by experience, let every visitor experience the ultimate in African style.


I have long heard that it is a plateau climate, the sun shines all the year round, the seasons are like spring, and when I get off the plane, I personally feel it: good weather! The sun seems to be particularly bright. Although it is winter, the midday sun is hot, but the wind is cool, so it doesn’t feel cold or hot. Everything people wear, blouses, skirts, sweaters, coats, etc., spring and summer clothes are suitable. Look at the sky blue and blue, the air is fresh and clean, the surrounding scenery is bright, just like a pair of crystal glasses, the eyes are bright and the spirit is also full.

We live in an apartment building on the outskirts of Joburg, surrounded by several apartment buildings of different shapes and colors. They are separated by wide lawns, swimming pools, flowers and trees, gazebo benches and children’s playgrounds. Neither lonely nor crowded. The residential area is basically white, the environment is neat and elegant, and it is in the same place. It feels like the suburbs of Europe. During the day, black people come by bus or minibus from afar. The service of rough cleaning, apartment guards, trimming the courtyard, taking care of children, etc. are all borne by black people. I have seen that the black people who come here to work are very conscious and diligent, and very polite and helpful. For example, because I was not used to the magnetic card type door key, several times, the “black brothers” took the initiative to help me open the door. Once on the lawn bench, I saw a black babysitter playing two white children to play in the game field. The girls who were about three years old climbed up a big climbing frame alone, crying and crying and shouting for help. If our grandparents, they have been rushing past and holding them down, it seems to be loving and easy to do. But I saw that the black babysitter walked over slowly, pointing his finger at the specific part of the wooden frame, and calmly taught the girl to climb down. The girl’s small body tried several times and failed. The black babysitter didn’t mean to hold her at all. In fact, it was very trouble-free, and still tirelessly taught, and finally the girl climbed down. This little scene made me admire the minds of black nannies and appreciate the quality of their work.

Driven on the road to Joburg, the entire modern city has a panoramic view. It is a huge shovel pile like a mountain. It is a collection of gold mines that have accumulated over the years. It is strikingly annotated. The largest city, industrial and commercial financial center in South Africa was developed for mining gold mines. Perhaps because history is not long (Jorburg was built in 1866), there seems to be a lack of ancient architecture full of artistic charm and historical weight, such as the luxurious palaces of Europe, the mysterious castles and the beautiful sculptures everywhere. The buildings of different shapes in the city are generally simple in shape, smooth in flow, and have a mature and affordable coordination. The interior of the building is well decorated, convenient, comfortable and elegant, showing the high-grade of material civilization.

In and out of large and small shopping malls, the variety of goods, the quality of the exquisite, the modernization of shopping methods are similar to the UK. In a regular supermarket, you can’t tell whether you are in South Africa or the UK because you use the same language. Only the street market is unique. The stall owners are basically black people. They sell all kinds of semi-precious stones, necklace earrings, bracelets, etc. of African specialties. They are full of colorful and beautiful, and are popular among swimmers. The love, often stayed in this place, and never tired of it. There are also many woodcarvings, small stone animals, lions, elephants, giraffes, wooden masks with exaggerated colors and lines, African drums made by the beasts, and colorful things that are not named. Although the work is a bit rough, it is more attractive than the exquisite goods in the big stores. It seems that the unique atmosphere of ancient Africa is felt here. These “indigenous” goods made by black hands are The best and most authentic souvenir of this ancient land in Africa. What is interesting is that some black stall owners even say “hello”, “thank you”, “goodbye” in Chinese, and say hello to you with a smile, far away in a foreign country, it is very happy.

As early as the evening, the city of Joburg became a black world, and almost no whites were seen on the street, because the whites had returned to work in the suburbs.

As night falls, the city of Joburg, with its power development, is shining brightly and overnight. From the balcony of our suburban apartment to the city, like a huge black velvet curtain adorned with countless pearls, radiant, flashing, beautiful.

The seat of President Mandela

Pretoria is the capital of South Africa, just a few dozen kilometers from the Fort. We drove by ourselves. There are road networks extending in all directions in South Africa. Ordinary roads and highways are first-rate. The road surface is flat and the road signs are clear. As long as the phone is navigated, you will never get lost. Roadside service facilities such as gas stations, fast food restaurants, restrooms, and small shops are all well-equipped, making it easy to travel around the country. The entire road traffic is similar in level to the UK. In fact, it is not only a highway, but also a variety of public welfare facilities in the form and level of the United Kingdom.

After an hour’s drive, you will enter the city of Pretoria and head straight to the capital’s most prestigious presidential palace. The presidential palace was built on a hill and was very eye-catching. At first glance, this European-style palace-style stone building is highly noble, elegant and stylish with the help of the mountain. The basic building format is symmetrical, the middle part is a semicircular curved inward, and the middle of the arch has a large arch that leads to the hillside of the backyard with plants, and a large column on the left side of the figure. The golden English word marks the “Office of the President.” Of course, the door behind this must be the office of the former President Mandela. It is said that when the late President Mandela was working inside, the national flag would be hanged outside the door. If it was not at this time, the national flag would not be hung, and it would sound like the Queen of England. In front of the presidential palace, there are no wall or fenced things, only beautiful lawns, green trees and flowers along the mountain. Throughout the visit, all the places were unimpeded, and there were no guards. I heard that since the death of Mandela, there has been no national flag outside the president’s office. Anyway, this beautiful palace has no such thing. Unlovable, symbolic of the mystery and majesty of power.

When we visited the presidential palace, a mass rally was being held on a huge lawn under the mountain. The speeches from the loudspeakers were heard far away. It turned out that people are gathering to celebrate South African Women’s Day. Out of curiosity, I wanted to take a closer look, so I walked down the steps, but was politely told by a black policeman. It went straight to the podium of the conference, so I asked me to go down the stairs from the side to the back of the venue. Watch. When the rushed there, the speech was over and the women were dancing passionately. I heard that the black people have always been like this, political meetings, parades or something, in our opinion, a serious matter, they must sing and dance. Singing and dancing seems to be an important way for black people to express various emotions anytime and anywhere, and it is also a kind of skill they are born with. Appreciating the African dances of women’s cheerful and rhythmic rhythm, I think that although the living standards of the black people have always been low, they are naturally natural, physically stretched, and they are comfortable and live comfortably.

Kruger National Park

We have been to the Kruger National Park, the largest nature reserve in South Africa. It is located in the northeast direction of Joburg, about 400 kilometers away. In order to catch up with the time, we got on the road early in the morning, the sky was still dark, the car was cold, so the heating was turned on. When we traveled for about four hours to reach our destination, the sun in the afternoon was already high above the sky, and the car became very hot, so it was air-conditioned again. The weather in South Africa is like this, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature difference between the four seasons is small.

Kruger National Park is a long-shaped area with a width of nearly 100 kilometers and a length of more than 400 kilometers from north to south. The area is tens of thousands of hectares. The area is like a small country, and the number of wild animals in it is the highest in Africa. It is also South Africa. The most prestigious animal paradise, among which elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos are known as the “five beasts.” Of course, watching animals walking inside is not enough, you can only drive in, and you are not allowed to get off for safety.

The car was slowly driving, and the endless African scorpion was in sight. The land that maintains the original features of African land is covered with weeds and shrubs, and the naturally growing trees are not high and dense, so the view is extremely broad. Looking at it in a slightly higher place, you can see the wilderness of the wilderness stretching to the horizon. Occasionally, several mountain hills were submerged by the huge Suiyuan, showing no high and stalwart. The scattered rivers of the small rivers are moving, but they are unable to nourish the vast land. Most of the grass is yellow, some trees are bare and fall, and only the plants near the water are green. The scenery in front of me does not seem beautiful, but I am excited by its vastness and naturalness. Mother Earth shows her true face without any modification. I feel her truth, so close, so kind, so simple, so long.

The car is driving forward, watching the scenery while looking for wild animals. Ah, a group of little deer, strolling in the grassy trees, looks like how many times more happiness than the same kind in the zoo. What is the guy over there? Standing motionless, with a beautiful horn on his head, a ring-shaped marking on his body, and a mane on his back.

There is a group of black animals in the small river in the distance, which seems to be buffaloes. The car continued to drive, and there were piles of soil on both sides of the road from time to time. It turned out to be a large ant nest unique to Africa, but unfortunately there was no big ant inside. Look, there is a big green reptile in the middle of the road, ah! It must be a rare African lizard, so I drove close to seeing it carefully, but unfortunately, it was stunned and ran away, only the most “hospitality”, when our car parked near a group of donkeys, not please Come, a huge cockroach walked up to our car and looked at its calm and confident look. It was probably the head of this group. At this point we pressed the window glass, and the big man stood in front of the window and put his head into the car. The big blue-grey face, a pair of small yellow eyes, a concentrated look, a serious face, looked quite funny. When it saw that I was holding a banana in my hand, I quickly ran around the front of the car and ran to the window where I was sitting. I reached into a big claw and took the banana unceremoniously. Scared me to scream and hide, but it didn’t care to chew it. Say goodbye to the big gentleman who is not enough, and then go forward, we found the crocodile on the stone in the small river, the waterfowl with sharp neck and long neck, many deer, antelope…but Why are there no traces of wild elephants, lions, giraffes, rhinos? I am anxiously looking forward to their appearance. It may be because the time is too tight, our car has been driving on the main line, did not enter the hinterland of the reserve, so in the end did not see the most spectacular behemoth, had to leave deep regret.