Summer vacation, start a trip to the West

The town along the way, the sunny beach, the lazy walrus, especially the big sur section, as if the entire Pacific Ocean is roaring in the ear… The scenery of the American highway has always made me forget.

Joy and music on Highway 1
Highway No.1 was named one of the 50 attractions not to be missed in the life of National Geographic magazine. Some people asked how long the No. 1 road needed to go. This is a number that cannot be accurately answered. Some people have finished the journey in two days. However, some people have gone for a month, and some even chose to stay. It has been said that if you have money and leisure in this life, the US Highway 1 is worth more than 10 times.

Taking into account the long-distance aircraft fatigue, the first stop was selected in Monterey Bay. Mainly because it is a relatively close and relatively mature town, suitable for rest and supplementary supplies. However, the consumption of Monterey Bay is not so pleasing.

In the summer vacation, it is definitely the happiest thing to go to Universal Studios to find Xiao Huangren.

Retaking the No. 1 road is still a familiar scene. No one can refuse the blue sky and the sea. It was only on the 1st road at the end of September that there was a cool breeze. I mistakenly estimated that the two bare legs of the weather shivered, and friends on the No. 1 road must bring more clothes.

Once again, the familiar pigeon spot lighthouse is still in such a conspicuous position. The Dove Point Lighthouse is a lighthouse built in 1871, 14 meters high and one of the tallest lighthouses in the United States. The lighthouse has a built-in giant focusing mirror that allows it to see beacons up to 45 nautical miles away. It is said that to this day, the lighthouse is still escorting the ships that come and go. Here is actually a great point to watch the sunrise. If you don’t hurry, it’s better to play for a while, when you have a big child with a childlike heart. I will accompany you to play with sand, and you will take photos with me.

Monterey Bay is a famous seaside resort in Northern California, surrounded by a lot of places to visit, such as Carmel Town, Big Sur, 17 miles rich area, and an aquarium for kids to watch. Of course, the price here is also very high. The last time I came to Monterey Bay was just a hasty punch. After all, the entire No. 1 road had to be opened for three days. I wanted to have a lunch at Monterey Bay. The result was scared off by the local price. Ok, mainly Because of poverty. This time I finally have the confidence to live in Monterey Bay.

When you arrive at Monterey Bay, you will not miss the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. This is the first Fisherman’s Wharf in California. In order to be separated from San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, it is called the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. As a pier, it is docked with dense yachts and cruise ships. Many people are fishing at the docks. A seagull that will never be indispensable. Although not as lively and developed as San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, there are also many seafood restaurants that prefer the leisure and quietness here. In the eyes of adults, the sand is just sand. In the eyes of children, sand is a whole world. Monterrey’s morning and evening temperature difference is very big, the sun starts to wind up, I am cold enough to surround the scarf.

17miles is a well-known coastline in the United States, located between Monterey and Carmel, where the land was bought by the wealthy Americans and became a private area. It was once not very famous. After being privately developed, it was found to be carefully packaged and publicized. It is known as the most scenic spot on Highway 1. Of course, I claim that I don’t agree. The last time I came to 17miles, I felt that there was no special feature. This kind of scenery can be seen everywhere on Highway 1, not to mention spending 17miles.

It takes about 10 minutes to drive from the old Fisherman’s Wharf, which is 3.2 miles away.

Because it is a private area, there is a toll fee at the entrance. According to the car, a car seems to be more than 9 knives, but people do not change. The guard also comes with a map of 17miles. There are 21 attractions in the 17miles on the map. Last time I missed the landmarks because I was on the road.

The town is the elf on the road.
The big Arroyo town is in the middle of Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you travel to Los Angeles, the big Arroyo town is a very good place to stay. People who have lived in the city for a long time always have a kind of obsession with rural life. In the journey of a day on the road, occasionally staying in the town, the pace naturally slowed down, the sun set on the small wooden bridge, watching the sunset, time is still at this moment.

Of course, it’s important to find IN-N-OUT, which used to be the best burger in California (it is said that the first title was replaced by Five Guys), and finally pulled the grass with the French fanatics.

The “Danish Town” is the second of the towns on the 1st road (one of course the very awkward Carmel town). Solvang is a small town in Santa Barbara County, California, two hours from Los Angeles, an hour away from Santa Barbara. Unlike the vast rural areas of the rest of the United States, this is a very refined, European-inspired Nordic town. It used to be a gathering place for Danes in California, but now it is a special attraction for tourists. This may be the characteristic of Highway 1, which gives different sensory stimuli every day.

Just like the fairy tale world, the Danish town is full of colorful houses. The owner who came out of the house from time to time, wearing a typical European tutu, seemed to be in the fairy tale of Andersen for a moment.

In 1911, five immigrants from Denmark bought this treasure and built a rural school here. Here, the initial immigrants and their children are able to undertake traditional Danish education while working in farming or other industries. So, around this school, this Danish city far from Denmark has slowly formed. In the Danish language, solvang means “the field under the sun”. The town is very Nordic, and the pats are small and fresh.

There is a famous pancake shop in the Danish town called paula’s pancake house, but every time it is crowded and missed again.

Santa Barbara was the last stop in the West Coast trip. Unlike the Nordic style of the Danish town, the architecture of Santa Barbara is typical of the Spanish style. With a mild climate, fresh air and good public security, it is rated as one of the ten safest residential areas in the western United States. The great earthquake of 1925 caused St. Barbara to be hit hard. Because of the majority of the Spaniards, the concept of reconstruction followed the architectural style of the red roof of the Spanish white wall.

Santa Barbara has an average house price of $960,000 and ranks fourth among the top 10 ideal places to live in the United States. Maybe there is no luxury store like Louis Vuitton, but the high personal ownership of individual chefs and private butlers is enough to make up for this deficiency, and living here may also bring you a surprise with neighbors.

There is a government building known as “the most beautiful in the United States” – the Santa Barbara Court. Built 160 years ago by a Spanish immigrant, it has been used for government office work. If you don’t walk in and confirm, you can’t believe that such a gentle building is actually the Santa Barbara Court. It consists of four Spanish Moorish buildings surrounded by green lawns and tropical gardens, adding a little gentleness to the serious court. Breath.

The low-key Santa Barbara has been the favorite residence of Hollywood stars and high-end people since the middle of the last century, and is one of the most expensive areas in the United States. In 1953, President John F. Kennedy spent his honeymoon here; from 1981 to 1989, Reagan Villa was once the focus of attention, and President Reagan hosted Gorbachev and Queen Elizabeth II in his “Western White House”; 1992 Clinton also came here on vacation shortly after he was elected president; Michael Jackson’s private estate (Neverland Valley Ranch) is nearby; the famous American talk show host Oprah also spent $50 million to buy one here. Mansion.

Lost and quiet in Los Angeles
Highway No. 1 drove to Los Angeles and instantly felt the enthusiasm of the big city. The team entering the city could not see the end. When you get on the highway, don’t think about it. No wonder there is a sentence to describe Los Angeles traffic: there is only one city in the United States. You are still in paradise, with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour. The next second is called back to the original shape, with a speed of 13 kilometers per hour. So don’t enter Los Angeles on the weekend evening, otherwise you will really block the doubtful life.

Los Angeles has a lot of amusement parks for kids, like Disney, Pacific Paradise, etc. Because of the limited time, we chose a Universal Studio that kids and adults can play. Still, the travel with children, in the choice of attractions, not only to take care of the children’s experience, but also can not completely ignore the mood of adults. Our aim is to make everyone happy.

Three Brush Universal Studios, once at the door, even the adults have become children, could not help but get excited. The Harry Potter theme park, which was still under construction last time, was finally built. It is also a popular theme park in the ring shadow. It is recommended to queue up early.

The most recommended movie in Los Angeles Universal Studios is the film and television tour. This project is also the unique theme of Los Angeles. You can visit the actual behind-the-scenes production of the film and special photography techniques on the tour bus. You will pass the “King Kong” along the way. The scene of the Great Earthquake, Great White Shark and other movies, to experience the horrors of earthquakes, great white sharks and volcanic eruptions. The tour bus will also pass through some filming venues such as the western town and the ancient Roman city. The only feeling after reading it is that the movie was deceiving.

The film and television tour has Chinese, Spanish and English choices. The Chinese tour guide is a Thai, and the whole voice tone is particularly swaying, so that you can start to doubt which country it is.

Transformers is the most popular game project, and you will go to the queue after watching the film and television tour. The children’s tour of Universal Studios is to watch movies and find different dolls to take pictures. No way, children are not tall and old. Many items can’t be played. You can only wait for your baby to grow up!

The seats in the water world have different colors, of course, the meaning is different, including wet, semi-wet and a little wet. If you don’t want the camera to suffer, don’t sit in the front row.

Because with the children, I took photos with the doll doll theme characters everywhere. If I read LALALAND, I know that the theme actor or doll in Universal Studios is really a Hollywood actor, but it may be the 6789 line. When they were not filming, they worked part-time in the film and television city. Maybe, Princess Aisha, who is taking a photo with you, is a big star a few years later!

The amusement park is definitely the favorite of the children during the holidays. In Universal Studios Hollywood, you can experience the dream time.

Find a wall to make you a second
The wall here is too hot, from the INS fire to the domestic. A few years ago, when Los Angeles saw a lot of graffiti on the wall, it felt quite beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be a must-see for young people because of INS. We took pictures on the red wall of the street in Melrose Ave and saw many young people madly shooting here.

The red wall of the net is actually just a graffiti wall. There are big and small streets in Los Angeles. Of course, the most famous one is a row of red walls on Melrose Street. Minimalist is the king, Paul Smith’s pink wall is undoubtedly the most popular net red wall in the United States, who can think of a simple single pink can become the king of the wall? The full-powder wall is easy to view, and there is a pink color behind it, so you can take good-looking photos no matter what the weather. In the past year, I was painted rainbow color in order to welcome the New Year. This time I changed to full pink, which satisfied my strong girl heart.

Like other Paul Smith stores, Melrose was designed by Paul Smith himself, but inspired by Mexican architectural artist Luis Barragán.

There is also Made in LA Wall, which is the exterior wall of the Cisco Home store. The wall is high, the whole wall has a sense of coolness and factory sense; the TableBlue Blue Wall, the wall is very clean, how to shoot Look good, take a coffee, ice cream in front, is the standard INS wind; rainbow wall is the exterior wall of the retro shop The Paper Bag Princess, its special feature is that “rainbow” is not painted, but a net made of rope The composition of the grid.

Melrose was all on the road with colorful graffiti walls, enough for a full day.

The favorite movie for more than a decade is “LALA LAND”. Every time I see it, Stone Sister can’t cry when she plays the memory.

“LA LA LAND” is also the nickname of Los Angeles, the city of stars, countless young people come to Hollywood to find dreams, the dreams of countless people are shattered here, but there are always people looking for dreams, some people are young, the city’s starlight never It will be dim and it seems to be so beautiful forever.

Joshua trees grow slowly, increasing by 10 cm per year. The stems are composed of a large number of small fibers, without annual rings. It has a small root system and is relatively heavy compared to the canopy, but it is not very stable, but it can last for 200 years in a harsh desert environment.

Wilderness Tour of Route 66
Santa Monica Beach, the end of Route 66, will always be the most lively place in Los Angeles. In fact, Santa Monica Beach is not the most beautiful beach in California, but Route 66 gives it a distinctive meaning. The starting point for Route 66 is Chicago, and this is the final stop for the long-running run of Agan in the movie “Forrest Gump.”

Santa Monica Beach is about 30 minutes drive from Los Angeles. If you drive to Los Angeles, you can take a ride. If you live in the center of Los Angeles, it will be a bit tossing and it is very difficult to park at the beach.

There is also a Santa Monica Seafood Market nearby, which is actually a very clean seafood supermarket. You can buy the freshest seafood of the day and cook it at home, which is half the price of other seafood restaurants. In the United States, the best fries and burgers do not appear in the famous chain burgers, but are often hidden in roadside shops, burgers that have decades of history, not

I have eaten the best fries in my life, but I forgot my name.

Palm Springs is a small desert town in southern California, about 2 hours drive from Los Angeles.

In Palm Springs, 365 days a year, 354 days is sunny. If the index is raining by hand, 10 fingers can’t be used. The weather is harsh, and it is almost a period of time from June to September: The daytime temperature breaks through 38°C, the sun goes down, and the temperature drops to 18°C. When the seasons alternate, the strong winds of the desert sand will blow the northern part of the town. When I went out, I was blown up with sand!

Such a bad place can develop a small city, all relying on a group of neurological celebrities in the 1950s and 1970s. I don’t know if I want to feel the desert in the basin, or what, hire an architect to build a holiday home for them in Palm Springs. The arrival of celebrities also promoted the construction of a series of high-end entertainment facilities. In this way, Palm Springs, a small desert town in the basin, was born.

Now, the celebrities have almost moved away. However, the homes they used to live in, the places they used to go to, the facilities they used, have become local sightseeing spots.

The Palm Springs is completely because of the nearby Palm Springs Outlets, thinking that you can shop well. Probably because of its reputation, Ole in Palm Springs is almost crowded with Chinese people, and the brand is not as much as imagined. The key may be more Chinese, and the discount is not so big. The only advantage is that each brand store is almost There will be a Chinese shopping guide, even if there is no Chinese shopping guide, there will be Chinese prompts at the checkout counter, which really removes all obstacles that prevent Chinese people from paying.

Leaving from Palm Springs, thinking about the time is still early, search for an unpopular national park – Joshua Tree National Park. This is an unplanned national park.

Joshua Tree National Park is located at the intersection of the higher Mohave Desert and the lower Colorado Desert in the southeast of Southern California. The Joshua tree is almost all over the national park. It belongs to the family Liliaceae. It is actually a super large yucca. The name of the Joshua tree was taken by the Mormon pioneers, because their branches grew upwards and looked as if they were a “pray tree.” The park is named after this tree.

The park is very original. You must be careful when walking in the park. Otherwise, you will get a prickly pear on your feet. It is best to wear long trousers and not to wear hollow shoes. Another major feature of the park is the large number of rock formations in the park. Due to thousands of years of wind erosion, various grotesque stones have been created today. The park has more rocks in the north and is said to be the holy place for rock climbers. There is no water in the entire park, the weather is very hot, it is recommended to prepare enough water before departure to add oil to the car. There is no signal in the national park. I suggest you download the offline map before you go. Although you can get a map when you buy tickets at the door, Google Maps is more practical. Because the desert is particularly cold after the sun goes down, there are no street lights on the side of the road. It is recommended that the sun leave the park before going down, although the park at sunset is more beautiful.

The Grand Canyon is a masterpiece of the Colorado River. The river originated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and torrents. “Colorado”, in Spanish, means “Red River”, which is due to the large amount of sediment in the river, and the river often shows red color.

From California all the way to Arizona
All the way to the wind, finally came to the Colorado Grand Canyon National Park, which should be the most popular national park outside the Yellowstone Park in the United States, compared to several other national parks, Colorado’s overall package is also the most complete. It has the most spectacular scenery on earth, and it has also been rated as the most worthy attraction in the United States, No.1, which is the place where almost every American must go once in this life.

The mountains of the Grand Canyon are mostly red. From the bottom to the top, there are rock formations from the Cambrian to the Cenozoic. It is like a whole rosy mountain rock with clear layers, different tones and various geological ages. Representative biological fossils, also known as “living geological history textbooks.” The rock section cut out of the river spans more than one billion years of history in the formation of the Earth.

There are two travel routes throughout the Grand Canyon. North Rim has a relatively high altitude, a higher probability of precipitation, and a lot of snow in winter, so the opening hours are short throughout the year. It is opposite the South Gorge, with the Grand Canyon in the middle. The mountain roads here are rugged and long, with large meadows covered with wildflowers and soft poplars and spruces. Due to the altitude, the air is thin and the sky is blue, so it is more suitable for helicopters to enjoy the magnificent view of the canyon. The most famous is the construction of a glass bridge between the canyons. “Rim Trail” is a general sightseeing route along the viewpoint of South Rim, and the road is in good condition. Nanxia is the most visited route for tourists. The self-driving road has been perfected. Therefore, the self-driving route of Nanxia can be used to drive from Dongdaemun to Namdaemun. The free public transport system in Nanxia is also quite developed. Four bus lines allow visitors without cars to walk freely within the Southern Gorge.

The favorite part of the way is that the sky is covered with a small cloud, and in the distance is a snowy mountain, as if it is in the painting. From time to time, there was a motorcycle team passing by, and there was a big truck like Optimus Prime, and then suddenly understood the road culture expressed in American movies.

Car trapped in the desert for 5 hours
Just on the way from Joshua Tree Park to the Grand Canyon of Colorado, the most horrifying thing happened on many years of travel.

There are a lot of signs on the main road to build roads, so our car keeps detouring, because the signal in the desert is particularly bad, we have to open it with the feeling, and accidentally drive into almost no car. In the desert of the ruins, the car fell into the desert.

So I could only call the car rental company first and ask the trailer company to send the trailer. After waiting for 2 hours, the trailer company didn’t come. During the period, I made countless calls and docked with the car rental company. Every time I wiring, I was new customer service. I have to go back and forth to say things. (I later learned that the rental car company is also called a trailer company, the trailer driver is driving from Las Vegas). At this time, the car oil is gone, the water on the car is almost gone, and the mobile phone is almost gone. It’s really scary. I can only call 911. Fortunately, there is a telephone device on the car, telling the operator that I am running out of oil. The car is stuck in a desert where the birds are not pulling. There are old people and children in the car. I hope to send trailers and oil. In this way, I waited until 11 o’clock in the afternoon, and my heart was getting more and more panic. If the trailer company hasn’t come yet, what if I really want to spend the night in this desert.

At this time, I saw a few helicopters flying in and out of the sky. It’s a bit strange. There is no helicopter service around the bird. There will be planes flying around, and the husband will be ridiculed. This plane will not be saved. Let’s go. My husband gave me a blank look. “You really see a lot of American movies.”

At this time, the miracle suddenly happened. At the intersection of 500 meters, I suddenly saw a fleet of cars entering the desert. At this moment, I was crying. I quickly ran to find the team’s little brother to help, and the result was not enough. Two cars only dragged our car out.

The little brother took us back to the main road. I saw a muscle car on the main road. The muscle car stopped us and asked if the Chinese were 911. Then they said that they have been here for more than two hours. I couldn’t see our car. At this time, I looked back and found that we were trapped in a desert like a small basin. From the main road, we couldn’t see the car. The muscle car driver said, have you seen the plane flying in the sky, they are coming to you! ! God, the original helicopters that were ridiculed are really coming to search for us. If there is no team going through the desert, we will have to go to California’s local headlines in a few days.

To sum up, although I left my mobile phone number to 911, but I am the number in China, the signal in the desert is not good, so the 911 rescue car has not been able to contact us. We only give the 911 a rough location based on the GPS position of the car. If the car is caught in the desert, try to send a person to the main road or the road to seek rescue. If the car is in a position away from the main road, Far, then jump into the car, wave a colorful scarf hat and the like, let passers-by or helicopters pay attention to themselves.

This is the most thrilling car experience in many years of self-driving travel. No one can avoid the accident in the trip. The performance of the children is also very surprising. It seems that he is the most calm person in the car. When he came back from the United States, he said that he had experienced a car crash in the American desert, and then there was a grandfather who had a plane to save him. Every time he added fuel and vinegar, each time was a different story.

Then, what is your road story?