Toy Story 4: Farewell to Growth

I still remember that 9 years ago, I watched “Toy Story 3” crying in the cinema. As a “growth farewell” theme story, it is perfect and the best ending of the “Toy” series.

Although there is no reason not to expect the current “Toy Story 4”, but the fear before watching the movie is also human nature: after the series is completed, what kind of story can this film tell?

Fortunately, Pixar did not disappoint this time, it once again gave an answer far beyond expectations. “Toy Story 4” further expands the territory while retaining the top three essences, exhibiting more types of styles and possibilities.

New story about “choice” and “freedom”
Pixar animation has many attractive qualities, leading 3D technology, excellent scripts, etc., and there is one thing that cannot be ignored. It is a novel idea.

There is really no need to pull out Pixar’s classic works again. Just look at the “growth history” of the “Toy Story” series to understand: from the anthropomorphic of the children’s toys, the transposition of humanity, to each The characters have become more lively, and even become a social system that is closely attached and relatively independent of human beings. The ideas are never exhausted.

And “Toy 4” has refreshed our understanding of this small world. The most obvious representative role in the early stage is Bonnie’s homemade “toy” fork.

It is reasonable to say that a small object that a young child uses DIY to make a piece of garbage is not a toy (Hudi’s initial reaction proves this), but he suddenly has his own personality…just the fork just “awakens” “When I always think that I am “garbage,” the identity cognition barrier contained in it corresponds to the perception of other “born as a toy.”

But objectively speaking, Bonnie made the fork as his own playmate, which is equivalent to giving him the meaning of “toy”, which does not contradict the setting of the work – follow and respect “Toy Story” On the basis of the series of spiritual principles, it is a good idea to carry out a second-time innovation that is thought-provoking and at the same time drives the development of the plot.

In addition, “Toy 4” has also expanded the “world view” of the series in a big leap, the most representative of which is the antique toy “toy club” that appeared in the middle.

The first “Andy’s Toys”, the second “Star · Collector’s Edition Toys”, the third “Kindergarten Toys”, the world’s stage has actually been extending outwards, but no one can be like “Toy 4” This creates a more comprehensive, detailed and realistic picture.

In the past, there was an unwritten rule in the film that “playing with children is the meaning of the existence of toys”. In this film, not only brings out the new “Wandering Toys” setting, but also further outlines the living conditions of different toys, greatly enriching the audience’s viewing experience. On this basis, the “Toy 4” refurbished scene conversion and intense adventures are also more fresh, interesting and colorful: Hu Di’s constantly soft-hardened “non-mainstream toys” forks, antique shops are both scary and thrilling rescue, Carnival skunk car “comfort with people” and so on, every design more or less will make your eyes shine or smile.

The “story” about “Toy Story 4”. As the author’s previous worries, in fact, the first three parts of “Toy Story” are enough to complete, the main character Hu Di has also completed his growth, it is not easy to restart a new story… but I did not expect that the original “mature” can also Create new contradictions.

When Andy handed over his beloved toy to Bonnie, we all thought that “happiness is the end”, but until “Toy 4” everyone realized that Bonnie is different from Andy, she is introverted, sensitive, Moderate girl.

Therefore, Hu Di, who used to stand in the C position all the year round, gradually lost his favor. The rag dolls that accompany Bonnie for a longer time are more suitable for giving orders. The gap in the gap has become a “material” with strong plasticity.

However, Hu Di, who is mature and reliable, has no negative retreat. He still tries his best to protect the owner as in the past. She is wading through the mountains to bring back the forks that are not toys. She also teaches his identity and companionship. .

It can be said that Hu Di has continued the image of the cowboy he is used to playing, enthusiastic, courageous, tenacious, and added the old-aged attributes of difference. In any case, he will not forget his duty and responsibility. Pass the band.

At this stage, the story of Hu Di and the fork is interesting, but it is still limited to the level of “domestic toys.” After that, we began to open our eyes.

There are many new characters in “Toy 4”. Almost every toy can represent a heart disease, concept and pursuit: for example, Gaby has never had close contact with children, she blames this on the malfunction of the sounder. “Congenital disability”, as if you can make up for this, you can change your destiny. For this reason, he can use whatever means. “Dairy live treasure” ducks and rabbits are bad luck. Since the shelves, no children have been able to win them. Under the distortion, it squeezed the new “Breakfast Bowl” of Buzz Lightyear; the Duke of the locomotive just abandoned the “TOY Subversion” and was abandoned. Even if he became the most awkward child in the club, he still couldn’t solve the problem of “I can’t do it.” Psychological disorder…

The “Toy Story” series repeatedly emphasizes a story that is closely related to each viewer’s childhood. The toys around us all have their own lives. They all regard us as their masters, our little secrets, and the joys, sorrows and sorrows in life will be shared with them. When we are happy, sad, lost, depressed, we will be silently accompanied at any time. This kind of obedience has fulfilled our childhood and adhered to our tenderness and innocence.

All toys, with or without owners, will sooner or later face the fate of “losing time with children” and encounter a crisis of self-cognition – so even though the character of some toys in Toy 4 is slightly similar to the past. But its form of expression is still novel. For this reason, the most eye-catching character in the film (and the real core figure) is the shepherdess who pursue the “new life.”

“Old characters, new people”
Shepherd woman not only put forward the concept of stray toys, but also practiced her life creed for 7 years: she is not like the other abandoned toys, the ownerless toys, but still eager to play with the children, but truly accepted the “lost toy” The meaning of life; participation in rescue operations is not to find a new owner, but out of help with Hu Di’s “love”.

The same is “to comply with the trend of the times to engage in independent women’s rights”, the level of “Toy 4” is much higher than many works. If you don’t say anything, say “X-Men: Black Phoenix” and “Black Man: Global Chase” released in June, take “X-MEN” / “X-WOMEN” and “Men in Black” / “Women in Black 2” is a very uncleful thing – the shepherdess don’t bite the word, and they use the actual action to prove that they are worth a thousand words.

The film really touched me, not only the role of the shepherdess and other pursuit of the new “survival meaning”, but also that each toy has the right and freedom to make their own choices.

It’s admirable that the shepherdess and the dimples are clumsy, but the belonging of other toys also touched me: Gaby’s courage and lonely children came together after frustration, and the ducks and rabbits turned to help others. “There is a resentment” toy, and the Duke of the locomotive is just a chance to reconcile with the mind.

When Hu Di faced the problem of “returning to Bonnie” or “wandering with the shepherdess”, I developed a feeling that “can be accepted with no matter how you choose.” Can have this feeling, indicating that the film is really in place to create the atmosphere, the theme interpretation is in place, as long as it is Hu Di (toy) their own choice, there is no regret.

When Hu Di and Buzz Lightyear said goodbye to the famous line “Flying to space, the universe is infinite”, the spirit of “Toy 4” can best be pointed out. It symbolizes the broader world and more yuan of the “Toy Story” series, which means an infinite future.

The meaning of toys
From 1995 to 2010, “Toy Story” used three movies, which perfectly described: “What does a toy mean to us?”

The little boy who was brought into the theater by his parents had grown up as a parent and kept his toy box behind his ass. Then take advantage of the “meaning of the toy”, this series is afraid that it will not be able to shoot fifty episodes.

When the film opened for 10 minutes, the time went by, the stormy night, the young Andy appeared on the screen again, braving the heavy rain to find Hu Di; and the shepherdess were packed into the carton, becoming the first in the family. Abandoned character, I feel my heart is pierced.

This time, Pixar not only explained the absence of the shepherdess in Part 3, but also accurately poked the tears of our middle-aged people – want to say goodbye and decisive goodbye to childhood? Give up, your heart will always be the child who likes toys. Thus, “Toy Story 4” once again returned to the starting point and made a big step forward in the “what is the toy” issue. Moreover, the answers they give are still beautiful.

In “Toy Story 1”, Hu Di, as the little master “has always liked the toy”, felt the first time that his position was challenged. It was Buzz Lightyear’s landing with the space science and technology gadgets. Andy’s little bed. The owner cherished the new toy and coldened Hu Di, which led to a farce of “contention.” Is the latest, best, and most advanced robot a toy?

In the next movie, toys are constantly emerging, and the shape design is becoming more and more interesting. But in this part, the emergence of the new character “fork” has brought a new definition of “toy” – Hu Di and other toys have been caring for the growth of the fork, tolerating the troubles and jokes it creates, just like At that time, welcoming every new partner of Andy, the “junk” in the eyes of adults became the “friends” that Bonnie needed most.

In contrast, the Gaby dolls in the antique shop strive to maintain elegance and exquisiteness, repair their own sound box at all costs, live like a villain in a horror film, but can not be accompanied by the dream master.

So what is the toy? Exquisite doll, or the old stick sticky little man? Can be. But “Toy Story 4” takes us to think about the nature of the problem.

Remember what your first toy was? Ragdoll, or bamboo raft, or the four-wheeled racing car in the cartoon “Four Drive Brothers”, a plastic dinosaur can be spread throughout the class. All the children think that the nondescript is in Jurassic Park. The most powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The color of the rag doll faded, the bamboo raft was cracked, and the plastic dinosaur was buried in the school bunker and couldn’t be found anymore. Would you burst into tears like Bonnie, with tears lying in the bed.

Every child understands that the essence of a toy is the one that brings the purest happiness. Even in the eyes of others, it is a broken. This principle is too easy to forget when grown up, so “Toy Story 4” makes a fork that can’t be called “toy” the first supporting role, so that Bonnie likes to fork or even exceed other toys.

Think again, the shepherdess is a lamp holder, the ham is a piggy bank, not a toy in the strict sense. In the eyes of Andy, they are as important as the squeaky high-end toy “Bath Lightyear.” “I am a good friend of mine. Some people may be more intelligent and powerful than me, but they can’t love you like me without reservation.” The movie theme song sings like this.

I remember that in “Toy Story 2”, Buzz Lightyear saw countless “self” on the shelves in the toy store, which led to doubts about the meaning of existence, and “who am I” and “where do I come from” The philosophical proposition is placed on the countertop. Is the toy an irreplaceable independent individual or an accessory for mass production on the assembly line? Ask Hu Di, Hu Di will answer without hesitation: the life of a toy is to accompany the owner.

In the first half hour of “Toy Story 4”, Hu Di still said endlessly: Toys should bring joy to the master, and soothe the soul when they are uneasy. In his opinion, accompanying Bonnie was almost the next task that Andy handed him.

But a “Andy” with no head and no brain revealed Hu Di’s knot. “Where am I going?” After Andy left, Hu Di once asked herself more than once. Andy sent the toy to Bonnie, and wanted to make his favorite friends live a good life. But the old toy may not bring the same happiness to the new owner. Or, you are not the best for them because of your kind arrangements. At Bonnie’s house, the savings pig piggy bank “Ham” was forced to become a banker, and Cui Xi’s sergeant’s badge was riding and chasing. Hu Di was locked in the closet and lit…

When the toy army stayed in the bedroom and was carefully repaired and washed, the shepherdess put on their trousers, put on the cloak, drove the skunk all the way, didn’t care to break the arm, walked into the playground, and gave it to others under the fireworks. Children bring happiness. She said: Children’s bedroom is not the place I want to stay. So in the second half of the film, Hu Di followed her way to find her girlfriend, and finally found her own destination: toys, and perhaps the choice of “being a good friend of the master.”

It is worth mentioning that “Toy Story 4” did not try to judge right or wrong, Gaby is eager to have a master, Buzz Lightyear continues to accompany Bonnie, Hu Di and shepherdess go to the playground to live independently… each toy The choice is right, it is worth having a perfect home. When you bought them home, it was because you liked it.

However, few people can always keep a toy from childhood to big, really no longer interested, and have not done anything wrong, as long as you touch your heart at a certain moment, bring an indelible memory, The value that the toy should have is realized.

And when a child gets a full sense of security because of the toy, he has a full love, and retains irreplaceable memories, he will eventually grow into a qualified adult.

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