Beautiful “Firebird Lady”

In Telford, Shropshire, England, I often see a lady who stands on a leg like a flamingo. She is Joanne Dai, and people affectionately call her a beautiful “flamingo.” Ms”.

Joanne has a rare disease that causes her to stand like a flamingo with one foot on the ground.

The young Joanne was as healthy and lively as other children, and the disaster began in the summer of 1989. One day, she accidentally fell while skating on a roller skating rink, causing the left elbow bone to break. At first she didn’t care, thinking that as long as the treatment will soon recover. However, two weeks later, her left shoulder began to have severe pain and her left arm could not be straightened. Two months later, the left shoulder was twisted again, and it rose up close to the ear, just like a microphone with a neck. The doctor said to her: “You have a rare neurological disorder – dystonia, which causes ‘involuntary muscle contraction in different parts of the body, which eventually leads to involuntary distortion of the body, and it has not yet been cured. Methods.”

What makes Joanne hope is that doctors say that if surgery is passed, it is likely to be cured, but the risk is greater. She eagerly asked the doctor: “As long as I can live like a normal person, no matter how much risk I am willing to bear.”

After the two operations, although the symptoms of shoulder contraction have disappeared, the disease has turned to other parts, and she has undergone multiple operations in other parts of the body. The doctor worried that the muscle spasm would spread to more parts of the body and decided to give up her surgery.

When the body is really painful, Joanne relies on morphine to relieve pain. When she recalled that experience, she said: “I have to undergo three operations a year. It is a kind of purgatory life that I can’t forget.” Since she was 15 years old, she has undergone more than 60 operations and still has almost nothing. effect. The left leg was severely curled up to the torso, and it was only possible to walk on crutches, and the left face began to distort, making it difficult to eat and talk.

To make matters worse, due to the severe contraction of the left thigh muscle, the left leg has to be lifted high in front of the body at any time. It can only stand on one foot “golden chicken independent” and looks like a Like a flamingo with one foot on the ground, it is no longer possible to walk with two feet.

But Joanne was not decadent. She said cheerfully: “Since fate has given me such an arrangement, I can only courageously accept the challenge. I must not only be self-sufficient, but also a person who is useful to society.” She decided , rely on their own efforts to get the qualification of the physical therapist.

Since then, she has been walking to school with a cane every day. When someone started seeing her on the street, she would ask her inexplicably: “Why are you standing like this? Are you making money to make a performance?” She explained humorously: “This position is not a self-willingness, however, It would be very hard for a healthy person to pose like this, but I have no effort, I am a flamingo without training.” Her humor is so funny that everyone is happy.

Joanne also took advantage of the school’s holiday clearance, obtained a motor vehicle driver’s license, and obtained a physiotherapist qualification certificate with excellent results. Now she runs a clinic to serve patients as a physical therapist.

After Joe Anni’s deeds were reported by the media, the clinic was full of people coming and going every day, and she always smiled and received warmly. Among the people who came, there were doctors, and more single men were attracted to pursue love. What makes her happy is that after a contact with a psychiatrist, the two established a relationship. She is happy to say to the media: “A bad physical condition makes me a disabled person. This means that I have to use unusual methods to understand the true meaning of life. Thank God for giving me such a special body that not only keeps me in my mind. Optimistic and strong, the reward for me is far better than complaining, especially for me to gain love, I am very fulfilled and satisfied.”