Can fatty liver be reversed?

Fatty liver is a common clinical disease, but it is not an independent disease. It is a disease caused by excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells caused by various causes. In general, fatty liver is a reversible disease, as long as early diagnosis and timely treatment, fatty liver can be reversed.

Sedentary, good mouth, easy to cause fatty liver

Drivers, frequent entertainers, and favorite takeaways are a good group of fatty livers, which are mainly related to their bad lifestyle.

The nature of work makes these people innocent to participate in sports, coupled with sedentary, can not consume excess heat in the body, resulting in excess nutrients in the body converted into fat stored in parts of the body that should not be stored, such as the abdominal cavity, heart, liver and so on. If the accumulation of fat in the liver is too much, more than 5% of the liver weight or more than 50% of histological hepatocytes have steatosis, it can be called fatty liver.

The most basic treatment for fatty liver is to control weight.

According to the cause of the disease, fatty liver is divided into obese fatty liver, alcoholic fatty liver, fast weight loss fatty liver, dystrophic fatty liver, diabetic fatty liver, drug-induced fatty liver, gestational fatty liver and other diseases. Fatty liver and so on.

The most basic treatment for fatty liver is to control weight. When the weight loss is greater than 3%, the liver fat content will be improved; when the weight loss is greater than 10%, the liver fibrosis will be improved. Therefore, weight control is important for the treatment of fatty liver, and even some patients can reverse the fatty liver by controlling body weight.

At present, the main thing is to control the body weight through diet and exercise, that is, the usual “control the mouth, open the legs”, the weight control effect of diet control is obvious, and the exercise effect will be better.

Diet therapy

Correct bad lifestyles or behaviors (such as minimizing eating out, drinking less, drinking less), try to overcome the eating habits of eating big fish and meat, improve diet, recommend low-sugar, low-fat diet, eat more vegetables; eat breakfast Ok, Chinese food should be full, and dinner should be eaten less.

Exercise therapy

Not all patients with fatty liver are suitable for sports. Those who suffer from malnutrition, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, fatty liver caused by pregnancy, and over-nutrition fatty liver with complications of heart, lung, brain, kidney and other organs should not participate in strenuous exercise. Moderate exercise.

The best way to exercise is to walk. You can walk for half an hour at a time, and then walk quickly and increase the amount of exercise in stages. When you are exercising, be accompanied by family or friends. You should also carry a first-aid medicine and a health record card with you so that when an emergency occurs, the doctor can quickly understand the condition and use the medicine promptly.

For the general population without exercise contraindications, it is recommended to do more moderate aerobic exercise, such as jogging, fast walking, cycling, swimming, etc. Exercise 5 times a week, each exercise for 30 to 60 minutes, heart rate during exercise (170-age) times / minute, heart rate can be tested by the sports bracelet. In addition, it is best to add 2 mild to moderate resistance muscle exercises (lifting dumbbells, doing push-ups, etc.) every week for a greater degree of metabolic improvement.