Have a good sleep to have a good life

Snoring, sleep apnea, frequent wakefulness at night, fatigue during the day, sleepiness, lack of energy, morning dryness, sore throat, cough, emotional difficulty, self-control, increased appetite, nighttime polyuria, thirst… The disaster. However, many people do not pay enough attention to insomnia and have a great misunderstanding of insomnia.

To what extent can insomnia be called a disease?

Sleep is a need of people and a necessary need. For various reasons, occasionally one night or a few nights did not sleep well, generally not called disease. Only when the time of insomnia reaches a certain level, for example, continuous insomnia for more than one week, which obviously affects the work, life or study of the next day, is called disease.

What is healthy sleep?

The so-called healthy sleep is to be satisfied with the time and quality of your sleep. No matter how many hours you sleep, you are satisfied with this time. You are also satisfied with the quality of your sleep. It is a healthy sleep.

How long does it take to sleep in a night is called insomnia?

Insomnia is divided into three situations, one is difficulty in falling asleep, that is, early insomnia, such as half an hour after going to bed can not fall asleep. The second is to maintain sleep difficulties, but also to interrupt insomnia, which is often wake up after sleeping at night. Wake up at least twice a night, wake up and wait for half an hour to fall asleep. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night. There is also a terminal insomnia. Woke up more than an hour earlier than normal sleep time, and after waking up, usually can’t sleep. Many people have one or two situations, and even three situations exist.

How to help patients relieve insomnia? What is the general method?

For primary insomnia, there are generally two methods of non-drug treatment and drug treatment. The so-called non-drug treatment refers to adjusting the schedule and changing lifestyle habits. For example, people who have insomnia should not drink coffee or tea in the afternoon, don’t be too excited, don’t do strenuous exercise before going to sleep, don’t watch movies and TV dramas with intense plots. Or martial arts novels, romance novels, detective novels, etc. You can listen to light music or some hypnotic music, do relaxing gymnastics, to help you sleep quietly.

There are two aspects to drug treatment. One is traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is very helpful for insomnia. The second is western medicine, mainly referring to sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can help people sleep well, and they must take sleeping pills when sleep disorders are severe and other measures and effects are not good. Specifically, depending on the actual situation of the patient, it is difficult to fall asleep, to maintain difficulty sleeping, to wake up early, or to have the above symptoms. Depending on the patient’s condition and severity, choose a suitable drug, which requires a specialist to provide guidance.

Many patients have doubts, I can’t sleep, eating a piece of diazepam (stabilization) may fall asleep this night, and then eat it later, it will be dependent on this drug, is that true?

This is a relatively common phenomenon. In fact, occasional insomnia, transient insomnia, taking a little sleeping pills, such as stability, is ok. However, if you have long-term insomnia, you should seek the help of a specialist. Because of the short-term medication, it is effective at the beginning, but the effect is not good after a long time. For example, some people find some medicine for each insomnia, and finally feel that the effect is not good. I used to think that I had to eat a piece of meat. I have to eat two pieces now. Why does this happen? It is the irregular use of drugs, which may cause dependence or drug resistance. Patients should still take medication under the guidance of a specialist. In foreign countries, the treatment of sleep disorders is very professional, and the management of sleeping pills is also very strict.

In addition to the treatment mentioned above, is there any other adjuvant therapy? There are some pillows, beds, even blankets and quilts on the market, all of which say that they can improve sleep. Are these things reliable?

In theory, it is still useful, just to say that its effect varies from person to person. Because sleep itself is a very personal thing, like some auxiliary, such as blankets to help sleep, including beds to help sleep, some through sound waves, some through music, and some through physical means, so that people can relax, The nervous system is soothed to help you fall asleep.

Some people can’t sleep and may drink some wine. Can drinking improve sleep?

There are also places to pay attention to in the diet. First of all, drinking alcohol, alcohol can really help people fall asleep, especially if they drink drunk and drunk, it may be easy to fall asleep, but this sleep is temporary, it will affect the normal sleep structure of the human body. And after a long time, the amount of drinking will increase. Drinking hypnosis actually plays an anesthetic effect of alcohol on the nervous system. It is not true hypnosis. It does not really help people fall asleep, so it is not recommended to use alcohol to improve sleep.

What are the effects of diet on sleep?

In life, there are some diets that can help people fall asleep. Everyone may have experienced this kind of experience. When you are too full or too hungry, you don’t fall asleep. So for people with sleep disorders, or for most people, dinner advocates eating less. If you have a job at night, eat a little bit of night, don’t eat too much, you can eat a little easy to digest food, such as fruit, porridge or biscuits, these foods can help sleep. Some people say that eating a little sweet, drinking a little milk or eating a little chocolate will help sleep. This is ok, but not too much.

Want to have a good quality of sleep, need to consider in many ways, such as the bedroom environment, color, furniture placement, lighting layout, bedding selection, to create a good sleep environment. Secondly, it is recommended not to lie in bed after watching TV, or to read novels, so that there is no sleep habit. What is sleep habits? Is to form a conditioned reflex, every time after going to bed, the head hits the pillow, the task is to sleep, and will not consider other things. This slowly formed a habit. After the head touched the pillow, it naturally relaxed and fell asleep.

Can insomnia be prevented?

In a broad sense, insomnia can be prevented. To maintain a good mental and physical quality, it is a common phenomenon for healthy people to fall asleep easily. Conversely, good sleep is good for health, which forms a virtuous circle. Unhealthy people do not sleep well, and because of poor sleep, they will aggravate the original diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. These chronic diseases and poor control of the primary disease are easy to sleep, and sleep is not good. Raise, increase the difficulty of blood sugar control. Some people smoke too much when they are young and their lifestyles are not healthy. If you can quit smoking, you may not have chronic bronchitis, and you will not get emphysema or pulmonary heart disease. Is it not good to sleep in old age? There are a lot of people who work hard at night and don’t sleep when they sleep. Should be as far as possible in accordance with the laws of nature to people, work during the day, rest at night, so that it is conducive to the adjustment of the body’s biological clock, get a better sleep.

Sleep is a requirement of life, and sleep is a manifestation of quality of life. Occasionally, sleep is not good, and you don’t have to be too nervous. Everyone will have this situation more or less; but if you have a bad sleep for a long time, you still need to pay attention. We must pay attention to our sleep, pay attention to the sleep of our family, have a better sleep to have a better quality of life, in order to have a better life.