Pursue a “sexual blessing” lifestyle to be healthy

Evidence-based medical data has proven that smoking cessation, physical exercise, weight loss, good sleep, reasonable diet, and regular sexual life can significantly improve male sexual function.

Tobacco is less exposed to sputum and smoking is a serious hazard to male sexual function. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances in tobacco can cause arteriosclerosis, resulting in decreased blood flow to the penis and increased blood viscosity, causing tissue hypoxia, testicular stromal cells, and supporting cell damage. Smoking can cause an increase in the concentration of chromium ions in the testis tissue, causing testicular tissue edema and degeneration and necrosis. Smoking inhibits the activity of nitric oxide in the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum, resulting in decreased diastolic capacity. Related experiments have confirmed that smoking can also significantly reduce the number of smooth muscle cells in penile erectile tissue. Not only that, nicotine in tobacco reduces sperm motility and insemination. These mechanisms have led to a decline in male erectile dysfunction (ED) and fertility. Therefore, in order to “sexual welfare”, please stay away from tobacco.

The choice of food is based on the fact that modern medicine considers high-quality proteins, such as animal proteins and legume proteins, to contain a variety of amino acids required for human activities, and to participate in the formation of human tissue cells including sexual organs and reproductive organs. For example, arginine is an important raw material for the production of sperm, and it can eliminate fatigue and improve sexual function. Soy products, fish, etc. all contain more arginine, and eating more of these foods has great benefits for male sexual function. The latest study found that the Mediterranean diet (fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish, olive oil, a small amount of red meat) was negatively correlated with the occurrence of ED. One-third of obese ED men regain sexual ability after establishing a healthy lifestyle (including the Mediterranean diet) and regular exercise for two years.

In addition, it is important to supplement vitamins and trace elements associated with sexual function. Both vitamin A and vitamin E have the effects of delaying aging and enhancing sexual function, and have a good effect on sperm production and vitality. Zinc is an important trace element in the reproductive system. The lack of zinc affects the development of male reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics in adolescence, and impairs sperm motility. Appropriate supplementation of foods with high zinc content such as nuts and oysters can effectively maintain and improve sexual function and fertility. Selenium is also a very beneficial element for sexual function. It can eat selenium-enriched rice, asparagus, cashew nuts, sea cucumbers and mushrooms.

Don’t hesitate to lose weight. The latest study found that one-third of newly diagnosed diabetic patients have ED; more than half of patients with a history of diabetes over 6 years have ED, and controlling diabetes can delay ED. occur. Obesity is closely related to diabetes and is also a risk factor for sexual dysfunction. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, obese patients with type 2 diabetes who are properly losing weight can significantly improve their libido and erectile function.

Sufficient sleep, adequate sleep can make people energetic, maintain the normal secretion of sex hormones, maintain normal sexual impulses, which will ensure that we complete a perfect sex life.

The sentiment is indispensable. High-quality sex life is like a condiment of life, which can smooth out the conflicts and contradictions of reality. When there is a barrier to sexual life between partners, you should face it together and seek appropriate psychological and medical treatment. Sexual life should focus on quality rather than quantity. Appropriately increase the foreplay, gradually touch and stimulate sensitive areas, wholeheartedly invest, change posture, time, place to increase freshness or increase romantic atmosphere, all help to improve the quality of sex. . However, the frequency of sex should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to over-indulgence, damage to sexual function and physical health.