Six mistakes made by running beginners

Running is one of the better ways to exercise. Although running is simple and easy, you should pay attention to some techniques in practice, otherwise it will affect the training effect and may lead to injury. The latest article in the US Health magazine summed up the “six mistakes that newcomers can easily make.”

1. One of the most common mistakes in eating a fat newbie is to run too much too fast. It is undoubtedly exciting to cultivate new hobbies such as running. However, newcomers to running must understand that the basis for increasing the running distance, strength and frequency must be firmly established. The increase in exercise intensity must be gradual. Slowly increasing the intensity of running helps reduce sports injuries and helps keep your running sustainable. Experts suggest that the weekly increase in running mileage should preferably not exceed 10%.

2. There is no rest for a day. Many novice runners believe that to achieve the goal of fitness or weight loss, they must insist on running every day (or almost every day). However, running has a great impact on the whole body. For beginners whose muscles and bones are not yet adapted to high-intensity running, running has a greater impact on the body. Experts suggest that the running training program should set a rest day, so that the body can be fully rested is extremely important for long-term running fitness.

3. Equipment is too casual to run Although it does not require expensive equipment, it is indeed very important to choose suitable running shoes, sports underwear, sportswear and other equipment. For newcomers, the right running shoes are especially important. Experts suggest that it is best to consult a professional before buying running shoes. For example, runner equipment store staff can spend enough time according to your gait and other data, carefully selected for you, let you slowly try on, choose the most suitable style. For female runners, sports bras are also sloppy.

4. When starting a run without a cross-training beginner, it is usually in addition to running or running. Regular running will definitely be more experienced and more successful. However, if running exercise does not focus on sports diversity and never cross-training, the effect of running exercise will inevitably be greatly reduced. Experts say that the combination of different exercise methods can avoid overwork injuries caused by always exercising the same muscles.

5. Running with a pain when running, the body will be very uncomfortable from time to time, especially for newcomers. Many people feel that they should bite their teeth and work hard to get through. Despite the physical pain, he still runs. Experts say that pain is actually a distress signal from the body. The right thing to do is to pause running, heal the pain, and then resume running.

6. Love to compare with others. It is difficult for newcomers to compare with others. Running novices who have a strong interest in running will unwittingly get more and more running information from others through running blogs, magazines, message boards, and so on. As a result, many newcomers began to feel unsatisfied with their running mileage and running speed, and then freely increase the amount of exercise. However, experts say that it is understandable to use successful runners as an example. But it should be remembered that every successful runner is a former beginner. Running training should not be compared, but should be based on its own situation.