Subversive Mi

In 2009, Lei Jun felt a little uncomfortable. “It seems that the whole world has forgotten me. At that time, I had nothing but money .” The only money left in life seems to be the pride of Chinese successful people, but the number of Lei Jun is different. He is a diligent genius.

When I was in college, I was asked by the Hubei Provincial Public Security Department to talk about anti-virus technology. With the handwritten program code, I would only argue with PHP and Java who are better programmers. In 1992, Zhongguancun’s eldest brother Qiu Bojun analyzed the WPS that Lei Jun cracked. He was shocked to be a man of heaven , wearing a woolen coat and using a Quanjude outside the South Gate of Peking University to incur his shackles. Lei Jun was heavily responsible for the development of the “Pangu” office software when he was 24 years old.

Who knows that Pangu is not selling well, Zhou Hongjun , a fellow villager in Hubei, has a low emotional sentiment, and he is desperately salting the wounds. He criticizes Pangu’s bad work, and Lei’s direct smoking does not speak . Later, Lei Jun went to Cfido BBS for half a year and wrote a lot of emotions such as the procedural life. Compared with the invitation and the launching of the aircraft, the Cfido of that era was the real high level. Ma Huateng and Ding Lei were all in the bubble.

In 1998, Jinshan faced three mountains: shortage of funds, piracy, and Microsoft’s encirclement . After Lenovo’s shareholding, Qiu Bojun said to Lei Jun: The board of directors decided to decide, it is up to you to be the general manager.

Lei Jun is not modest, 7 × 16 hours of overtime play, not only dyed the programmers who love to drink Diet Coke, love to eat lunch, but also gave the company shower room a “Yu Lin Ling” name. The leaders are so hard, the pressure on the staff is great, especially the Lei Jun still likes to ask whether the code is written or not . Everyone secretly said that he was a thunder tiger, so he formatted his computer “inadvertently”.

If you choose the wrong path, you will easily fall into misery . Although Lei Jun took the Jinshan technical genius left and right, but doing software in the market without copyright protection is tantamount to going against the water. Seeking the enlightenment of Bo Jun, the future of the Jinshan brothers, and their ideal ambitions are intertwined into a heavy shackle. The more the Lei Jun is working hard, the more physically and mentally exhausted. When the rumored pressure was the biggest, Jinshan’s department managers were crying .

In 2007, Jinshan, which has hit IPO five times, finally landed in Hong Kong stocks. Lei Jun said with a smile: “From A shares to Nasdaq, my experience is even more so that I can consult other companies for IPO.” However, the market value of 600 million Hong Kong dollars is only a fraction of the market value of Ali’s 1.5 billion US dollars at that time. What is embarrassing is that if Jinshan did not miss the acquisition of Foxmail, what will happen to the Internet today?

From leading the big brother to the end of the industry, Lei Jun used the phrase “I finally finished the debts” and returned to the field. Selling a few small goals of and the younger brothers of the past have started their own businesses, making Lei Jun an angel investor. As a result, the speech-type investors who embraced the blockchain at the top of the mountain were different. Lei Jun , who only acquainted with the acquaintance, actually cast a lot of unicorns. UC, more play, and all customers benefited a lot.

However, the leisurely cloud crane life of financial freedom is extremely embarrassing to others, but the model army Lei Jun is unacceptable. Debuting early, high scores, seeing the rise of the younger generation, the Hubei Lei Jun who is not convinced of the loss has a sense of difference. Lei Jun, who is determined to win the battle, has been looking for an answer: What is the gap between Jinshan and BAT ? In the three years of crouching, he summed up his thoughts into “Thunder Five” :

1. Take advantage of the situation, don’t do things against the sky;

2. Subvert innovation and rethink with the true spirit of the Internet;

3. Broad friendship, China is a human society;

4. Human desire is a natural and more realistic outlook on life;

5. Focus, less is more.

After analyzing the gains and losses of the first half of life, he has been hesitating for half a year after he has been financially free. He has never stood up to the hurricane. Do you want to re-enter the rivers and lakes and the future students to grab the world?

On the snowy night of December 16, 2009, Lei Jun arranged a dinner for the old Jinshan people in the cafe opposite the Yanshan Hotel in Beijing. After the crowd passed by at midnight, the cup was in a mess, and Lei Jun poured a bit of Heineken. He said, ” Today is my 40th birthday, ” and it ’s awesome . Li Wanqiang, the old subordinate of the Jinshan period, jumped up to make a table and cheered his Hubei boss [3]:

“Be only 40 years old, good days are still behind.”

1/ Hard to go out

On April 6, 2010, Xiaomi Company was founded, and Lei Jun returned to the rivers and lakes.

When he first founded Xiaomi, for a year and a half, Lei Jun did not allow anyone to talk about Xiaomi . He wants to secretly do it. If it is, he will admit it. If it fails, he will not admit that Xiaomi is doing it. Lacara founder Sun Taoran forwarded a Lei Jun to participate in the creation of Xiaomi’s Weibo, just forwarded, Lei Jun’s phone was called, Sun Taoran had to delete immediately [10].

It is much harder to make a mobile phone than software and the Internet. This is almost a fact recognized in the TMT circle . Lei Jun gave Fu Sheng a three-hour recruitment call, and he said that he was so moved, Fu Sheng was very moved, and then refused.

The investment circle does not buy it. ” Lei Jun can speak, but it may not be a success. ” There are not many investors who hold this attitude. Mobile phone is a very burning industry. At the beginning of the founding, the co-founder Lin Bin asked Lei Jun a sharp question: Where does the money come from ? At the end of 2010, Xiaomi received a $41 million Series A financing, and the lead party was Morningside . The industry knows at a glance that the top funds at that time did not vote.

At the beginning of the founding, the biggest trouble for Xiaomi’s mobile phone was the supplier . Component suppliers often have to invest money and develop together with the purchaser, so many components are exclusively customized and extremely cautious to new purchasers. Lei Jun, who was halfway out of the house, was turned over and countless times: “Your financial statements for the first three years have been taken, otherwise I know how you will do it halfway down [5].” In the mobile phone industry, it has accumulated for decades. Zhou Guangping called a chip manufacturer. After the other party learned that he was from Xiaomi, he said politely on the phone: “We will always be friends, but you should not look for me on the component side, my boss does not approve [4] “”

In order to obtain the screen supply of Sharp in Japan , in March 2011, Lei Jun took the team to risk the risk of nuclear radiation and went to Japan. When he boarded the plane, he knew that there were only a few of them on the entire flight. The last part of the negotiations with Sharp, from 8:00 in the morning to 11:00, the other team changed three people, Lei Jun with the executives explained again and again, has been talking about Starbucks closed the door was driven out .

Although it is difficult to resist, Lei Jun is confident. He has a new way: using Internet thinking to make mobile phones. Selling mobile phones in a near-cost manner , making friends with users to use the Internet to spread fission, and then building a mobile Internet platform based on this , and then doing value-added services on the company. The triathlon model of “Hardware + New Retail + Internet”, which was widely spread in the future, was difficult to understand at the time.

That is the strong industrial chain of Huaqiangbei. However, when the manufacturing industry is still addicted to traditional channels, the mobile Internet is already the world of apps, and various applications such as Weibo, instant messaging and live broadcast are emerging one after another. It’s like two foldable worlds. You don’t know me, I don’t know you . When Xiaomi left the supply chain, China made its first move to the mobile Internet, and a miracle happened.

In July 2011, the co-founder Li Wanqiang took the staff to the East Third Ring Lecheng International on the high school to talk about things. The day was pouring rain, the car stopped in the wrong position, and the two men in shorts and slippers had to run all the way in the rain, stunned. The business elite who wears a suit and walks downstairs to hide from the rain. Li Wanqiang said with all his heart: ” It’s really a slap, I can’t really be sorry for ourselves .”[1]

A month later, the man who was drenched into a water dog sent the first shot to the team with low morale. He quietly placed the number of MIUI users in front of the lost Lei Jun: 500,000 . The turnaround seems to be coming.

2/ One shot and red

Li Wanqiang was the former design director of Jinshan. After resigning, he was originally preparing to open a studio. Lei Jun, who knows the old man very well, smiled and said: “Don’t swear, let me do it.”

The MIUI developed by Li Wanqiang is a mobile operating system developed by Xiaomi based on Android . The first version was released in August 2010 . At that time, Li Wanqiang did not have a night forum, did not vote for the market, insisted on posting the latest version on the weekly “Orange Friday” on the forum, and the number of users participating in the experience rose from 10,000 to 100,000 , equivalent to a 100,000 person. The development team also trained 500,000 core fans.

At that time, Xiaomi’s model of Internet sales alone did not attract marketing leaders . Traditional marketing is nothing more than three ways: self-operated offline stores, agent channels, and CCTV advertising. These three points are not consistent with Lei Jun’s positioning of Xiaomi. Two months later, after interviewing countless people, Lei Jun said to Li Wanqiang [1]: A Li, still you go.

Soon, Li Wanqiang put a marketing plan of up to 30 million in front of Lei Jun. I did not expect to be killed by Lei Jun in one sentence: “Ali, you did not spend a penny when doing MIUI, do mobile phones are not? Can it be like this? Can we try not to open a market without spending a penny ?” [1] Li Wanqiang felt that he had dug a big hole for himself: “I was really forced to go to Liangshan. You are the boss, when you don’t have a rice pot, only I can do it myself.”

Unlimited “squeezing” Li Wanqiang engaged in Internet marketing, while Lei Jun grasped the supply chain and products, these all serve a larger plan in his mind: Xiaomi mobile phone must become a burst of money .

In the process of establishing, Lei Jun explored a set of styles that consistently and low-cost access to high-quality traffic : a blasting strategy . The created in 1999 was against Amazon, but Lei Jun did not completely imitate it. On the contrary, his position for excellence was: boutique. The first explosion of is a genuine 5 stars a week, Zhou Xingchi, “Westward Journey” VCD, sold more than 100,000 sets at a time, and the reputation was suddenly hit.

In 2011, Lei Jun ran all major manufacturers, asked to use 2000 yuan to make a dual-core mobile phone with the highest performance ? Everyone shook his head. At that time, the price of high-end mobile phones of big brands such as Apple Samsung was around 4,000-6,000 yuan. Mobile phone manufacturing is a complex and mature long-chain industry. Traditional mobile phone manufacturers have channel advantages. If Xiaomi wants to use the price of lumps, Definitely can be an explosion.

Only the explosion can make Lei Jun run the business model for Xiaomi: quickly accumulate traffic, which in turn drives other new retail business and software services, opening up profitable space.

At the first press conference on August 16, 2011, Lei Jun split all the configurations one by one, and asked the audience to the audience: How much does Xiaomi sell ? Someone shouted 5000 under the stage, and Xiaomi finally priced: 1999 yuan. On September 5, the first online scheduled sales for 3 hours sold 300,000 units. In the second three hours, it sold another 100,000 units. A total of 400,000 mobile phones were sold in tandem.

Explosive strategy is successful ! To know that even the Apple iPhone4, which was in full swing at the time, sold 600,000 units on the first day. With the power of Xiaomi, Xiaomi ended the era of China’s Huaqiang North cottage .

The degree of redness exceeded the imagination of Lei Jun . Xiaomi 1 went public, and Lei Jun set a sales target of 300,000 units. In the first two weeks, only 100,000 stocks were prepared. I did not expect to have 300,000 units in 34 hours. At 2 meters, all mobile phones were snatched in 2 minutes and 51 seconds . At the internal celebrations in September 2012, co-founder Huang Jiangji told the staff: I have not grabbed Xiaomi M2.

The front rice noodles are in demand, and the rear warehouse has already been sold out . The problem of insufficient production capacity of millet is highlighted . The state of serious shortage of goods has continued until 2012. Users have not been able to get the goods for a long time, and they have accused Xiaomi of hunger marketing . Dissatisfaction is only a critical point away from the outbreak.

On November 27, 2012, Lei Jun sent a microblog: “At 12 o’clock on November 29, 150,000 sets of millet mobile phones 2,200,000 millet mobile phones 1s.” This ordinary sales forecast immediately attracted netizens. The unanimous buzz, a large number of user unified comments and forwards in the comments, the content has only one word : Roll ! [4]. The intensified battles made Lei Jun once closed the Weibo comment function.

Not only that, the personal attack of “silver-like wax gun head, invisible use” began to shift to Lei Jun. The netizen compared him with Jobs and accused Lei Jun: he only learned the moves of Jobs and did not learn the internal strength of Jobs . One goes to the end of the world to leave countless legends; a gambling head sells for a living [4]. Lei Jun feels wronged: high-end mobile phones are seafood business, we will not dare not sell goods.

The root of the shortage of millet capacity lies in the supply chain . As a newcomer, Lei Jun can’t take the initiative in front of the supplier, nor dare to estimate the sales volume on a large scale, not to mention the high demand for high-end smartphone spare parts. It takes time for the supplier’s capacity to climb, if the sales volume far exceeds the forecast. There is bound to be a shortage of goods. Lei Jun expected to have insufficient capacity, but did not expect to come so early, so fierce.

The cost is also testing the Lei Jun . The first generation of Xiaomi was in a loss state when it went public. The cost of Xiaomi M2 was 2,350 yuan. The price was 1999, and it cost 350 yuan for each sale . After the sales exceeded 300,000 units, it began to earn a small profit [5]. However, Lei Jun did not dare to aggressively increase the expected sales volume, either the cash flow could not hold it, or the inventory could not be sold. For this reason, Lei Jun made an analysis: When the inventory reached 150,000 units, Xiaomi would close .

At this time, the painful lessons of once again appeared in front of Lei Jun . After the outstanding network relied on the explosive product strategy, it has not been profitable on a large scale, and the Jinshan board of directors did not agree to continue to inject capital. At this time, Amazon, which has been staring at China, has proposed an offer to excellence. The unsuccessful communication with the board of directors has no choice but to sell the “living daughter” to Amazon. In the following six months, Lei Jun did not shop online. “Forgetting excellence is like quitting smoking.”

This painful bone marrow lesson was later summed up by Lei Jun as one of the three major elements of entrepreneurial success : entrepreneurship must have endless money.

To this end, Lei Jun pegged two major events in 2012: production capacity + financing. The first solution was financing . In June 2012, the third round of $216 million was successfully concluded. The threat of Renaissance Dreams reappeared was temporarily lifted. By the end of 2012, the problem of insufficient capacity began to ease. The first cooperative manufacturer, Invar, set up a special mill line , with a monthly capacity of over 1 million units.

At the end of 2014, Lei Jun once again chose to meet a few old friends on the 45th birthday. He is no longer the rich man who was depressed in the winter night five years ago . In this year, Xiaomi became the number one smartphone company in China’s mainland market, with a valuation of up to 45 billion US dollars. Russian investor Yuri Milner is still not satisfied. He added a shot to the Lei Jun: Billions of dollars.

The Xiaomi ecological chain and overseas markets have also advanced smoothly, and it seems that the prospects are good. However , it was the outsider Ma Yun who sounded the alarm for Xiaomi . At the award ceremony of the economic figures of Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu at the Billion Gam, Ma Yun said as an honored guest:

“ Millet’s marketing is really good, but marketing is easy to learn .”

3/ Encounter low tide

In 2014, a major event occurred in the Chinese Internet circle. Alibaba began to lay out offline business . As the highest and largest Internet tree, the most sensitive of any subtle change in wind direction is it.

Ali’s action is already a dangerous signal : the e-commerce model on the pure line has a growth bottleneck, and online traffic is not enough . At the same time, e-commerce accounts for only 10% of the total retail sales of goods, and 90% of Chinese people still choose to buy goods offline . The opportunistic OPPO and VIVO have already been deeply ploughed down by the stores and dealer channels of the fourth- and sixth-tier cities. Huawei has also launched the “Thousand County Plan”, and is going to grab the market outside the Fifth Ring Road.

In the past two years, the Chinese market was the first, and the Xiaomi model was almost sealed . Many competitors copied and learned. The smart phone industry re-emerged in the fierce competition in the field of functional mobile phones: ZTE, Lenovo and other old-fashioned mobile phones are catching up. Jia Yueting took the LeTV mobile phone to come to the ecological counter, and the English training teacher also talked about the craftsman’s feelings. The re- election also said that the online model is very good.

The online competition encountered vicious competition, missed the management challenges brought by the offline county and township market, and rapid growth , and became the three difficulties encountered by Xiaomi. If there is a problem in a good company, it is often like boiling water to cook a frog. If you can’t find the problem in a year or two, you won’t make any decisions, and everything will work. When the problem is discovered in the third year, it is too late and the cost of remediation is greater [6].

At this point, Xiaomi is still on the line, so I missed the opportunity to use the county to change the tide. Since 2015, Xiaomi has been very lonely . The valuation of 45 billion US dollars has made many people eager to see. Numerous people hope to take out another millet with money. The vicious competition and price war in the industry continue. While being overwhelmed, it is an increasingly weaker shipment.

On the night of November 10, 2015, the sales of Xiaomi and Huawei mobile phones were indiscriminate . In the last two hours, Xiaomi temporarily decided to send 50 yuan vouchers to each user, which is difficult to win. Sales President Zhu Lei explained to Lei Jun: “I used to win no suspense. The past double eleven is how we want to play, this year is the first…” and Lei Jun is the face Tieqing, even the perfunctory smile is not willing to install.

In the whole year of 2015, Xiaomi’s mobile phone shipments reached 70 million, and for the first time did not reach the set target of 80 million . On the birthday of December 16th, Lei Jun accepted an exclusive interview with Bai Yansong. The question about Bai Yansong’s throwing is “Is the target too high?” The tired Lei Jun emphasized to the camera that “the company cannot be knocked down by any external evaluation and so-called numbers”, but the coldest winter has not yet arrived. .

Then, Xiaomi made several mistakes in the key supply chain, angered Samsung Semiconductor and Japanese suppliers . Lei Jun flew four times in a month in South Korea, and the news of personal apology has been reported by numerous media. Offended the supplier, Xiaomi could not send the goods at all, let alone the competitors have long been eyeing.

In February 2016, Xiaomi 5, which claimed to be the longest record in the history of Xiaomi, came out. At the press conference, Lei Jun sold his life and sipped, and said ten black technologies in one breath, and the rice noodles were passionate. Millet 5 parameters are relatively balanced, while improving the performance of the processor while secretly reducing the frequency as a compromise, the three pricing 1999, 2299, 2699 shows that Xiaomi intends to impact the high-end machine ambition .

Finally, the external response was flat, netizens ridiculed: Today is a day worth remembering, Xiaomi redefines the meaning of black technology: the parameters of the black background [10]. Old staff recalled, “Many people didn’t believe that the company would turn over from Xiaomi 5 [8]. Lei Jun is very clear that this trough can not come out in one month, three months, or even six months. He must be bitter and bring the team to dawn.

In 2016, Xiaomi’s performance was almost avalanche , and the four-quarter shipments fell year-on-year, falling from the top of the market to the top five . In the July internal conference, there were only four words on the big screen, “The situation is grim.” Lei Jun said frankly: “I really have a lot of pressure today.” At the dark moment, the plastic friendship between Lei Jun and Dong Ge is also at stake. At a Jingdong internal meeting, Liu Qiang East directly asked : Can Xiaomi still do ?

And a year ago, Amazon’s head, Bezos , was blocked by reporters at a technology conference: “What happened to the failure of the Fire phone?” The world’s richest man has also inflated a Fire. The mobile phone, the result is a swollen face in front of reality.

Can the Amazon be avoided by the Waterloo that Amazon can’t get out of?

4/ Adjusting the rise

To say that grounding gas, Lei Jun can definitely rank in the top three in the entrepreneurs. For example, in “Qi Yu said,” he asked the audience: “Have you heard my song at station B?”

In the four years before the start of the business, Xiaomi developed rapidly according to the track he designed. He used the Internet mobile phone to make an explosion of the money, and laid out the ecological industrial chain of the Internet of Things, and opened Internet services at the same time . When the reality gave him a head start in three years, he immediately adjusted the course, offline to do Xiaomi home, online celebrity endorsement, variety advertising, live delivery, all the measures that can bring benefits, he is willing to try.

After all, not every billionaire is willing to spoil the fans in the live room with a big face : give me a big yacht.

Tiger face plate large, eye-catching European parallel eyelid, crescent-like eyes, Kichiku version of the accent, and occasionally grinned, Lei Jun will be giving a silly white male version of sweet illusion . However, Zhou Hongjun, a resentful fellow, knows him very well. “Lei Jun is an ambitious person and has great ambitions.” His entrepreneurial road further corroborates the judgment of Lao Zhou. Lei Jun chose the most difficult road.

The “Hardware + Internet + New Retail” triathlon mode has a significant difficulty , too complicated, hardware, sales, software, etc., this is a versatile model, which is very demanding on the team. Which company in the world is doing good hardware and playing the Internet? The millet model itself is very difficult , with world-class competitors in every dimension, and Xiaomi wants to win, and must win [9].

I am accustomed to the study of the seven sins of human nature, the left hand to develop an App right hand to sell BAT cash Internet people do not see this model.

In 2016, Lei Jun set a full-year mission for Xiaomi: make up the class. At this point, there are about 300 questions in front of him. I personally grasp the supply chain, develop new models, and accelerate the offline layout. Xiaomi needs to get the land before the mobile phone suppliers, consumers, and investors are exhausted . The victory of the mouse game. “Since the second quarter, Lei has been in the market for more than a year, and he only returns home after 2 am [7].”

During the trough, facing the accusations of the outside world, Lei Jun joked that he even thought about changing the name of the company to “others”, because the company could rank in the top three in the world. Later, Liu De told him: Don’t dream, the name of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau will not allow registration.

In October 2016, Xiaomi, who was at the center of the public opinion storm, released a full-screen mobile phone MIX under pressure. This is the first full-screen mobile phone in the mobile phone industry . After that, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple 8 followed this. technology. Has been plagiarized by Apple Tucao, the millet’s millet has finally begun to drain the tide of the entire technology, millet trough began to break ice .

At the same time, the offline layout speeds up. Xiaomi Home became an offline retail department store similar to MUJI . Since 2013, investment in the Internet of Things and the Xiaomi ecological chain has also begun to blossom. In Xiaomi’s home, there are not only mobile phones, notebooks, TVs, but also smart furniture such as smart speakers, rice cookers, air purifiers, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

The model envisioned by Lei Jun began to run : Xiaomi’s home is 270,000 yuan, which is second in the world, second only to Apple.

This condensed into a short paragraph of achievements, the sadness behind it is not so understated. Xiaojian employee Zhang Jianhui recalled: “In 2015 and 2016, we talked to all the shopping malls. They will not give us the best location on the first floor and the next floor. We can’t get the money, and some don’t follow. We talked about [10].” Xiaomi’s impression of the outside world is that an e-commerce company that makes mobile phones has a natural distrust of its ability to open stores offline.

The home of Xiaomi can rise rapidly, and the Internet of Things ecosystem that has been cultivated for five years is inseparable. When Xiaomi sailed smoothly in 2013 , Lei Jun saw another vent: the Internet of Things . He found Liu De, the person in charge of the ecological chain, and asked him to go to the market to scan quickly, grab the company, and grab the project. In the past five years, around the mobile phone from near to far, ” mobile phone peripherals – smart hardware – living supplies “, in accordance with the average 15 days to invest in a company’s speed, Xiaomi has invested in more than 100 intelligent hardware and consumer goods eco-chain enterprises .

From relying on the millet bonus to backing the millet ecology, these products have only been used for four or five years. Most companies have already released products, of which more than ten have become unicorns. In 2018, the annual income of the whole millet Internet of Things and consumer goods was RMB 43.8 billion .

What Xiaomi will do next will become a new talk after a meal. The social animals began the fantasy of a beautiful new world. “Lee, when did you enter the real estate, touched the hearts and prices, every level 1999?”

The spoiler is a fake, and the clearance is true. In Lei Jun’s plan, Xiaomi’s home is a technology-based MUJI . When consumers come in, they don’t have to think about it, don’t have to choose it, and buy it with their eyes closed. This task can’t be done by mobile phone alone. “If Xiaomi only has mobile phones and TV products, you can go shopping once a year, but if I have 50 SKUs, you can come to Xiaomi once a month, which greatly improves. Frequency of consumption.”

The three main functions of the Xiaomi ecological chain : maintaining the heat of the millet brand, providing sales water support, and adding imagination to the size of the rice, it seems to be realized one by one. For consumers, it has become a reality to buy a toilet from Japan to the doorstep to buy a high-quality domestic product.

In 2017, Xiaomi’s mobile phone retreated and its sales returned to the top five in the world . In 2018, Lei Jun went to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with Xiaomi, and Xiaomi’s mobile phone sales reached the top four in the world. In July 2019, Xiaomi was selected as one of the Fortune Global 500 companies . This is the youngest Fortune 500 company in history . Last year, in the Internet service and retail positions, China and the United States were evenly matched. The same 3:3, Ali Tencent Jingdong against Amazon Google Facebook, and this year because of Xiaomi’s participation, in the Internet innovation highland, China for the first time surpassed the United States.

After the listing, Xiaomi drastically carried out a series of reforms, including more than a dozen organizational restructuring, product structure adjustment, and continued international market expansion. Its brand influence gradually gained global recognition and experienced a trough. “A millennium has already had the basic ability to resist risks, and the current millet has gradually entered a period of transformation and adjustment .

When almost everyone in this era dreamed of making a lot of money and making a small goal to earn him a hundred million, 9 years ago, 8 old men with an average age of 43 chose the hardest “farming” mode , from challenging hardware. Start manufacturing and climb up step by step.

When people reach middle age, the hero is getting white, but fortunately, he has already smashed a bloody path and is self-motivated.

5/ good money millet

In the 1 billion gambling game between Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu, Gree defeated Xiaomi with a lead of 25.1 billion yuan. Dong Mingzhu seems to have been blind to Lei Jun , but in fact, they are the same type of people at different stages .

In the era when the online channel was king, Dong Mingzhu led Gree to take the lead in establishing a joint-stock company with major distributors at the provincial level, and to ensure regional exclusivity and not to stock up. This is one of the reasons for the rapid rise of Gree after the 1990s ; After the channel era, Xiaomi took the lead in initiating changes and reshaping the channel links in the entire business model through Internet operations .

Xiaomi replaced a considerable part of the original offline channel with the Internet platform, and also used the offline channel. Compared with traditional dealers, Xiaomi’s home has a better user experience, data in its own hands, and future traffic operations are more convenient. From the perspective of channels: integration channels in the industrial era, subversive channels in the Internet era, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun have the same goal .

However, the transformation of channels and the Internet to make mobile phones is only the first step of Lei Jun. The continuous improvement of Xiaomi’s mobile phone performance and the comprehensive flowering of Xiaomi’s ecological chain have gradually revealed Lei Jun’s ambition : to see Gree’s technology as the king, and to innovate the image of China’s low-cost cottage. . If this change in hardware goes smoothly, Xiaomi will seize a large number of middle-class people who are in urgent need of consumption upgrades to improve their quality of life. The Internet of Things and Internet services, which have been cultivated for many years, will help Xiaomi complete the commercial closed loop and further enlarge the imagination.

If Zhang Ruimin’s refrigerator in 1985 meant the awakening of standard manufacturing and quality awareness, then the birth of Xiaomi in 2010 was a deadly raid on the traditional manufacturing industry by the Internet spirit . It completed a revolutionary fusion in a very abrupt and alternative way.

“There are no successful enterprises, only the enterprises of the times.” Xiaomi’s success is the success of Lei Jun, but also the success of the times.

Young millet is very similar to today’s China . We spent 30 years with the road to catch up with the industrialization journey of developed countries for nearly a hundred years, and Xiaomi adopted an innovative model and spent nine years to complete the start-up of other companies for more than ten years. road. A person who runs crazy, may lose shoes in the process, will not dress properly, but still have to work hard to move forward after adjustment. Because the opportunity to step on the pulse of the times is too rare , it must not stop [6].

This is like Japan in the 1980s and South Korea in the 1990s. After the rapid economic growth, the huge middle class has risen . The manufacturing industry is facing further transformation and upgrading, from manufacturing to creation. This is a brand-new historic opportunity to do a good job of product and then improve business efficiency. The millet like a rock is just the first in this magnificent era.

Without the huge foundation of China’s manufacturing , there will be no millet; there will be no innovation environment for the Chinese Internet , and there will be no millet. From this perspective, we need more millet and more world-class companies.