The longevity secret of Italians

As we all know, Italy is the country with the longest life expectancy in Europe and the second longest-lived country in the world. The average life expectancy of women is as high as 84 years, and the average life expectancy of men is as high as 78.3 years. So, what are the health tips of the Italians so that they can live so healthy and live longer?

The longevity secrets of Italians are summarized, mainly in the two aspects of reasonable diet and persistence in sports.

Sardinia is the place where the longevity of Italy is the most. The centenarians here are everywhere, and the elderly in their 90s are everywhere. It is a veritable “longevity island”. Some scholars have discovered through a large number of investigations and visits that people there have many common characteristics in terms of diet and living habits.

First, they like to drink wine, which contains a lot of flavonoids, which is good for heart health. The vitamins contained in wine can help digestion, promote endocrine and enhance the vitality of the body. Drinking two glasses of wine a day is one of the secrets of Italian longevity.

Second, they like olive oil, olive oil is rich in oleic acid, used to cook food, can enhance the digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, control the level of fat in the blood, lower cholesterol, and make the arteries smoother. A study in the British Medical Journal shows that adherence to olive oil can reduce overall mortality by 9%, cardiovascular mortality by 9%, cancer mortality by 6%, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. The incidence rate is reduced by 13%. Eating one or two tablespoons of olive oil a day is one of the secrets of Italian longevity.

Third, their dietary structure is very reasonable. Sardinian diet can be represented by a pyramid. The bottom layer is the main food, which is bread, whole grain, and potatoes. The second layer is fruit, beans, nuts, vegetables, olive oil, cheese and yogurt. The first and second floors are foods that are eaten every day. The third layer is the food that is eaten every week, which is fish, poultry, eggs, and sweets. The top layer is the food that is eaten every month, which is red meat.

Fourth, they love labor and exercise. The residents of Sardinia rarely retire at the age of 65. Most of them work until they are 90 years old, some are even longer, and the number of elderly people who are at home to enjoy the blessings is minimal. In addition, they also like to walk and ride bicycles. Life is in motion, and this is an unchanging truth. Only the Italians understand it more thoroughly and insist on it better.

From the healthy habits of Italians, it is not difficult to see that longevity is not far away from us as long as we have a healthy lifestyle.