It is spring again, and the window can be opened frequently. Spring came in from the window, and people couldn’t sit in the house and went out from the door. But the spring outside the house is too embarrassing! It’s sunny everywhere, not as bright as the darkness of the broken house.
Everywhere is the wind that makes the sun lazy, not as irritating as the boring house. It is the bird language, it seems to be trivial and thin, and it needs the silence of the house to set off. We therefore understand that spring is inlaid in the window, like a picture with a frame.

At the same time, we realized that doors and windows have different meanings. Of course, the door is made for people to enter and exit. However, the window can sometimes be used as an import and export. For example, a lover or a private lover in a novel likes to climb a window. Therefore, the fundamental difference between the window and the door is not only that no one comes in or out. If we look at the spring, we might as well say: With the door, we can go out; with the window, we don’t have to go out. The window opened up the barriers of nature and people, brought in the wind and the sun, and also closed part of the spring in the house, let us sit and enjoy, no need to go outside to find. The ancient poet like Tao Yuanming had a good heart for this kind of spirit of the window. There are two sentences in “Returning to the Words”: “Relying on the South Window to be proud of the knees, and to judge the ease of the knee.” Doesn’t it mean that as long as there is a window, you can live by the small house? He added: “Summer is idle, high lying under the north window, the breeze is coming. It is said that the emperor is a man.” It means that as long as the window is permeable, the hut can become a blissful world; although he is a Chai Sang, there is Lushan, there is no need to go up to summer. Therefore, the door promises us to pursue, express desire, and the window allows us to occupy and express our enjoyment. This distinction is not only for the views of people living in the house, but also for people coming from outside the house. An outsider, please come in, ask for it, ask, he is at most a guest, everything has to wait for the master to decide. On the other hand, a person who comes in the window, whether stealing or stealing, has already determined to be a temporary master for you, and can’t take your welcome and refuse. There is a slogan in the poem “What is the girl’s dream?” The father said that he opened the door and invited the material husband, but the ideal lover always came in and out of the window. In other words, it is only the form of the son-in-law who comes in from the front door. Although the man is fancy, she still wants to win the lady’s own favor; if she comes in from the back window, it is the true lover who the girl has fully entrusted the soul. When you enter the front door, you must first pass the notice of the concierge, and then wait for the master to appear. You have to sing a few words before you can explain the intention. It takes both time and time. What is the direct pleasure of coming in from the back window? It seems that the shortcut of learning, depending on the introduction behind the book, if you look at the text from the front, the anti-seeing is far away. This is of course only a difference in the normal state of society. In the period of war and other abnormal times, the house itself cannot be kept, and what doors and windows are still spoken!
The house in the world has a door, and the room without the window is still visible. This indicates that the window represents a higher stage of human evolution than the door. The door is the need of the house, and the window is a luxury. The original intention of the house is just like the bird and the sacred cave. When the person prepares to come back for the night, the door is closed and it is considered protection. But the windows on the wall open up the light and the air, so that we don’t have to go outdoors during the day, and we can live when we close the door. The house has added meaning in life. It is not just a place to shelter from the wind and rain, but also has furnishings and paintings. It is the place where we think, work, play and perform life tragedies and comedies from morning till night. The door is the import and export of people, and the window can be said to be the import and export of the sky. The house was artificially built to avoid the threat of nature, and to the four walls, a roof, the window lured a corner of the sky to come in, tame it, and use it, just like we wrestle wild horses and become livestock. From then on, we can come into contact with nature in the house, without having to find light, change the air, light and air will come to us. Therefore, people are also one of the windows for the victory of nature. However, this kind of victory is like a woman’s victory for a man. On the surface, it seems to be a concession. People open the window to let the wind and daylight come in. Who knows that to occupy this place will occupy this place! We just said that the door is needed, and it needs to be done by others. If you are hungry, you have to eat it. If you are thirsty, you have to drink it. So, someone knocks on the door, you have to go, maybe Ibsen said that the younger generation than your next generation wants to rush in, maybe like De Quincy’s murder after the murder, the world of broad daylight wants to break into the darkness. The world of sin may be the prodigal son going home, maybe someone borrows money (more is debt collection), the less you know, the more you want to know, the more you want to know. Even the voice of the postman hitting the door every day, he made you hope for fear, because you do not know and would like to know what news he brought.
The door switch is not allowed by you. But what about the window? When you get up early in the morning, just pull the curtain over the side, you know that something is greeting you outside the window, it is snow, it is fog, it is rain, or it is good sun, decide whether you want to open the window.
As mentioned above, the window is considered a luxury item, and the luxury goods are originally considered to increase or decrease depending on the situation.
I often think that the window can count the eyes of the house. Said: “Window, Cong also; inside the peek, for the smart also.” Zheng and Kairo “late song” said the so-called “double 瞳 like a small window, good view of the calendar,” said only half. The eyes are the windows of the soul. We see the outside world and at the same time let people see our hearts. The eyes often follow the heart. Therefore, Mencius believes that people are in the scorpion, and the lover in the Metlink movie does not close his eyes when kissing, and can see how many kisses the other person has to rise from the heart to the mouth. When we talked to people wearing black glasses, we always felt that we couldn’t understand his intentions, as if he had a fake mask. According to Goethe’s conversation on April 5, 1830, Goethe hated everyone wearing glasses and said that they could see the wrinkles on his face, but he gave them a dazzling array of glasses and could not see their Mood. The window inside can be seen by people, and maybe outsiders can see it in, so people who live in lively places should use curtains to protect their private lives. Visiting people at night, as long as you have no lights in the window, you can guess that the owner is not at home, and you don’t have to open the door to ask, just like waiting for someone to open his mouth and see his mind from his eyes. The function of closing the window is equal to closing the eye. There are many scenes between heaven and earth that are closed to see and see, like a dream. If the vocal state outside the window is too noisy, close the window so that the soul can freely explore and quietly meditate. Sometimes, closing the window and closing the eyes are also related. You feel that the world outside the window is nothing but you can’t give you any satisfaction. You want to go back to your hometown. You have to see relatives and friends separated from you. You only have to sleep and close your eyes. I found it in my dreams, so you got up and closed the window first. Because it is only spring, there is still cold, and the window can’t be closed all day and night.