Heat over the summer

Drinking cold drinks, blowing air conditioners, taking a cool bath… In the hot summer, many people will be “cool” to live. In fact, in the summer, we should heat up with heat.

Drink hot tea

If the cold drink will make you have a moment, then hot tea is the real thirst quenching and refreshing. Because the cold drink will only feel cold in the mouth for a short time, but the heat inside the body is deposited, which is a kind of injury to the body. After drinking hot tea, the capillary expands, the sweat hole opens, and the skin slowly sweats. Sweating can help the body to dissipate heat, in other words, the heat is slowly discharged. However, tea should not be too hot, otherwise it will hurt the tongue, mouth, throat and esophagus, and it is not good for the stomach. It is better to drink at 40 °C.

Hot water foot bath

In summer, the humidity is heavy. The spleen of the human internal organs is most afraid of wetness, and the moisture is blocked in the spleen and stomach. There will be no appetite, love, sleepiness, and no spirit. In the summer, soaking your feet will help you get rid of the dampness, make you feel refreshed, increase your appetite and promote sleep. Hot water soaking feet can make the air run smoothly, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and repair body cells.

In summer, many people like to put their feet directly under the tap and feel cool, comfortable and convenient. Some people think that cold water can also promote the blood circulation function of the feet and improve the body’s ability to keep out the cold. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. As the saying goes: “The cold starts from the sole of the foot.” Because the human foot is the distal part of the branch of the blood vessel, it is prone to peripheral blood circulation disorder, and the lack of sebaceous glands at the sole of the foot is very sensitive to cold. Some people have done experiments. If you put your feet in cold water at 4 °C, it can reflexively cause vasoconstriction of the nasal mucosa. After 3 minutes, symptoms such as sputum sneezing and sneezing will appear. Even in the hot summer, be careful not to let your feet get cold. Keep your feet warm to prevent colds, flu, rhinitis, asthma, angina and other diseases. Older and weaker children should be more so.

To choose a deeper wooden barrel, the water temperature should not be too high or too low, generally 40 ° C is better. During the process of foaming, the water should be heated continuously to maintain the water temperature.


In the summer, the best way to cool is to sweat. There are more than 3 million sweat glands in the human body. The discharge of sweat has the effect of regulating body temperature and also discharges part of the metabolic waste. Nowadays, air-conditioning applications are becoming more and more popular. For people who have been in a temperature-stable environment for a long time, sweat glands are almost idle, and sweating is not often done even during the sweating season, which is harmful to health and is not beneficial. If the sweat gland is not smooth, it will lose an important detoxification pipeline, and it will lose an important line of defense against disease. Starting from the four-season law and the law of life, you should sweat when you sweat.

How to sweat, drink ginger soup is a good choice, ginger has sweating solution, warm stomach and vomiting, detoxification three people, people in the air-conditioned environment should always drink ginger soup, can effectively prevent air-conditioning disease, Ginger soup is best taken in the morning. Or come to a more intense exercise, let every cell in the body move, give a hearty sweat, take a hot bath, you will feel, in addition to a lot of cool, the body burnout will disappear.

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