Is the summer of the band coming?

Each platform is a big star, a flow artist, very popular, but this is a reality. Everyone wants traffic flow. ”

This is the scene that appeared in “The Summer of the Band.” In this program, 31 bands will compete for HOT5 in this summer. The oldest is the 30-year-old face band, the regular new trouser band with the finale of the festival, and the unnamed Hakka band Jilian.

Although the Chinese band is no longer rare, it is too common to take a bus to the suburbs to catch a music festival. It can be put on the variety stage. On-site scoring, final elimination, direct criticism, they are familiar with the bad atmosphere of the underground studio, familiar with the melody of the festival, familiar with the struggle of silence, but not willing to bow to the market and the popular.

Zhang Yadong said that a decade of piano education is not as good as a Lang Lang. In the 1990s, the Tang Dynasty and Cui Jian were in Chinese rock music, and it was not a star. In the past 30 years, Chinese rock music has lost its voice in the mainstream market, and it is subject to controversy when it returns.

Chinese rock music is not only the sad old news of 1994, but also the struggle and survival of the last 20 years. The world of chasing individual enjoyment is no longer a paradise for rock music. It is time to let go of the past and heroes, and find new classics and new idols for rock music.

It’s still too early to talk about the summer of the band. Try to get out of the winter first.

In the 1990s, “rock is anti-commercial”
In the winter of 1989, Taiwanese music producer Zhang Peiren only spent a song time, and was attracted and fascinated by the exuberant and energetic energy of the mainland rock circle. That is the song of an old rock band RUSH. In a cafe in Wangfujing, he and the Tang Dynasty band became friends.

The following year, Zhang Peiren became the trader of the Tang Dynasty band. The “Magic Rock” label he founded has successively launched the “China Fire” series, the “Tang Dynasty” album and the “Magic Rock Sanjie” which later represents the “new spring of music” – Dou Wei, He Yong, Zhang Chu, became People’s classic memories of rock music in the 1990s.

Taiwan’s mature record industry has hit the energy field of the mainland rock circle. At that time, the feeling of the magic rock propaganda of Niu Jiawei was: “The era of mainland music leading the entire Chinese music trend has come.” In December 1994, when the “Magic Rock Sanjie” and the Tang Dynasty band stood on the Hong Kong Red Dragon Stadium, the entire Hong Kong Island was trembled. Under the concert, Zhang Peiren invited media from all over the world. This is his intention to let Chinese rock music go out and turn back to make an impact.

Panicin and New Pants Band

Behind the sensation, it was a bad debt between the rock nuggets and the record company. After many years, this grievance is still difficult to resolve.

For record companies, the Beijing Rock Circle is an unexplored music bonanza. Rolling Stone Records claims that the investment is not worth the effort, the general album production costs hundreds of thousands, but a rock album, they are willing to spend 3 million.

The band didn’t seem to appreciate it, complaining about unfair contracts and low pay. The face band suspected that the fire instinct 300,000 guarantees the copyright fee is too low, the producers are not blocked on the Third Ring Road, scared to run without a line, the car runs out of oil, and the musicians catch the home. Loot again.

In 1996, Fang Wuxing once again fell into a wolf, and the rock-and-roll madman had no connection with pirates. After many years, he said: “This is totally impossible. Even some old guns playing rock in Beijing have used this as a joke. At that time, everyone was plagued by piracy, and the local gods in Beijing could not do it. The source of the pirated version, how can a foreigner join forces with pirates in the mainland?”

The musician refused to cooperate with the propaganda and chased the record sales share. The profit of a tape is 1.5 yuan, which is distributed to 4 people in the band. Each person can get 4 cents from a tape. Plus the record company only signed the lead singer, not signing the musician, which directly led to the dissolution of the “dream” band. Of course, this also has the record company’s considerations – it is said that the company signed the “Black Panther” band, because Dou Wei left the band suffered a lot of losses.

Rules, contracts, business ethics, this is the world that the first generation of rockers never touched. Talent is their greatest morality, and they have become the darling between fashion, market and girls. However, at the cost behind fame, they know nothing and experience zero.

“In the education we received, we didn’t understand this.” Zhang Chu said, “Who knows what the recording industry is like at that time? I don’t know. Only when you come in, you know the ditch in the head. It’s a process, it also has to A little sacrifice.”

Not only that, the musicians and merchants are two head-on collision cars that compete with each other at high speeds. Popular “anti-business” plots among musicians. In an interview with the media, Zhang Chu said that the public at the time was led by music reviews, and the music critics proposed the idea of ​​”rock is anti-commercial” because of its pioneering nature.

No way to do it. He slammed the musician’s hypocrisy in the memoirs of Chinese rock music, “There is an extremely lonely anti-commercial plot in their hearts, but they can’t stand the temptation of fame and fortune, and they will fight for fame and fortune, with extraordinary quality. Action as a more powerful way, this is the sadness of the rock circle.”

The 1994 Hung Hom concert became the last glory of an era when the rush ended. This is the only mainland rock show that Rolling Stone Company has organized. Although it has won the volume, it has not made any money and it has failed in business.

The flowers born in the barren land are dazzling and dazzling, and it is difficult to have long-lasting vitality. After the glory and passion were exhausted by the night, how did the ending be brave: Zhang Chu died, I was crazy, and Dou Wei became a fairy.

In 2001, Rolling Stone was forced to withdraw funds from the country due to financial pressure. Although Zhang Peiren has a long-term plan for mainland rock music, he has realized that “this is the industry and industry people have to solve”, and there is nothing to be done.

In the end, the Chinese fire became the fire of Zhang Peiren’s stomach. He left Beijing with regret and hate, left the peak of the mainland’s rock music created by himself, and left the “decade of idealism in China’s history.”

In the millennium, “I don’t want to live underground”
In the summer of 2019, Zhang Yadong once again heard “New Boy”, a song 20 years ago, from Park Shu’s first solo album “I Go to 2000”, he is the producer of this album. The song is still very new, and the performer is replaced by Penicillin, a band of 25 years old. Zhang Yadong is 50 years old. He has not seen the 46-year-old “Xiao Pu” for a long time.

This is a song created for the millennium. Everyone is a new boy. It is full of passion for technology, capital and wealth. Anyone can make money. As sung in “New Boy,” “There will be no more pain in the future, how cool our future will be.”

The reality is always the opposite of what is sung in the song. The arrival of the Internet has completely destroyed the record industry, which is a global disintegration, not only in China. The weak Chinese record industry is still unable to create a pop star, let alone tilt the resources to underground rock.

In an era without music festivals, no advertising endorsements, and no commercial sponsorship, the old rock cannons were completely misfiring.

In 2008, in the documentary “Goodbye, Utopia” directed by Sheng Zhimin, He Yong told DJ Zhang that he had to inquire about Zhang Peiren’s news and wanted to pass his money to the Rolling Stone Records: “The album has been selling for so many years, the ring tones, what a penny. Didn’t give it.” The previous year, he only had three performances in total.

Dou Wei did not do rock music and changed to a new type of music. In the South, a performance of 200 yuan, he is willing to go, he thinks that he should move and play. Such a price, the red band is not willing to put it, can not let go of the body.

The Internet is coming, there is a powerful search engine, and there is a platform for singing everywhere. But free to download, listen to free songs, where the singer goes to make money to eat. He Yong couldn’t understand. He asked Zhang if he had to wait. “Is there a business model on the Internet?”

Perhaps, He Yong should be more direct, does China still need rock music?

Zhang Peiren once suggested to Cui Jian that rock music should be called “knife song” and completely derailed from the West. Whether it is a knife song or rock music, its essence is a criticism of reality.

As early as 1993, when Magic Rock Sanjie was still active on the stage, the music critic Jin Zhaojun pointed out that “China needs extreme romanticism, not a realistic critical rock spirit. Why? The Chinese have just begun to earn If there is no big change in China, the people will pursue money for a long time. In the process of pursuing money, people will not pursue the spirit excessively, but pursue relaxation and enjoyment.”

In 1997, a new generation of musical power came into being, and said to go to the rock and roll of “bitter and hateful”. The concept of “Beijing New Voice” was first proposed, fashionable, avant-garde, interesting, urban paper drunken fans and young hedonism, including many famous new pants bands, No. 43 Baojia Street, and flowers. Children’s bands, etc.

Fortunately, they caught up with the last bus of the recording industry, from the cassette to the CD, and was noticed in a short time. Unfortunately, people have not been able to survive, and they have been overwhelmed by the Internet. “At that time, no one really listened.” Peng Lei, the new trouser singer, changed to a cartoon director, and the guitarist Pang Kuan did the design.

At that time, the singer of the awake band, Shen Lihui, became a boss of the record company’s modern sky, and the days were not good. From 2000 to 2005, the modern sky owed a debt, and in the end only two or three people barely supported, invested more than 3 million, and lost nearly half. Shen Lihui hid in the studio to listen to music. He knew very well, “I am escaping from reality.”

Some people escaped from reality, and naturally others made another way out. In 2000, the lead singer of No. 43 Baojia Street chose to fly solo and signed Warner, one of the top five record companies in the world. The rock circle has lost a pioneer band, and Chinese pop music has since risen a superstar, that is Wang Feng.

A song “Flying higher” made Wang Feng hear the voice of money. From June 2004 to January 2005, in the half year, “Flying higher” repeated more than three hundred times on various stages. “Shenzhou VI” was launched together, and Wang Feng became a favorite singer of Chinese entrepreneurs and officials.

The flower band, which is also a punk legion with new pants, chose to go to the public. After signing the mainstream record company EMI, it started the popular rock style. However, can pop rock be called rock? This is not important. In 2005, “嘻唰唰” was all over the streets, and plagiarism could not stop the flower band.

Behind the image change of Wang Feng and Huaer Band, they climbed the high branch of the ring tones, plus packaging and marketing, which made them ushered in the first take-off of their career.

Pang Kuan and Peng Lei, who are new trousers, are still groaning at the end of their work. They realize that they should “do what they like.” In 2006, the new trousers launched an album called “Dragon Tiger Ren Dan”, which turned from punk into a new wave and synapse pop, wearing Bruce Lee-style sportswear, ankles and leap, twisting disco. In “The Summer of the Band”, Shen Lihui gave a high evaluation to this transition, “The new pants turned over.” In fact, 13 years ago, Shen was not optimistic about the new style. This also made the old team members uncomfortable. The founding member of the band Liu Wei left and joined the veteran punk band.

It was not until the 2008 Olympics that the struggling band dug the first pot of gold, that is the music festival.

In 2004, it was the year of the Chinese music festival culture. At the foot of Helan Mountain, rock singer Su Yang participated in the music festival for the first time. He told reporters that before this, China did not have a real rock festival. For the first time, the Helan Mountain Music Festival opened 18 bands, which brought together all the big coffees in the Chinese rock group at that time: Tang Dynasty, second-hand rose, Zizi, Cui Jian, Zhang Chu, He Yong…

Livehouse is the test ground before the band matures, and the music festival provides a stage for the public. In 2005, after Su Yang came to Beijing to join the big festival of the festival, he began to hold seven or eight performances each year, and at the time of the present, at least 20 games a year. With the maturity of the production labels of Midi, Strawberry, Lebao and other music festivals, the music festival is no longer an extraordinary performance in a year. It has become a regular performance of mature bands, and the small band can also continue through the music festival. Meet the audience, launch new works, and inform the new schedule.

The popularity of Livehouse and music festivals among the masses seems to solve the livelihood problem of the band, but the band has not stopped exploring the topic. For a while, the new trousers band played with the earth shake, “the lyrics are particularly long, like the pupils’ essays”, the style has changed, and the melody is particularly popular at the festival. The commercial success did not make Peng Lei insist on shaking. “There is no such thing in my heart.” Later, they played synthesizers and discos. At the festival, when the last band finished, and it was their turn, the people underneath were almost gone.

Is it too far away from the audience, they began to reflect on such issues. When they returned to the three major pieces of rock music, “There is no ideal person is not sad” wrote the struggle and confusion at that time, “material scam, rushing ants, unknowing people are not sad, I don’t die in failure alone. I don’t want to live in the ground all the time.”

New decade, no need for rock
Before accepting the invitation of “The Summer of the Band”, Ulyssa, the vice president of Modern Sky, moved to the TV for three times.

The first time was 5 years ago, the TV station only gave garbage time, which is equal to the program white; the second time, the band MV was all taken, but the program group asked to cover the original after the original, “This is irreconcilable with the band. Contradiction”; for the third time, the program group gave a script asking the band to “play”. Three times ended in failure, even if the show was out, Ulysée did not take a look.

The market has not yet developed. When it comes to rock music that is sung in Livehouse and underground studios, it is difficult for all parties to reach a consensus when it comes to popular popularity.

In fact, with the development of the Chinese entertainment industry, the music variety has changed dramatically. In 2012, “China’s Good Voice” sprang up, tapping the voice of amateurs, and supplying oxygen to the Chinese music circle. In the second year, “I am a singer” was launched. This program is intended to re-interpret classic songs and refurbished, unrecognizable singers. .

Both programs are in the seventh season. Under excessive consumption, surprises are no longer. The previous champions of “Good Voice” rarely have a Hall of Fame that really went into Chinese pop music. The gold content of the famous star-making star is not as good as Bi’s “Star Avenue”.

The market needs new voices, breaking the routine and being boring until “China has hip hop”. Hip-hop breakout is the success of street culture and niche culture as a popular culture product, and it is also the beginning of variety research youth culture. Since then, hip hop rap, street dance, talk show, skateboarding, all the “cool things” in these young eyes have been transformed into variety products.

This time, it was finally the turn of the band. The modern sky is the first label that Mi Mi knocked down. After the unprecedented success of “Qi Yu said”, Mi has not been caught in an innovative dilemma. New programs such as “The Temptation of the Dinner”, “Baibo Meat” and “Black and White Planet” have not been effective.

In the view of Li Tong, the agent of the band Mr. Turtle, the commonality between “The Summer of the Band” and “The Wonderful Story” lies in the expression. The former is the expression of musical attitude, the latter is the expression of opinion, which is also the factor she thinks may be successful. One.

The popularity of “Qi Yu said” is to create “exquisite” expressions such as Xiao Wei and Yan Rujing. People are the key here, and the same “routines” are also applied in “The Summer of the Band”.

Music columnist Guo Xiaohan is looking at “The Summer of the Band” for friends in the circle. She thinks that the most fundamental thing about this program is people. “The draft is also a selection of people, good singers, good songs, everyone does not remember the songs, remember people. The Chinese audience can only appreciate people, can not appreciate the real technology, the real rhythm.”

Beyond the story, music has become a pastime and a foil. The feeling card is also a kind of story expression. Therefore, before the program was recorded, Peng Lei heard that the average age of the band was above 35. He wondered: “What do you want these bands to do to shame?”

He didn’t understand that the 30-year-old face band played against the younger generation. Zhang Yadong, who had been mixed with the big brother, sat opposite. These people had a relationship with their relationship for 30 years. The first note of “Beast” sounded. This story has already been told in half.

In fact, Mi Fu may have neglected the impact of short video on the long narrative narrative structure. The performance of the band was more clipped into short video on Weibo, B station and other platforms. For the broadcast platform iQiyi, click The amount will be greatly reduced.

“The Summer of the Band is not doing big traffic, but using small and medium traffic to do the topic.” In Guo Xiaohan’s view, this program should be labeled “If You Are the One.” She believes that this is a set of algorithmic precision products, like the band can see the works, rock, punk, jazz, folk songs to choose from, the story can also see the old cannons on the ideal, the newcomers to the society. Ma Dong, who plays the role of “Yin Chi”, shoulders the dialogue between the whole world and rock music.

In the face of this complete set of sophisticated products, the band who used to feel a sense of distance from the public first lost to the competition system. The competition and elimination between the bands made the band that had never been baptized by the market feel pressure and discomfort.

“To the masses, to become a star, we must compromise. The band can go forward, all by personality, if they are not angular, they are not them.” Ulysée said the conflict between the band’s self-expression and the popular popularity.

Give up the self-expression of rock music, cater to the market, cater to the public taste, or rock music?

In recent years, Li Tong has frequently produced anxiety. The buzzword “Internet thinking” in the venture capital circle has also been introduced into the music circle. “This word has harmed many people. Most people are scared. I don’t have Internet thinking.” Li Tong said, this is dangerous. The signal, “How to use the platform to express yourself and be expressed by the platform is different.”

The market revolves around artists, and there is no music. In 2016, when the music festival broke out, Li Tong realized that the music festival became more and more like “The Same Song.” The performer told her which team made the money and then put some small artists, and a platter performance was formed. The market does not weigh the artists according to the music works, but to make a platter, according to the head, middle and tail artists, and then set the price standard.

In this traffic era, the new pants band did not stop looking for another new pair of pants. In 2017, in the film “Sewing Machine Band” filmed by Dapeng, the new trousers sang the episode “There is no ideal person is not sad”, and the anger brushed a sense of existence.

It is the dream of many bands to bring concerts into the work. At the end of March 2019, the new pants were done and the tickets sold out within 10 minutes. Ten years ago, they were on the road opposite the road, and the audience was only a hundred.

“Today’s life is only the mobile phone screen, the culture is no longer broad, and it no longer makes sense for young people. Everything is no longer important, except for what I look at in the mobile phone screen. The times don’t need intellectuals, no literary youth. Only the ordinary brother is needed.” The lead singer Peng Lei once lamented.

Inevitably, in “The Summer of the Band”, it still permeates the loss of middle-aged rockers. “Old” and “Ordinary” emerged from their mouths, watching the vitality of Jiu Lianzhen and Pan Nixilin, they showed their sincere envy.

This summer, the second-hand rose singer Liang Long started a beauty blogger, skillfully showing lipstick to the camera and using his heart as a background board. “I believe everyone is no stranger to this position, but it is especially strange to me. This is just The people in our team taught me.” After not adapting to the big brokerage mode and leaving the modern sky, the second-hand rose did not take a new road, and the problems faced by independent operations were only a lot.

Liang Long needs new channels and new ways of communication. As the audience grows, new rock music and new expressions are needed. The reason why rock in the 1990s was classic is because it is close to the pulse of the times. However, if the band is only satisfied with the feelings of the cards, it is too small to be too complicated in the Internet age and the emotional appeal of the new generation.