What is more interesting than the adventure of the pets?

The “Love Pet Secret 2”, which was created by Universal Pictures and Lighting Entertainment, was launched and officially released. The film focuses on the secret life of the pets when the owner is not at home, and uses the super cute laughter to bring the audience into an entertaining joyful adventure. In this adventure, the other side of the pet’s unknown is constantly being revealed.

As the most anticipated animated comedy masterpiece this summer, “Love Pet Secret 2” tells a happy story about the “decompression and healing” of the people in the fast-paced life of modern times, trying to adapt to the identity of “Daddy Dad” and pursue The courageous Mike, who has the master’s favor and gradually learns to take care of it, is a shackle for love, and every pet has ushered in new growth. While revealing the life of surprise and creative love, it perfectly fits the film’s further discussion on the theme of “We love our pets, but do we really understand them?”, the two-way relationship between pets and their owners. Resonate with the audience. Some well-known film bloggers praised: “What else is more interesting than the adventures of the pets? The story completely captures the essence of pets and the essence of pets.”

“Anti-drug 2” double male confrontation, heaven and earth confrontation

Liu Dehua and Gu Tianle staged 20 years of brotherly grievances

On July 7th, the film “The Anti-Virus 2 Days vs. Ding”, directed by Qiu Litao, directed by Liu Dehua, Gu Tianle and Miao Qiaowei, was held in Beijing for the premiere conference. The film was the first film after Andy Lau’s fall from the horse. When he was invited, he happened to be recovering from injury and wanted to pick up a film that was not so stressed. “There are three brothers (Miao Qiaowei) and Gu Tianle in this play. It should not be worse.” The film uses “drugs” as a clue to tell a world-to-world confrontation between the financial giants Yu Shuntian and Gu Tianle’s Hong Kong’s largest drug dealer’s land. At the same time, “Anti-Vibration 2” is also after the “disciple” 12 years ago, Andy Lau again with the big screen of the ancient music, the film of Yu Shuntian and the 20-year-old brothers in the film due to poison, and Andy Lau, the ancient brothers outside the theater for 12 years After reunion. For Louis Koo, Andy Lau praised: “I met an actor who has so much enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the movie as I do. I hope that our performance can really show the world’s matchmaking in the movie.” Gu Tianle said frankly: A movie can not only bear the function of storytelling, but also should be a mirror to illuminate reality. “Antivirus 2″ is very practical.”

“The Crossover Comedy King” released in the fourth quarter

Ni Ping and Zhu Xiaotian joined to detonate this summer

On June 26th, Beijing Satellite TV’s original star cross-border comedy sports program “Cross-Border Comedy King” held a press conference at the recording site. This conference broke the rules and was very “dare to play”. Not only was the general director Qin Hao cross-border as the moderator, but even the first cross-border people challenged the 3-minute impromptu performance. The show has not yet started broadcasting, let the media present to explore the strength of the guests, I am afraid that only the “cross-border comedy king” has this guts. Compared with the first three seasons, “The Cross-Border Comedy King” adheres to the first four seasons, and adds new ideas that keep pace with the times in terms of content and gameplay. According to Qin Wei, this season’s program will create a stronger sense of war on the competition system. The concept of “Wang” continues to exist from the first phase of the program. The stage is equipped with the “Gao Ding Throne”. The team will enjoy a 360-degree “throne” treatment with no dead ends in the next issue. In the fourth season, the reality show is also enhanced in the program presentation. The whole process of the story from the birth of the concept to the stage is presented. As Qin said: “I hope that the program can record the true meaning of everyone in this era. Thinking about it, recording everyone’s thoughts, cleverness, and even small mistakes, recording the little fun of each of us in the context of the big era, this is our small pursuit.”

15th anniversary of ASK animation

Adhering to the initial heart, the dream of anime

On July 5th, the domestic strength animation production company ASK Animation held the ASK Animation 15th Anniversary and 2019 New Works Release Conference in Beijing, which released the fourth season of “Wancun Xianyu”, “Today’s Stars”, “The Last Summoner”, “Black” A series of customized and original works such as Impermanence. “For 15 years, ASK Animation has been dedicated to the creation of animation, comics and other content. We hope that the dream of the entire Chinese animation industry can be seen and realized in the future by us and other industry partners.” ASK Animation CEO Yu Yu said. Starting from the most popular FLASH animation, the status of the bounty hunter continues and develops. In the 15 years, without abandoning the feelings and initial heart, ASK animation also respects the market rules and pays attention to self-hematopoietic ability. “We have always been adhering to the attitude of treating each case-to-case OEM with the original works, and exerting its strongest creative ability within a certain capital and period.” Yu said. At the press conference, Yang Xiaoxuan, vice president of iQiyi and head of the animation and venture capital business department, revealed that the iQiyi customized project “The Fourth Season of Wan Gu Xian”, which is highly anticipated by fans, is about to go online. At the same time, Lin Lingling, general manager of the iQiyi animation business department, said that the first animation drama “Today’s Stars”, which will be co-produced with ASK Animation, will be broadcast in November this year. “Any industry wants to be truly strong, not just relying on external forces such as policy or capital. Without a solid talent base, a sound business model, and a long-standing industry standard, everything will be a castle in the air. And all these improvements require practitioners. Seek solutions from yourself.”

Cheng Yizhai contemporary famous home screen exhibition and Xishan Yaji held

Big coffee party art feast

Recently, “Cheng Yi Zhai Contemporary Famous Screen Exhibition and Xishan Yaji” was held in Chengyizhai Art Museum. The participating artists are 14 representatives of the contemporary art world and outstanding young painters. Among the painters, Zhang Fuxing, Cheng Zhenguo and Man Weiqi are important contemporary landscape painters, all of which have created their own exclusive style. Zhao Jiancheng, Ma Guoqiang, Miao Zaixin and Shi Guoliang are representative painters of contemporary realities. Miao Zaixin is the winner of the 11th National Art Exhibition Gold Award. Fan Yang’s characters, landscapes, flowers, birds, beasts and grass worms are all fine… This exhibition is a collection of works that Cheng Yizhai has collected for many years. The market is rare. . Participating in the Aiji painter’s high specification and influence, it can be described as a gathering of big coffee, a feast of art. This year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Cheng Yizhai. In the past 10 years, Cheng Yizhai has insisted on selling only genuine products and eliminating the art of rivers and lakes. It has become a famous brand gallery in the country and enjoys a high reputation in the world of calligraphy and painting.

2019 Primary School Art Creative Course Excellent Works Exhibition

Love “art” is full of creativity

Recently, the opening ceremony of the “2019 Primary School Art Creative Course Excellent Works Exhibition” was held at the Oga Art Museum. The exhibition was jointly hosted by Beijing Dongcheng District Youth Education College, Beijing Dongcheng Artists Association Youth Art Committee, Central Academy of Arts and Crafts Affiliated High School, Beijing Yingjie Hard Rock Art Museum. More than 300 outstanding works were exhibited. They are whimsical. Relevant leading guests and more than 100 students from the cadres, teachers and students of the US and China, and the students of the Youth and Youth Affairs Department attended the event. In his speech, the guest thought that Dongcheng District Youth Education College and Gongmei Affiliated School jointly opened an office-oriented art course for students, which was the first initiative in Beijing and even the whole country. This exhibition is an internationally-recognized exhibition of children’s creative paintings. Dongcheng Education implements the new level and new height of the reform of the college system and the promotion of quality and balanced development. The classmate who just won the “Gold Award” for the National Youth Children’s “Little Goldfish” Comic Exhibition, said that the Leo’s course has made her gain a lot, and she has learned art and painting.

Review Meeting of the “6th National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition”

Promote the progress and prosperity of Chinese art

Recently, the “Review of the Sixth National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition” was successfully held in the National Painting Institute of China. The “6th National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition” aims to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the national painting institutes, fully demonstrate the achievements of the art production and research of the National Academy of Painting, and play the role of the demonstration system of the Academy of Fine Arts in the study of national art creation, and promote the progress of Chinese art. With prosperity. Since ancient times, the Academy has been an important force in the inheritance and development of Chinese art. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, under the guidance of the party’s literary and artistic policies and policies, the Academy has made considerable progress. Especially after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the basic strategy of cultural construction in the new era was clarified. The artists of the vast art academy have a high degree of cultural conscious, firm cultural self-confidence, deep life, rooted in the people, created a large number of outstanding fine art works, and achieved fruitful theoretical research. On June 21st, the first press conference of the exhibition was held at the National Painting Institute of China. At the meeting, it was announced that after the strict and fair selection of the jury of the 6th National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition, the selection of 321 Chinese paintings, 87 oil paintings, 26 prints, 22 sculptures and 40 calligraphy engravings were selected. Will participate in the final evaluation.

Literary talent training course was successfully held

Do not forget the initial mind to remember the mission

In order to thoroughly study the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we will carry out the theme education of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission” and strengthen the construction of the cadres of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the literary talents. Recently, it was sponsored by Tongzhou District Literary Federation and co-organized by Qingzhou Wenlian Federation of Shandong Province. I don’t forget the initial heart and keep in mind the mission. The training is divided into three parts, namely case teaching, special lectures, and on-site teaching. In the course of the special lectures, the on-site teaching was interspersed, and the educational bases such as Qingzhou Wenlian and Qingzhou Museum were visited, so that the students could understand the culture of Qingzhou more intuitively and systematically. This training is the Tongzhou District Federation of Literature and Art to study Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively grasp the overall requirements of the central government’s prosperity and development of socialist literature and art, and understand the mastery of Beijing’s urban sub-center culture construction and profound connotation The cadres and literary and art workers of the Education and Guiding District will not forget their initial intentions, keep their mission in mind, and effectively improve their political quality and serve the overall situation.

Chen Chusheng’s new album “The Tide of Light” first hearing

Demystifying the journey of “The Tide of Light”

On June 20th, Chen Chusheng held a personal first album reception in Beijing. On the scene, Chen Chusheng jumped away from the image of the singer in the eyes of the media. He opened the game with the identity of the host, except that he introduced the new album with the album producer Arai. The creative process of Light is to share how to pass, communicate and implement the concepts in mind, and to re-understand the creative orientation provided by different creators. After digesting, find new ways of deduction, and shape and pass the music out. Chen Chusheng said: The process itself is like a journey of light. Chen Chusheng admits that after finishing the last album “One-Seventh Ideal”, he has been thinking about “What should I do for two-sevenths?” So he found Arai, the first time for two people from 2014. At the beginning of the collaboration, the new album decided to join forces again, based on his professionalism as a producer and his familiarity as a friend. Chen Chusheng and Arai No. 11 define the concept of the new album as “Tide of Light”: this is a kind of exploration. Facing the bright side means trying to try new possibilities, and the shadow side represents the past. As long as it faces the light, the shadow will fall behind it. Chen Chusheng in the trend is conducting a exploration and experiment without deviating from the public’s cognition.

Modern Sky MVM teamed up with Chaoyang Joy City

Create a youth culture trend block

UNI_JOY, the trend theme block created by Modern Sky’s visual creative label MVM and Chaoyang Joy City, was officially opened in June. This is the “Modern Sky Gathering Field” jointly defined, planned and jointly operated by both parties. The modern sky, which has been developed for 21 years, has been dedicated to promoting independent culture with music as its main axis. MVM has also created a new youth culture storm center by absorbing multicultural blood. Chaoyang Joy City is a landmark of Beijing youth culture, and it manages the youth ecology with the idea of ​​“Youth Road, Youth All the Way”. The UNI_JOY space integrates the trend of business and youth culture, and transforms the way of China’s physical business and youth culture development. It has a multi-format combination and avant-garde fashion experience, representing the new, returning and redefining the offline consumption scene. Young people are no longer socializing. The network understands the trend culture, but walks into the real world under the line, and truly feels the impact and collision brought by the trend life.

UNICEF’s first parent-child month celebration

Parenting is not perfect

In June 2019, UNICEF launched its first parent-child month celebration, a festival that celebrates the parenting of parents and family members around the world. For the parents of young children, while enjoying the beautiful and happy parent-child time, they often feel the hardship, stress and exhaustion of taking the children, and there will be times when they are not satisfactory, but all the efforts are worth it. In contrast to striving for “perfect moments” or “perfect parents,” UNICEF encourages parents to spend more time with their children, providing them with the necessary nutrition, early enlightenment and protection, namely #nutrition, games and care. Every second that the family invests in early childhood helps the child grow up healthy and happy, and has a good beginning in life. Cynthia McCaffrey, UNICEF Representative in China, said, “Life is not perfect for parents, other caregivers or children. However, every real moment in the early stages of the child’s growth is It is precious and praiseworthy. Parents’ accompanying children and the nutrition, protection, care and early enlightenment they provide will help them thrive.”

Quick dry hair, no excessive temperature, designed for different hair

A new generation of Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer officially released

Dyson is committed to becoming a leader in the hair styling industry, and has continued to study hair science for many years, constantly detecting consumer concerns and perceptions of hair damage. Dyson’s engineering design philosophy is to repeatedly research and innovation, and hope to use innovative technology to solve the hair problems that consumers ignore. After six years of continuous research and testing of different types of hair, they developed a new generation of Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryers, with a new development of soft air nozzles and a new generation of style nozzles and diffuser nozzles, fast drying, no need to be too high The temperature, care for the soft hair and delicate scalp, while preventing the fading of the hair caused by high temperature, thus protecting the healthy luster of the hair. Dry hair requires a combination of airflow and heat. When the airflow cannot be reached, it is necessary to increase the heat to accelerate the dry hair, which can easily cause overheating damage to the hair. In order to prevent hair damage, consumers who use a higher frequency of hair dryers pay more attention to temperature-related functions – intelligent temperature control 2. In response to this problem, the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer uses a powerful, controlled airflow to quickly dry hair without relying on prolonged exposure of the hair to heat for dry hair, while meeting the basic consumer needs for hair styling. Developed with precision engineering, the Dyson SupersonicTM blower features a ninth-generation digital motor that spins at up to 110,000 rpm and combines Dyson’s Air AmplifierTM airflow multiplier technology to produce 41 liters per second of 4 powerful uniform airflow. Effectively reduce the reliance on heat and quickly dry the moisture from the surface of the hair. At the same time, Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer intelligent temperature control system more than 40 times per second 4 temperature measurement, to prevent hair from being too high temperature damage, thus protecting the healthy and shiny hair.

“Public Media” scientific and technological papers results promotion salon

Technology makes medicine more magical

Advances in medical technology have led to the treatment of more and more diseases, which not only facilitates doctors’ treatment, but also brings hope to patients. How to achieve “early diagnosis, early treatment, early rehabilitation” is the goal and motivation of medical science and technology workers in scientific research and innovation. At present, some serious diseases have been foreseen and prevented in the early stage, and the advancement of medical technology has far surpassed the imagination of ordinary people. On June 27, 2019, the 22nd issue of “School Media” scientific and technological papers and the promotion of the “Technology makes medicine more magical” special session was held in the academic hall of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. In this issue, “Civil Media” Salon was specially invited by Sun Jing, the editorial director of Concord Medical Journal, and invited three experts from the medical field to introduce the latest research theories and research results. After the introduction of the salon, Associate Professor Li Nai-Yi, Department of Endocrinology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, led the media and the audience to visit the Union Hospital case exhibition. The medical record of Concord carries the heavy history of medical development of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. It also concocts the spirit of harmony that insists on serving patients and constantly pursuing innovation. It deeply feels the rigorous and refinement of the hospitality concept and the emphasis on historical inheritance.

9 art roads from Milan to Shanghai

Nine journeys through time

The exhibition “Nine Journeys of Time” was co-presented by the Yu Deyao Art Museum and Alcantara, and evolved from the same-named exhibition held at the Prince’s Palace in Milan. “Nine journeys through time” presents a group of talented artists, and nine art paths come together. They express their visions in different creative languages. These works reflect the transition from painting to fashion, from digital design to the transformation of music; artists draw inspiration from the unique media of Alcantara, analyze their various tendencies and potentials, and explore their inventions and production processes. Collaborate with technicians and experts to create in an independent direction or through innovative collaborative projects. Each artist has created a field-specific work, initially a dialogue with the Royal Palace of Milan, whose space is full of great creativity and the starting point for these journeys: from abnormal scientific laboratories to leeches, mutations The sinusoids, the phantoms of the gods, and the psychedelic corridors and quirky rhythms, twisting back and forth between natural objects and artifacts. All of this energy is mutated and transformed in the main exhibition hall of Shanghai Yu Deyao Art Museum. The exhibition aims to provide a journey of experience, so that the souls who are willing to immerse in it feel a mystery. Each scene is a surprise, projecting us into a series of fascinating time and space dimensions.

Inner Mongolia Parent-child Studies Cultural Tourism Product Launch Conference Held in Beijing

Demonstrate Inner Mongolia’s unique resources and cultural experience

On June 19th, the 2019 “Youna Nadam” Inner Mongolia Parent-child Studies Cultural Tourism Product Launching Conference hosted by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department was held in Beijing. With the core values ​​of socialism and the concept of grassland culture as the core, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department, based on the research and refinement of the “Nadam” culture, combines the parent-child research theme tourism brand developed with the characteristics of adolescents – Juvenile Nadam. Published the top ten themes of cultural tourism in Inner Mongolia in 2019. Deputy Director of Wei Zhiguo said in his speech that Inner Mongolia has three major advantages in developing parent-child education and cultural tourism: First, Inner Mongolia has a long history and rich culture. Inner Mongolia is the main birthplace and bearing place of grassland civilization, with profound cultural heritage, rich cultural resources and culture. The charm is unique; the second is the rich natural and cultural landscape in Inner Mongolia, the six natural humanities and wonders of grasslands, lakes, deserts, monuments, forests and folk customs. The children can conduct ecological research and understand the beauty of harmony between man and nature. Third, the resources of Inner Mongolia The foundation is solid. Chishi City Keshiketeng Geopark was selected as the first batch of national research and travel demonstration bases in 2016. Baotou Primary and Secondary School Social Comprehensive Practice Education Center was rated as “National Primary and Secondary School Students’ Practice Education Camp”. At the event site, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department launched the 2019 Inner Mongolia Parent-child Research and Innovation Product Tourism Season, and promoted the top ten Inner Mongolia Parent-child Studies Tourism Theme products in the form of stage dramas, vividly demonstrating Inner Mongolia’s unique resources and cultural experiences.

The world’s first fruit and vegetable crops are released across the border

Microcrystalline + fruit net dual engine to explore the freshness of Chinese home appliances

On June 16th, the 2019 brand night with the theme of “Exploring Freshness” kicked off on the shore of Fuxian Lake in Yunnan, China. At the press conference, the world’s first fruit and vegetable in addition to the pesticide refrigerator – the US fruit net series was officially released, the microcrystalline series was first released as a whole family, and the net flavor series was synchronized with the national premiere. Midea’s refrigerators use intelligent preservation, minimalist design and ingredients to process the DNA of the three major products, breaking through the inherent framework and technology boundaries of the refrigerator industry, and gradually establishing a new paradigm for user-oriented refrigerators. Matte gray frosted glass, natural rare mineral grinding primer, with 0.05mm fine brushed panel, on stage, the beautiful lineup of the beautiful refrigerator micro-crystal family, highlighting its aesthetics, ultimate craftsmanship and minimalist design Unique expression. At the press conference, the US refrigerator fruit and vegetable purification experiment was successfully verified by dozens of scientific experts from various fields and nearly 200 authoritative media witnessed by well-known testing institutions SGS physical and chemical laboratory researchers. At the press conference, Chen Kun expressed his unique understanding of refrigerators, ingredients and life: the beauty of the refrigerator explores not only technological innovation, but also a way of life. The refrigerator should not be just a carrier of cold ice and food, it should be full of love and care, and bring a healthy life to the family.