Easy running tips

During the running and after the exercise, everyone will encounter various problems, such as muscle soreness after running, chest pain during running, and even some people will have cramps during running, etc. These symptoms are all for a reason. In addition, some people feel that running is very tired, which may be caused by not adjusting the running frequency or adjusting the breathing. Here are some tips for running without getting tired.

Replenish water before running

When running, the human body accelerates the evaporation of water, and after the water is consumed in a large amount, it will cause the human body to lack water. At this time, it is suitable to drink some glucose or warm water and light salt water before exercise, not only can add water in advance, but also make the throat more comfortable during running.

However, do not drink too much water, it is easy to increase the burden of gastrointestinal, because the human body should help the gastrointestinal digestion of the blood will flow to the whole body during the running, the gastrointestinal will complete the whole digestion process in isolation. Therefore, everyone must drink water properly and avoid drinking too much.

Nasal mouth

During the running process, many people feel dry and dry, and some may have symptoms of sore throat. In addition to the lack of water, it may be caused by excessive breathing during breathing or environmental respiratory pain. When running, you need a nose to inhale and a mouth to exhale, so as to avoid excessive and excessive air flow into the respiratory tract.

Rhythm of breathing

When running, pay attention to the rhythm and regularity of running, do not arbitrarily control your own speed, so as not to overdraw your physical strength and achieve your goals.

Pay attention to the rhythm of breathing, it is easier to run the whole process, but also to develop a plan to control the speed, to know that the speed required for 500 meters and 1000 meters is not the same, need uniform speed, so as not to run out of course.

Avoid head vibration

Some people will feel dizzy when running. This condition is caused by the vibration of the head. In the process of running, the vibration is inevitable, we must pay attention to keep the head as straight as possible to avoid vibration. The upper body is straight and the legs are not raised too high, which will help the running more stable.

Pay attention to saving energy

When running, you should distribute your strength evenly. Don’t break your own rhythm, for example, don’t go beyond the people who appear in front. Because the rhythm is upset, it is difficult to stick to it. The correct way is to accelerate and keep pace at your own pace.