Good actor, not robbing

CNN recently made a poll. The most popular in Trump’s family is not Trump, not Ivanka, nor Trump’s son-in-law Kushner, but Trump’s wife Melanie. Ya.

How wonderful! Everyone’s impressions are always smiling, with long, narrow eyes and half-sentences. They are more popular than those who are capable. No wonder that “silence is gold”. My wife said even better: “If the husband is noisy, the best performance of the wife is not to be angry. You think, Trump’s big mouth is already enough trouble, if his wife is like Hillary Clinton, it is not the world. Big chaos?”

Love “now” is enough to bring disaster

Today, the general manager is wearing a two-carat diamond ring. Can you ask your wife to wear five carats? Today, the boss opened the Honda car, can you drive Mercedes?

Of course you can! You can intentionally let the boss know how thick your foundation is and how hard your backstage is. To be honest, a brand-name bag of your wife can reveal a little news, causing some discussion, benefit or disaster.

I have seen something that I want to know, but I am self-defeating. One company held a year-end dinner at the Grand Hotel. A special wife, a special wife, waited for the wife of the big boss to make a good impression on the boss and facilitate her promotion. The wife also did not disgrace her mission and greeted her all the way. After the meeting, the big boss and the couple left first. At the door, the wife of the big boss took out fifty dollars. He was about to give the younger brother who opened the door. A hand suddenly appeared next to him: “I am coming to me!” Then two hundred The money was stuffed into the younger brother. Only when I got on the bus, the boss asked the boss unhappy: “Who is that? In front of me? Is your salary too high?”

Are you saying that this is self-defeating?

Pass the good ball to someone else

Passing is often much better than taking a straight shot. For example, when eating, a lady wears a beautiful ring on her hand and a precious earring on her ear. She licks her hair and gestures. You see that she wants “what is the treasure” and she volunteers to say, “Hey! What good things do you wear?” Even if you know that her husband’s wedding anniversary gift, but in order to bring out her favorite topic, you can also install Curious, ask: “So beautiful and expensive jewelry, who sent it?”

What is the middle of the mind? This is! When others are proud of things, and are afraid to show off, when you are embarrassed to say, you take the initiative to point things out, the other party will be grateful to you. Don’t think this is simple. The people are very good. Some people obviously see things that are worthy of praise. They will pretend not to see them. I have heard a friend’s wife, saying that she deliberately put the old pit glass jade ring on her right hand, and eaten a meal. She did not know how many times she had caught the food. The eyes of a table were all “squeaky”. No one mentions a sentence, it is really mad at her!

The first important thing in life is to recognize your position on every occasion. Are you the protagonist or the supporting role? Are you boss or old man? Any occasion, when your performance desires to attack, you must first look around, is that your stage? Will you grab the protagonist’s play? Will you hurt the heart of the protagonist?