Slow down and enjoy life

In recent years, with the broadening of biomedical research and the continuous revealing of the nature of life, it has been found that the length of human life is related to the degree of “physiological wear and tear”. If you can focus on a “slow” word in life, life expectancy will exceed The status quo and forward.

Slow heart rate

The speed of heart rate is also an important factor affecting the life of the human body. The number of heart rate per minute is an important basis for evaluating a person’s physical fitness and estimating the length of life of a person.

The normal person’s heart rate is 72 times per minute, and the life expectancy is about 75 years. There is still a long distance from the normal physiological life limit. The number of heart beats in a person’s life is between 1.4 billion and 1.9 billion times. The energy consumed by the heart every time it beats is about 1 joule. When the heart rate reaches a certain limit, the life will end itself.

People should keep their mood calm, do not fight, and with proper rest and breathing, their heart rate will slow down and their life expectancy will be extended.

Eating slowly

The preferred health concept of modern people is that the diet should be healthy, and the important part of a healthy diet is to chew slowly, which is good for health and longevity.

Eating slowly is especially important for middle-aged and elderly people. Due to the deterioration of various gland functions and the relative reduction of gastric juice, saliva, pancreatic juice and bile, and the loosening of teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to the slowness of eating. Improves functional incompatibility due to slow swallowing reflexes.

Slow work

Sports work can be fitness, recharge and recharge can be extended. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if you don’t work for a long time, your blood will stagnate and weaken the function and vitality of the organs. But there is a degree in everything. If you work too much, you will consume more energy, which will lead to loss of blood. Like sports, boxing, Sanda, athletics, intense action, thrilling, athletes injured and short-lived. Slow walks, gentle Tai Chi and aerobics can make people strong and longevity, indicating that slow work can reduce energy consumption, help recharge and rejuvenate.

Slow bowel movement

“The front door is loose, the back door is tight” is a sign of human health, indicating that the urine is excreted smoothly, and there is no problem with the function of the urinary system. However, after entering the old age, constipation often does not come.

Some elderly people have constipation, they use their strength when they are defecation, and they are too rushed, causing prolapse and anal fissure. Even elderly people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will have a “slipping” phenomenon, which is very dangerous. . Therefore, you must stay a little while defecation, be steady, slow, and avoid excessive force and urgency.

Slow breathing

Breathing is the foundation of life. Modern biological research believes that in nature, the frequency of biological breathing is closely related to the length of life, the slower the breathing and the longer the life. If the big scorpion breathes 2 times a minute, the life expectancy is 500-700 years; the turtle breathes 5 times per minute, the life expectancy is about 300 years; the person breathes 16-18 times per minute, and the life expectancy is 72-80 years. According to your living environment and physical condition, the breathing will be slowed down to the limit of physiological tolerance, and people will live to the normal physiological life limit given by life.

Walking slowly

Walking on foot is a kind of aerobic exercise. The elderly often take steps to become a car, which can delay the premature aging of the body. It is beneficial to strengthen the kidney and kidney, regulate the heart and brain function, prevent senile dementia, insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness and limb numbness.

When walking, you should slow down. Because the age of “big stepping meteor” has passed, people’s old legs are weak, and most of them often see the forward gait of squatting, so it is easy to fall when they go fast, so go slowly, like a turtle. As careless as it is, it can not only regulate emotions, but also reduce physical exertion, and also play a role in fitness.