Everything can be anxious, only marriage is slow

The cousin has reached the age of the daughter-in-law, and since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, she has joined the blind army, and she has married several, and no one has a pair of eyes. Sangu Liupo looked in his eyes, anxiously in his heart, and persuaded: “Oh, almost the same, who is not married with someone else.” My cousin screamed: “Good.” Then he said to me Don’t believe that you are married to everyone. Some people pull you back to the world through the 18th floor of hell. Some people take you from heaven to the 18th floor. Can this be the same? At this point, I and the cousin reached a consensus. Marriage is a lifelong matter. Don’t marry because of marriage. Just marry because you are happy.

01 Bad marriage turns you bad
Although marriage is never the whole of a person, it should not hang the happiness of a lifetime in marriage. What I have to admit is that for most people, who is married, it is decided whether the days will be violent or windy.

In the first few days of class reunion, when the English son came in, we were all shocked and stunned. Where did the glamorous and unpretentious Englishman go? What we see now is a list of languid and sick, like a half-year-old mother who is old and weak. We can’t help but slam the side and understand what it is. She said that after the marriage, there was a small noisy for three days, a big noisy for five days, and she was exhausted. She said that even after she had a child, her husband never took a hand, and she often had a busy stomach. She said that once she did not do well enough, her husband ridiculed in cold words… Listening to his words, the smell is sad? If you encounter the wrong person in your marriage, the small things in the family, such as rice and oil, can become the fuse of the quarrel.

A bad marriage can turn a savvy teenager into a frustrated person who sighs and sighs, and can also turn a girl who is not smothered by Yang Chun into a grievance. The world is the same for men and women, and the wrong person is a lifelong mistake.

02 Good marriage makes you better
Have you seen a problem online and what kind of experience is it to marry someone?

One person replied: It is about a day when you are working outside, thinking of meals and lights at home, and thinking of the lovely people who are waiting for you to return home, and then cheering up. You will feel that if you have a hard time, you can see hope and you can touch the warmth. She is there, and beauty is there. I know how much this netizen feels. If you have a good person, you can avoid yourself from being shocked, avoid yourself from being disturbed, and have a branch to follow. No matter where you are, there will be no sense of displacement.

It’s as if the supervisor told me something in a winery. Before he entered the company, he resigned from another company and ventured to start a business, but he did not expect to be defeated. He still remembers the experience of the failure of entrepreneurship, and it feels like the sky is falling. He not only squandered his savings for many years, but he did not know how to explain it to his wife. I did not expect his wife to take the initiative to comfort him. Simply put: If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. Let’s not be guilty all day. It’s a big deal to sell the house to rent a house, sell the car and take the bus. This little day is not the same. The supervisor listened to his wife’s words, and felt that this business failed. There is a person who is willing to share with you. The big things are just like the dust on your body.

Zhu Shenghao said to Song Qingru: “If we both dream together in the rain, how the mood is different, or insomnia in the rain, it is also tasteful.”

When you meet the right person, you can play with the trivial things in the world. When you are bored, you can taste it. When you meet the right person, the wind and rain can be shared, the wind and the day can be anxious, but the marriage is slow and warm, and the world is worth it.

03 Everything can be anxious, only marriage is slow
This is how many people’s experiences and stories: Listen to what others say, where there are so many sentiments, and then think about it yourself; can’t stand the parents’ tight reminders every day, catching a relatively pleasing eye should be the marriage; Seeing that I have reached this age, I also refuse to adhere to my own principles. Who knows, the moment to make a decision on the teeth, but into the happiness of the latter half of life.

A person who was married because he was old, said: I feel that life is very bad. When they were eating, they kept silent; chatting, she didn’t want to talk. One day, she was there to play music and asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. She liked it. I accompanied her. I think marriage should look better, but she said “I don’t want to.” Yes, we haven’t had a lot of noise, but it’s really boring. A good marriage, life can produce a flower of happiness everywhere; the marriage will only blame each other, or a pool of stagnant water.

I like the phrase in “paper marriage”: from the beginning, love is a romantic thing, and marriage is a solemn thing.

A 30-year-old friend who hasn’t gotten married has said something similar to me: If you even get married, it’s just a matter of life. Is there anything big in life that deserves our solemnity? Indeed, marriage is a matter of life, slow and precious. If you are in full bloom, the breeze comes. If you haven’t met it yet, don’t worry, the world of one person is also self-sufficient and has a long stream of water.

If a person is 75 years old, the person you chose in your 20s, you have to spend most of your life with him. You have to eat at a table; you have to sleep under one roof; you have to raise children together…

If you live with the right person, for the rest of your life, everything will last. If it is wrong, life is bleak. Marriage is a journey for many people who has no turning back. Happiness or misfortune has laid the foundation for the moment when they decided to get married.

A good marriage, all of which are warm, he will bring you better every day. Bad marriage, life in vain. So don’t believe “who is married to everyone”, it’s really different.

If you want to be unmarried, you must understand that marriage is the second life and treat it with caution. I hope that you are married, work hard, and let each other become the right person.