Is it possible to sunscreen comfortably?

Q1 sunscreen products are more and more diverse, and some are getting lighter and thinner, but the high-multiple sunscreens used at the beach are still thick and greasy. Why?
A physical sunscreen system mainly uses titanium dioxide and other ingredients to form a protective film on the skin surface to reflect the sun’s rays. The chemical sunscreen system uses chemical components to absorb light and consume it internally. Both sun protection systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, so nowadays universal sunscreen products have both of the above characteristics. If it is not for a long time in outdoor activities, most of the time is indoors, you can choose a sunscreen with a lower coefficient. Refreshing does not put too much burden on the skin. If it is a long-term outdoor activity, sunscreen must choose a high multiple, while taking into account all exposed skin, silty physical sunscreen or oily chemical sunscreen is the first choice, then greasy feeling is inevitable.

Q2 I would like to know if I have already applied SPF BB cream and foundation type products, do I need to apply sunscreen before?
A Some people think that sunscreen should be done every step, layer by layer to achieve the best sunscreen effect, but the fact is that the protection value of sunscreen products can not be superimposed, and only the highest sun protection factor is calculated. Sunscreen technology has improved and the texture is more refreshing, and the ingredients are still effective in various base products. Then if you have a high sun protection factor in your makeup products, then applying sunscreen will only be a waste. The multi-layered sunscreen ingredients will make the makeup look thick and the skin will feel pressure.

Q3 sunscreen products will disappear due to time and sun exposure, so really need to apply once every two to three hours?
A Although the sunscreen products are marked with a strong sun protection factor, but often this happens under ideal conditions. In the summer, a lot of sweat will wash away the sunscreen, and I think I have been fully protected by sunscreen products. Thoroughly stabbed. The physical sunscreen ingredients are very stable, mainly for the purpose of reflection, so the sunscreen will remain for a long time without wiping or sweating. Chemical sunscreens use chemical reactions to digest ultraviolet light. As long as they are exposed to ultraviolet light, they must be regularly rubbed. This is because the sunscreen contained in it does not work after absorbing certain light. When conditions permit, complaints about sun protection before sunscreen have always been in place. Every summer, we must be careful to guard against the ultraviolet rays of the giant python, but also endure the strong use of sunscreen products; fear of light aging Can we not pursue the perfect combination of strict sun protection and comfort? Simple cleaning should be done, such as wiping with a makeup remover cotton and a lotion, and removing a sunscreen-free chemical sunscreen or a physical sunscreen that has been mixed with oil. If it is not convenient, sunscreen spray and powder with sun protection factor are the best choice at this time.

Is medical beauty worth trying?
Q1 is now a popular micro-shaping project. What are the technologies that are quite mature and worth trying?
Since the development of medical beauty, it has long been bidding farewell to high-risk risks, especially the emphasis on non-invasive and minimally invasive microsurgery. The more mature technology can almost make most people accept the attempt of micro-integration projects. In terms of choice, if you are very sensitive to the action or pain, phototherapy may be your best first step in this area. Laser laser surgery can basically achieve non-invasive, no pain, and the recovery period is short. The rich equipment can almost solve the all-round beauty needs such as whitening, blemishes, tightening pores and resisting relaxation. Further injection surgery is also guaranteed with the standardization of drugs. The quality supervision of hyaluronic acid and botulinum can already make us feel confident enough to move some caution on the face.

Q2 face contour is getting looser and looser. It is impossible to get fundamental improvement by ordinary anti-aging products. I always want to try hyaluronic acid filling. What is the effect? ​​Is the side effect obvious?
A first thing to understand is that hyaluronic acid is a substance that our body itself has. It is only a variety of forms of hyaluronic acid. As a hyaluronic acid molecule filling the face, it is not easy to be absorbed by the skin quickly, so it can form a certain support inside the skin. Achieve improved relaxation. But as mentioned before, it is a substance that the body has. It will still be slowly absorbed as the body metabolizes, so it needs to be supplemented to maintain it after a while. However, the application of hyaluronic acid has certain requirements for the doctor’s skill. The dosage of the application and the shaping of the later period determine whether it can exhibit a natural tight swelling. The selection of products must also choose qualified products. In this field, the more well-known products in China are used in Ruilan, and Ruilan is also advocating the use of the legal system to regulate the medical beauty industry.

The wrinkles in the corners of Q3 are already very obvious, but they have always been timid for the skin surgery. Is it worthwhile to try the radio wave without the knife?
A does the skin surgery can improve the skin’s relaxation and texture problems immediately, but it can’t be accepted by most people. It will remove a certain degree of loose skin, and then fix the skin on both sides in the form of three- or five-claw. The wound is large and the recovery period is long. The radio wave is completely different from the implementation principle. The use of electric waves to stimulate the skin layer to tighten the loose skin and stimulate collagen at the same time, so as to achieve the same effect as the skin surgery, but does not cause visible damage to the skin. In recent years, the popular hot maggie and ultrasonic scalpel are upgraded versions of radio waves, which can deeply stimulate the skin to breed young energy and continue to make the skin energetic in a short time. The effect of one operation can even maintain three to five. year.