Napoleon was angry with no books

At the age of 10, Napoleon went to the Junior Military Academy in Paris. Due to family economic difficulties, he was 16 years old and he had to drop out of school. He became an artillery lieutenant and began a hard self-study life. He lives in a huts in a café in the city of Valence, often sitting alone in a sultry room, staring at the books, and forgetting to eat hard. There is a shop for renting books near the cafe. He sat in the shop for a whole day. In 1798, Napoleon was transferred to the commander-in-chief of the French Expeditionary Egyptian Army. He set up a small library on the warship, and all the books he had collected were personally selected by him. More than 40 days of maritime navigation, because of seasickness, Napoleon could not read, lying on the bed, let people read aloud for him. In 1807, the Battle of France and Russia was in a stalemate. Napoleon was furious because he had no books on the front line. He wrote a letter asking the relevant personnel in Paris and ordered them to promptly send all the newly published books and new books. Napoleon commanded nearly 60 battles throughout his life, almost every time with a military library to participate in the war.

Puyi spends a lot of time with glasses

In 1921, the abdicated funeral still lived in the Forbidden City. The Englishman, who was his English teacher, found that Pu Yi had been very close to her. When he told the insiders about the situation and the biological father of Pu Yi, they did not expect them to be indifferent. Johnston volunteered to find an ophthalmologist, but Duan Kang was too strict to prevent the doctor from approaching Puyi. The reason was that the Emperor’s dragon was very precious, and no one could look at it casually. She said: “If you let this foreign doctor check, the result is myopia, then the emperor must wear glasses. This is too inconspicuous, you look, which one of us is wearing glasses?” Later, Johnston resigned Threatened, the House of Government and the Prince of Alcohol had to reluctantly agree. Johnston invited He Huate, a well-known professor of the Concord Medical School and a famous ophthalmologist. In this way, Pu Yi put on his glasses, and he could not leave the position for a long time. Attentive people can find that all the photos of Puyi are wearing glasses.

Liang Shiqiu disdains 辜鸿铭

Jianghu rumors that Qi Hongming knows 9 languages, he went abroad to study for 11 years, and the foreign language level is really good. However, he grew up in the West and was influenced by Western culture. After returning to China, he mastered the ability to write Chinese. Liang Shiqiu passed the class of Qi Hongming at Peking University. He said: “Mr. Qi may be very good in English, but the translation is not very good, because Mr. Qi’s Chinese literature was studied after he returned to China. Although he also had considerable accomplishments, he It’s not natural. It’s the same as writing Chinese characters on the blackboard. He often writes Chinese characters and he doesn’t feel a lot of money.”

Li Baojiaqiao is a new poetry

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a large number of Western vocabulary translated by Chinese with Chinese characters flowed into China and became an important component of modern Chinese. Li Baojia, the author of “The Official Form of the Officialdom”, has four “New Poems” in the book “The Four Books of Nanting”. The first one is “every group is everywhere, everyone has brains; preserve the true face, think good spirit; Big, the center is the deepest; when you go out to call the ether, where is the policy.” Groups, brains, thoughts, spirits, spheres of influence, center points, ether, and guidelines are all new words, almost all from Japanese translation. “Ether” was the scientist who assumed that there was ether in the air, just like electric waves.