The best investment in your life, choose your wife.

Silent people often say that what kind of man a woman marries is equal to what kind of lifestyle is chosen. For men, why not? What kind of woman a man marries is equal to what kind of future he has chosen.

It is often said that what kind of man a woman marries is equal to what kind of lifestyle is chosen. For men, why not? What kind of woman a man marries is equal to what kind of future he has chosen.

Warren Buffett once said that he understands and knows about marriage: I was dating the most beautiful girl in our state when I was young, but I didn’t succeed. I heard that she had been married three times later. If we were really together, I could not imagine what would happen in the future. So the most important decision in your life is to marry someone. In choosing a partner, if you are wrong, you will lose a lot, and the loss is not only financial. Therefore, the best investment for men is to choose the right wife.

01 wife’s character, family style is good
In “Little Women,” there is a saying like this: It is the best and luckiest thing for a woman to be loved and chosen as a wife by a man of good character. In the same way, it is the best and luckiest thing for a man to be a wife with a good character. The family atmosphere is good, the wife is very important.

Su Guangyou passed away from his father, and their orphans and widowed mothers lived together. Before he got married, he worked diligently and mentally, opened a chicken farm, earned some money to build a new house, and married his wife. Gradually, Su Guangyou’s family began to go downhill. When their daughter was in junior high school, Su Guangyou’s wife went to the city to accompany her. She became fascinated with gambling and did not care for her children. The more she gambled, the sooner she let her lose her money. She also swears that Su Guangyou has no ability to earn money every day. The daughter did not study hard, and she also had the same kind of study. She did not finish school in junior high school.

Another neighbor, from a small family, is a good family, his parents are doing business, he is very fond of him, he is well-fed. But he does not learn to do nothing, fight and fight, is a frequent visitor to the police station. Everyone thinks that he is a social scum and is not saved. Everything changed because he married a good wife. His wife looks ordinary, but he is a man of stability and kindness, doing things well, and running his business. At first, he still did not change his style, and mixed around. A few years later, the neighbor changed like a person. He no longer mixes with his former friends and friends, starts to care for his family, and makes his business bigger with his wife. He sends his children to a school with a good school. The better the day is. Take his words: “Oh, Xiao Yan (his wife name) is the most reliable thing I have done in my life.”

A good wife is well-behaved, so that the family can be deaf and the family atmosphere will rise, and the whole family will become more and more prosperous.

02 wife will “manage” the family, family has money to spend
Men make money to support their families, and their wives hold family members. Both are indispensable. A woman who will hold a house is more practical than a woman who writes poetry, and reality is more real than romance. The greatest blessing of a man is to find a wife who will hold a family.

The cousin is now neatly dressed, whether it is sneakers or leather shoes, it is always dust-free, and the body is also tall and straight, all thanks to the younger brother-in-law. Before he got married, he had another scene: piles of dirty clothes throwing sofas like hills, stinky socks that make people smell and want to vomit. The cousin not only had an image before marriage, but also spent money without planning and paying wages. His first three days were big money, and the end of the month was a third.

After she married her daughter-in-law, she divided her income into five monthly incomes: one for regular financial management, one for living expenses, one for study and fitness, one for tourism, and one for tourism. Human relations. The younger brother-in-law has a well-organized family, and his cousin has a plan to spend money. The days are getting more and more moist, and the money on the passbook is increasing day by day. The cousin’s face is full of happiness.

“Love in the Depression” said: In life, all the wife who is praised and praised by neighbors in the neighborhood is a woman who brings benefits to the husband’s family. Any wife who is ridiculed and despised by neighbors in the neighborhood is a woman who loses her husband’s interests. . Therefore, a good wife will never be a woman who is a “failed husband”, such as lazy, profligate, etc., reducing the value of her marriage, harming the interests of men, men will inevitably dislike her.

For example, Zhong Zhentao’s ex-wife Zhang Xiaoyu, who is beautiful and well-born, is surrounded by all kinds of luxury brands. He even advocates that rice can not be eaten, and clothes can’t be bought. I have accumulated a lot of money from my childhood, and I haven’t changed it since I got married. Chanel jackets must be bought in a variety of colors, wallpapers do not like to tear off and re-do in one day, there are more than 3,000 pairs of shoes. Zhang Xiaoyu caused the bankruptcy of Zhong Zhentao because of his profligacy. After the divorce, Zhong Zhentao madly approved Zhang Xiaoyu’s extravagant worship. After the bankruptcy, he roared at her: “I have today, all the chapters are given by Xiao Xiao.” Women will not hold their homes, and Jinshan Yinshan will be defeated.

It’s the result of being diligent and ruined by luxury. In any era, any family is the unspeakable truth. The woman council will be the steward of the council. Even if her income is limited, she can make the ordinary days lively and vivid, and it is neither wasteful nor boring. A wife who will hold a family can make a wealthy family rich in wealth like a snowball.

03 good wife, can grow up with her husband
Yang Lan once said a very incisive statement on the understanding of marriage: the bond of marriage is about the common growth of the spirit. When the most helpless and weak, she holds up your chin and straightens your spine to make you strong. And accompany you around.

The man is most afraid of picking up such a wife: You are talking about the project, she is talking about the bag; you are working hard for the cause, she is dragging your hind legs. Not only can she not grow up with her husband, but she also becomes a hindrance to men. It is a man’s luck to find a wife who can grow up with her husband.

How many people envy the success of director Ang Lee, don’t forget that behind a successful man, there is a great woman. This is also true of Ang Lee. His achievements are inseparable from the support and encouragement of his wife, Lin Jiayou. Ang Lee is a man who became a latecomer. After he got married, he stayed at home and wrote a script. He took his work to Hollywood and tried his luck, but he was hit by the wall. In the past six years, the daily expenses of the family have been maintained by the doctor’s wife’s salary. Li An once lost confidence and wanted to give up, want to learn computer to make money to supplement the family. But Lin Jiayou awakened him, remembering your dreams, so many people learning computers, not bad for you. With the full support and spur of his wife, Li An finally turned against the wind and thrived. Just think about it, if Ang Lee has been humiliated by his wife before he became famous, “Are you eating this meal”, and is Ang Lee today? Lu Yu asked Li An: “What is your greatest happiness at this stage?” Li An replied: “My wife can smile at me, I will relax and feel very happy.” It was a man who got a good wife. Proud and proud. The greatest success of a man is to find a good wife who can grow up with him.

When you are shaken and disheartened, she silently picks up the burden of the family, and does not hesitate to inspire you and give you the greatest motivation to move forward. When you are successful, she is afraid that you will be forgotten, and urge you not to forget.

04 good wife, is the child’s ferryman
Li Ka-shing said: The great success of a person’s career can’t make up for the regret of failing to educate his children. A good wife is not only the noble person of the husband, but also the ferryman of the child. The child needs a light to grow up, especially when the child is young, the light from the mother can shine on his or her future.

In my opinion, a good wife can at least do this for the child:

1. Teaching children to face setbacks and failures Setbacks and failures are compulsory courses in life. A good wife not only teaches children how to move forward, but more importantly, teaches children how to face setbacks and failures.

In the first issue of “Where is Dad?”, it is worth learning from the practice of adopting children. Xiao Xiaochun’s 3 games didn’t win any prizes. Xiao Xiaochun was extremely disappointed. He burst into tears and said, “I want to win every day, I don’t want to lose.” Ying Caier holding his son said: “Your life will not always win, sometimes you will lose, sometimes you will win, learn to accept every result, happy.” Perhaps one day in the future, Xiao Xiaochun is facing When frustration and failure, my mother’s words are comfort and encouragement.

A good wife will train the child’s anti-business and let him cross the gulf of life and give the child a huge fortune.

2. Love the child and not be jealous

A good wife loves children, but she does not love.

“The hour of stealing a needle, growing up stealing gold” is a story of a mother who loves children. A good wife’s love for children is a rule of love, a rule for children, and a rule of love, so that children grow up physically and mentally.

3. A good wife is a good example for children to learn.

In real life, the power of mother as an example is everywhere. When the actress Sun Yan does not film, painting, practicing, writing, fitness, yoga, traveling, and adopting animals are her daily routines. Under the influence of the mother, and so on, Xiaohua also learned to draw, practice, ski, and care for animals. A good wife is a good example for children to learn, a wife who loves to learn, and a child who also loves to learn.

05 election to the wife, is the man’s best investment
I often hear the old man say: pairing one door, thriving three generations; wrong one door, three generations. A man is the backbone of a family, but a woman is the soul of a family.

A woman will affect three generations. As a daughter-in-law, it will affect the happiness index of the previous generation; as a wife, it will affect the husband’s career and destiny; as a mother, it will affect the child’s future life.

Some men prospered before the marriage, and after marriage, they began to decline. There are also men who are poor and poor when they are married, and they are not satisfied. After the marriage, they climbed up and went smoothly. The big reason is that different wives have changed their lives.

A careless, grumpy wife, noisy at home, chicken flying dogs; a broad and open-minded, reasonable wife, family and friends love, mother mercy filial piety; a pessimistic negative, unreasonable wife, home resentment, graceful face; An optimistic, eye-catching wife, laughter and laughter at home; a short-sighted wife who only enjoys the picture, and a child who is far-sighted and looks forward to the future, the child is the same.

Writer Tong Hua said: The happiest thing is to marry a good wife. The most wanted thing to do is to accompany her to grow old day by day.

The best investment in life is to choose the right wife, of course, men must also strive for strength. A good wife is a family’s blessing and emboldenedness. She can make a home shine and prosper.