Thief in the body

In everyone’s body, there is always a “guest” – a thief.

It steals the most things you have, it’s time. Some people regard time as a treasure, time is very tight, it can steal less, and many people are stolen all day and all day, one year, one year, one lifetime It was almost stolen.

For this thief, it is easier to get it, and our health. When we were young, we thought that a healthy body would accompany us for a lifetime. Therefore, many people are always profligate and enjoy themselves. As everyone knows, while you are overdrafting, it is also unceremonious, and steals you today. A drop of blood, take away one gram of calcium tomorrow, but you don’t realize it. Over time, you will be hollowed out by it. Of course, what kind of it is always white to take your things, so it will leave something, such as leaving a little fat in the liver, leaving a piece of meat on the belly, leaving some cholesterol in the blood vessels, it left behind These time bombs will one day erupt.

When people reached middle age, they were white, and they found that the black hair was almost stolen. The gums were swollen, and they found that the teeth were stolen by one… The far sound could not be heard, and the near things could not be seen. Only then did we find that our hearing and vision were taken away like the wind. The thief in our body always steals you from the invisible, and the ruthlessness is unmarked. Unconsciously, it slowly makes you feel nothing.

Don’t think that this thief will only live in your body later, no! It can be said that from the day we came to this world, it will not be invited, and breathe with your life. As we grow up, it always takes the opportunity to steal everything from you. When you have an ideal, it is ready to steal your will; when you are smug, it has extended your hand and intends to steal your reason; and when you are depressed, it is no more Relentless to the ground, take the opportunity to steal your hopes.

Most of the time, like other thieves, it is a hand that you are not prepared for. Now, a lot of our short life is secretly stolen by it. Many people until the end of their lives have discovered and lamented how this life is so short, so fast, it is not that your time is less than others, but that it has been stolen too much time. In addition to secretly stealing, the thief in our body is also very good at smashing fire. The more you squander, the more vain, the more indulged, the more it steals, the more important parts of your life. Packed and stolen.

Is it because it steals skill and steals everything from us? No. In fact, there are many times when it is blatantly stolen, and even can be said to be taken away from you in a bright and honest manner. Those times you are vain, that is, it is in your face, shaken and taken away; when it goes away from your health, it is also straightforward to inform you, and gives you reminders and warnings, but you never care. Your ideals, beliefs, plans, and dreams are all taken away when you give up. It is a thief, a thief, and a tyrannical thief. It is always difficult to fill, stealing is its nature, and it is also the best trick.

Tracing back to the source, you will understand that this thief in our body, this indecent “guest”, all the work done, is actually guarded and stolen, that is, it is ourselves that stole everything.