West moved to the Huns

The territory of the ancient Chinese dynasty is very different from the concept of today’s territory. In today’s words, the territory is the sphere of influence. In the Tang Dynasty, the territory was 16 million square kilometers, which is true, and it is three years. When the Han Dynasty was extremely prosperous, the territory was 14 million square kilometers, which was true, and it was 14 million during the Han Dynasty.

The territory is big and small. It is actually the growth and decline of the sphere of influence. Unlike today, I am here to establish a boundary pillar. This place will always be mine. The Xiongnu is a nomadic nation, let alone any territory.

After Zhaojun was out of the country, Han and Hungarians lived together for more than 40 years. Until the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Xiongnu was divided into two parts.

After the South Xiongnu merged with the Han, the North Xiongnu retreated to Mobei, threatening the Central Plains. At the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dou Gu and Dou Xianbo defeated the North Xiongnu and the regime of the North Xiongnu collapsed. Their last appearance in Chinese history books was recorded in 119 AD and has since disappeared. It appeared in Europe two centuries later, and they stayed there for two hundred years. I don’t know. They have no written records themselves, and the surrounding people have not recorded them, so historians can only speculate.

When the Xiongnus migrated westward, they defeated the Goths. The Goths defeated the Germans, and the Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Therefore, the Roman Empire must be compared with the Handi, and it is our men’s defeated men’s defeated players, and the strength is worse than ours. At that time, the Northern Xiongnu was very powerful. In the 5th century, the Huns in Europe produced a famous king called King Attila. Today in Europe, Attila is the embodiment of the devil. When Europe says Attila or Genghis Khan, it is the incarnation of the devil, the whip of God, which means that God sent them to do the final judgment to torture the Christians. At that time, Attila swept Europe, and the monarchs of European countries failed to unite with him. Finally, he was given a tribute to a beautiful Germanic woman who was assassinated on the wedding night. Attila died, several sons vie for the throne, and the Xiongnu Empire quickly collapsed.

Then, the Huns settled in several countries and settled in Europe. The most important one was called the Magyar. They settled in Europe and established a country called Hungary, which is still today. The first three letters of the Hungarian English Hungary are Hun, which means the Huns in English. Because of the mixed blood of thousands of years, today I have not seen the Hungarians have the appearance of yellow people, and see white people. But the statue of the ancient king on the central square is obviously Mongolian, and according to the records of Attila in European history, unlike the Europeans, the facial features are very distinct and exaggerated, but flat faces, small eyes, and thin Eyebrows, collapsed nose, obviously yellow people. In addition, only the people in China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Hungary are surnamed before and after the name, called Li Xiaoer, and all others are Xiao Er·Li. The Hungarian is called Li Xiaoer, and it is also an example of the ancestors belonging to the yellow race.